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  1. Boris Johnson shedding yet more responsibility. Who would have thought it? It makes you wonder why he went for the job in the first place. He seems to be spending very little time doing it. Still, if the rumours are true about his extra curricular activities with two lady journalists then he clearly doesn’t have the time to do any PMing in between knee tremblers.
  2. Isn’t their point that the majority of crime is carried out by non black people? These figures would appear to back that up. There are also no figures here to show how many black people are killed by the police either by being taken into custody or in custody against the numbers for white people.
  3. Very sad news about the passing of Peter Green. I grew up with the music of the first Fleetwood Mac and he was a brilliant guitarist, vocalist and songwriter. RIP.
  4. It seems like everyone has had a chat with Jim Steele, so l’ll add myself to the list. Nice chap. The same evening I had a brief chat with Rupert Lowe! I only realised who he was as he walked away.
  5. I didn’t say it was causing harm, I said it had caused a problem, hence the name being removed. Perhaps if your were black you might see the situation differently? Have you realised that racism is still a problem in professional football yet?
  6. Did you stop to consider that it did zero harm for so long because so few people knew about it? Now that more people know about it is more of a problem. Funny that.
  7. sadoldgit


    I prefer his work to something like Ermin’s unmade bed, but each to their own.
  8. A fact it is, as it is a fact that it is a derogatory term for black people and giving that name to a black dog, even back then, was hardly the best idea. We don’t need to keep watching the Black and White Minstrels going to remind us of how offensive blackface is. History has recorded that Guy Gibson had a black dog which was named after a derogatory name for black people. Do we need to have it spelt out to us in order to learn lessons?
  9. Yet at the time certain people were questioning why there were so many marches each week? I suppose the minute Premiership players stop taking the knee we will get told again that the campaign is over when it has clearly only just begun.
  10. An amazingly sensible post. There is hope for this place yet!
  11. She’s British. She is our problem and she needs to be dealt with here. No brainer.
  12. You realise that there are and have been plenty of very able and competitive white long distance runners do you? Do you know what racial stereotyping is do you?
  13. There are no decent white long distance runners then? What ethnicity was Lasse Viren for example? Steve Ovett? I’m sure there are one or two more.
  14. No it’s not racist to point that out, but it is lazy stereotyping.
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