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  1. Don't get your hopes up! https://www.hampshirelive.news/sport/football/transfer-news/southampton-transfer-news-ralph-hasenhuttl-4897125
  2. Don't think you'll be seeing Tella or Redmond
  3. That sort of business travel gets to be a pain after a while
  4. A good read as always - but you do need a copy editor
  5. Reported elsewhere as injured - do try to keep up!
  6. I agree. I think Tadic would have worked have worked well in this team and enjoyed playing in it.
  7. Dr of what? Your university called. They're rescinding your qualification!
  8. We lost this fixture last season....improvement
  9. I think it was @LeG on this forum
  10. There have been suggestions that anyone incoming was dependent on Lazio buying Hoedt and finally shifting his wages off our outgoings. Any more word on that? https://sportwitness.co.uk/lazio-southampton-wesley-hoedt-transfer-january/
  11. Bayer Leverkusen are in for Williams
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