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  1. how many drowned migrant bodies were regularly washed up on the kent/sussex beaches, before the RNLI started to act as a taxi service?
  2. Salisu looks good at defending, terrible on the ball though. Will cost us big time if that does not improve. Valery was decent going forward, shite at defending - we knew that anyway. Theo was decent However, far too strong for them 2nd half, Redmond, Adams and Tella were very good. A nod to Diallo also.
  3. well, we look miles better after all those subs. Still need another fullback and a CM to complement this squad
  4. AlexLaw76


    100k a day shouldn't be a surprise?
  5. And don't call me Shirley
  6. Do you live in the UK? If so, I'm sure you will have noticed the dramatic fall in cases..and the miniscule numbers (sadly) dying Under these numbers, we would have laughed at entertaining lockdown.
  7. although born in Sheffield, he represented Barbados - Jonno Quick
  8. AlexLaw76


    When the COVID passport tech gets ironed out, this is the next thing on the agenda https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/07/23/families-could-get-rewards-healthy-living-new-war-obesity/?WT.mc_id=tmgliveapp_iosshare_AxgCq827TjCN on another note, cases (people testing positive, vast majority with a runny nose), take another big drop I sure we will hit the fabled 100k a day. Any time now!
  9. There will be an excuse next summer, and the one after (probably relegation). We all know it.
  10. This rectification period seems to be going on forever. how much longer, do you think?
  11. Surely, we will be in a better position soon. We have shifted so many players over the last couple of years, including the 'dross' like Boufal
  12. AlexLaw76


    Oh no. only 58 deaths recorded. Oh wait, stories on social media about the 'Gamma Variant' Oh, vaxpasses will likely be required for churches, but not for 'other' religious buildings (guess which)!
  13. "sucks". If you had the vaccine, who cares, right? They do work you know!
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