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  1. And you have deeply unrealistic expectations of keepers
  2. I agree. It was a very good strike that I doubt any current PL keeper wpuld have stopped.
  3. If they pass to him which they singularly failed to do against Juve
  4. Usually special shuttle buses from station to Chapel Rd.
  5. In the Telegraph's Team of the Week
  6. Me too. I buy single seats fairly often
  7. Generated very few chances for all our dominance of possession.
  8. On the bench for England U-21s tonight
  9. Yet Redmond made both our goals. Which match did you watch?
  10. According to Sky, Man City are interested. He is only demanding £500k/week.
  11. And how much do you think a proven PL quality striker costs, in both fees and wages? You seem incapable of understanding the reality of our financial situation.
  12. Are Bournemouth fielding their u-18s tonight?
  13. In the Scotland squad for the World Cup qualifiers along with Che
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