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  1. He’s an inspirational speaker… 🤪
  2. 46 points and a cup (semi) final! 🤪
  3. To be positive, that’s 6 points from 11 games. If we were to keep that form up for the remaining 15 games we’d get 8 more points (6x15/11) and finish with 37. Pretty sure we’d stay up on that this season. I think we’ll get over this blip though and finish much better than that.
  4. Sounds like he’s expecting Minamino to return from this loan having grown taller. 😀
  5. I agree we should go for Theo and Armstrong as first choice in our ‘narrow winger’ positions. They both prefer the right side though. Are either of them comfortable on the left? I’ve always seen Redmond as a budget Theo Walcott and (although he’s improved) I still do really. Better to go with the real thing. And if Redmond improves and earns his place back, great!
  6. Thanks as always! I notice that the 3 over 21s who you’ve listed as B Team on your opening post (Latham, Johnson and McQueen) are now the only 3 players missing from the official site Teams pages (1st Team or B Team). Not sure if this means they’re all out of favour or just bad website maintenance. We didn’t name any of those 3 players in the official 25 man squad announced at the start of the season either, so maybe they’ll stick with just 17 over 21s in the official squad. I seem to remember that Marcus Barnes was over 21 and excluded from the list last season (although t
  7. The worst age to be in modern football is 22-24! 22 is too old for the 25 man squad (not a problem for Saints, but is for most teams) and then 24 is too old for the under 23s. Too lightweight for us, but I expect he’ll advance beyond Crawley.
  8. Best case scenario: he has a great season, Stoke get to the playoffs and lose. Then we have a ready made sweeper keeper type who can stop goals too.
  9. His contract ends next June anyway so I assume he’ll have one more half season loan in January to follow this loan and then be a free agent. Thanks always to Josh for setting up ‘that goal’ to get us to a cup final!
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