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  1. For someone who professes not to support the alt right, you know an awful lot about their culture hypo. Also I wonder what difference it makes what colour skin people have when they march to support equality for racial minorities. Lastly I am intrigued to know how you know so much about the protesters motives.
  2. Playing on the counter suits our players/style. We struggle when teams sit back and we have to break them down and we have conceded so many ourselves on the counter. This explains our very poor home form and Ralph needs to find a way of dealing with that at home because not every team is going to come at us like City did at St.Marys. I thought we looked good on the break in the first half and the game suited us as City looked like the home side. The second half was pretty much all one way traffic and I wouldn’t want to watch that every week, but fair play. It was an heroic effort and a very hard won 3 points. Hopefully now that Adams has broken his duck more goals will follow. If it hasn’t taken too much out of him I would start him again against Everton. KWP has grown in confidence and looks like there is more to come. There is still lots of work to be done as the Arsenal match showed but you can’t turn your nose up at 3 wins out of 4 and things are looking better for next season.
  3. We thought we would show our faces in support as the local has new landlords since lockdown and it is the first time they have run a pub. It was ok at first but the busier it got and the more people had to drink the less people were “alert”. There was only supposed to be one person in the loo at a time but that didn’t happen. No table service so we had to order drinks at the bar, but people staggered their ordering so that worked ok. We stayed for a couple of pints but left when it became too crowded. I think we will wait until the weather improves and we can sit in the garden before we go back.
  4. The BBC is a different animal, as you well know. It is unique and over the years it has delivered a lot of quality. I am sure plenty of people would pay for it but it probably wouldn’t get the same level of funding. As an old git like me Duckie, I’m sure you have had your money’s worth over the years too.
  5. It isn’t a poll tax, it is a license fee. We have just watched all three of the Salisbury Poisonings programmes. Wow. Quality programming that that the BBC have been producing for decades, all for less than the price of a pint a week.
  6. Duckie said that the purpose of the BBC was to entertain. It is not just that. It’s purpose is to “inform, educate and entertain” which is precisely what it does. For those who are bleating about it being biased, I don’t recall you fretting over the hard time it gave Corbyn. I seem to remember too that it gave Blair a hard ride over the Iraqi war. You would expect any news broadcasting service worth it salt to ask difficult questions of those in power. Those quibbling about the BBC at the moment would clearly like a BBC run like the Daily Mail. Thank God it isn’t.
  7. Duckie, you sound more like Trump and Johnson everyday, trying to demonise the media when they don’t suck up to them. Weren’t you one of the people calling out Labour because they didn’t provide a strong enough opposition? The license fee is hardly a fortunate. You get a lot more for your money than with other broadcasters. One of the things you get is very professional investigative journalism. If the party you support so blindly are worried that they look bad in front of the cameras then it is down to them to sort themselves out. It is not the responsibility of the likes of the BBC to make them look good or proficient.
  8. Campaigning body? What is the point of sending reporters (journalists) to political events if they can’t ask challenging questions? They do it to all politicians, yes, even pinkos. Name one broadcasting organisation that “just” reports what happens. The BBC news service is one of the most respected in the world. You are just unhappy because the bloke you voted in as leader of your party is rubbish.
  9. Well there’s a first. You normally bust a gut trying to argue that black is white if I say it is black. You aren’t arguing because you haven’t got an argument. It is one of the many fallacies that you from the far right keep throwing at the BBC because it doesn’t conduct itself like the Murdoch publications or the Mail or the Express etc. If the BBC was so biased towards the left why did they give Corbyn such a rough time? If it was as you say surely they would have been tripping over themselves to get him elected? Their job is to hold the government and those in power to account, no matter which side of the political divide. They do that as well as anybody.
  10. So we have to believe that the BBC is biased towards the left just because you say so? I see. Sorry hypo, but I wouldn’t trust you to tell me the time, let alone trust you on something like institutionalised bias in the BBC. If the evidence is that overwhelming, you shouldn’t have too much trouble proving it, should you?
  11. Wonderful, so you can provide this “totality of evidence” then?
  12. So because you have a right wing mindset you think that those from the left are lying when they say it had a right wing bias? Do you think that they would also say that you are lying when you say they have a left wing bias? What makes you right and them wrong?
  13. If both sides believe it to be true, where is the “falsehood”?
  14. Which way is the bias though? Given the left say it is biased towards the government and the right say it is biased towards the left, I’d say that evens things up.
  15. Bald Heads Matter Whelk!
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