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  1. He 'ates pompey and he 'ates pompey He 'ates pompey and he 'ates pompey he 'ates pompey and he 'ates pompey SALISU, 'ates Pomp.....ey 😎
  2. well, lets see if our scouts have done their jobs on that front? Broja looks decent
  3. If you Think I meant it that way, that is your view/issue. I didn't
  4. The same thing. Hence why I went on to say I believe we would fair better in the championship with Howe than Ralph (who would no longer be our manager in such a scenario anyway)
  5. why were we expected to get 3 points at home to Wolves but only 1 against West Ham? Why do you believe we expected to get 3 at home to Leeds? Have you just made this all up to tell us you think we are doing the least as expected?
  6. Anyone who wants Howe, probably does so because they believe Ralph will get relegated this season with this team. As Turkish has said, we will get relegated soon under the current set up, and I (probably others) believe we would fair better in the Championship with Howe at the helm.
  7. On a slightly different note, I wonder if Alex Scott has yet apologised for her own 'privilege'?
  8. Previously very critical of him. But he is playing really well and looks to have a great future.
  9. don't be so ridiculous. Our fans are a strange bunch at times, when the snobbery over certain players and managers set it.
  10. Not sure what you are on about, but carry on with your own self-embarrassment!
  11. Far from it. Howe is a decent manager. Ralph has run his course with us, I feel
  12. Same team, bar Djenepo out, S.Armstrong in
  13. Brentford look very good - again.
  14. beat a leeds with half of their first team (and best players) missing. A win is a win though and we needed it no matter how
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