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  1. Well that puts a dampener on things!
  2. A statement of intent after tying down a mediocre player (all be it with a good free kick) to a five year deal?.
  3. Apart from the free kicks I don't rate him and was hoping he'd be sold...too lightweight and in no way a captain.
  4. Well he obviously didn't learn when we went on that horrendous loosing streak playing the same way week after week without changing tactics or trying to shake it up a bit........she semi against Leicester was disgusting.
  5. No matter who he brings in during this window I can see know improvement unless he changes his mindset, he's too stubborn.........another 9-0 drubbing by Man U, Leicester or any other club who fancies their chances awaits.
  6. Starting quality that has minimal attacking ability.....not that impressed with Diallo tbh, one or two nice moments but few and far between and way too easily bullied off the ball.
  7. No doubt.....we'll soon have him up to speed on passing it backwards or sideways.
  8. Danny Ings, do yourself a favour and get out of this shambles of a club.
  9. It's not...Redmond is nowhere near a premiership footballer!!!!
  10. So we've lost 14 out of 20 since January?????.......shocking.
  11. We were awful second half!...what game were you watching?
  12. I'm sorry but Diallo is absolute rubbish......definitely fits well in with this team.
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