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  1. Leicester interested in Christie according to the Daily Fail https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-9706975/Brendan-Rodgers-Leicester-join-Nice-battle-Celtic-midfielder-Ryan-Christie.html
  2. Would have been no worse than the backwards and sideways passing that was on display last night and the piece deliveries were dire - he would certainly have improved on those.
  3. What's wrong with Kane? He doesn't look fit
  4. Didn't exactly set Craven Cottage on fire last season
  5. Gao's net worth is effectively zero if he can't get it out of China
  6. Maybe we should sign Dan Burn from Brighton. He's tall enough.
  7. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11711/12323281/charlie-austin-returns-to-qpr-on-permanent-two-year-deal-after-2020-21-loan-stint-from-west-brom
  8. Both Henderson & Phillips have injury issues so either could turn out to need replacing. TTA is the principal dead-ball taker so JWP would be a more obvious man for this role than Lingard.
  9. Very good at getting dodgy penalties from opposition players trying to get out of the way of his crosses.
  10. At the quoted price of 16M Euro he would be too expensive for us.
  11. Van Aanholt who is in the Dutch squad for the Euros
  12. Would he get a work permit?
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