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  1. https://www.kentlive.news/news/kent-news/maidstone-mocked-home-angry-white-4877330.amp?int_source=taboola&int_medium=display&int_campaign=organic
  2. They were clearly trying to stop the process of electing Joe Biden as President. I really don’t understand why an intelligent person would argue otherwise. There is something about you hard right wingers that thinks this is fine. It isn’t. As for Maidstone on a Saturday night, I doubt if you have ever been there. If you had, you would know that the drunken meatheads dont give a shit about politics. I can also tell you that you don’t get 5 dead and people armed to the teeth with guns and Molotov cocktails. I guess for people like you, an armed mob trying to subvert democracy is just an eve
  3. No I didn’t. Provide evidence or STFU you pathetic WUM.
  4. Of course it was. If it they had been successful in their aim it would have been a coup. It really doesn’t matter if they were rednecks and how thick they were. They were trying to prevent a democratically elected president taking his post and keeping the present president in post. Even American citizens are calling it an attempted coup! What is it with you far right wingers that you have to try and play down everything that shows some of you as subversive thugs? What more do you need? An armed mob storming a government building trying to prevent the election of a president, just a bit of bant
  5. Yes there was violence and no I didn’t support violence. What there wasn’t was an attempted coup which left 5 people dead. But you carry on making your lame comparisons if it makes you feel better.
  6. Because hypo had always had far right sympathies and that is their modus operandi. You won’t find him slagging off those responsible for inciting right wing fuelled riots yet to him, “socialism is dangerous”. It wasnt that long ago that he was posting on here asking anyone if they thought Trump had done anything good during his single term as President. Trump now has blood on his hands but hypo would rather have a dig at those calling out his attempted coup than the man himself. It isn’t socialism that is dangerous, it is enablers like hypo who let people like Trump get away with his shit. We
  7. You aren’t prepared to factor in the completely difference circumstances then?
  8. 4 dead now. Not sure if that still qualifies as a largely peaceful demonstration? Still, it’s ok, Trump has been banned from social media for a few hours. The deluded fool should be behind bars by now.
  9. Yep, only one woman shot dead. As hypo said, nothing to worry about.
  10. One the best midfielders I have seen play. He would not be out of place in today’s game. RIP
  11. Couldn’t agree more. Go for it and play the strongest team available.
  12. Any screenplay written by Richard Curtis.
  13. sadoldgit


    And then there are people like Turkish 😙
  14. sadoldgit


    When hundreds of people are dying because poor decisions on are made by people that we elect to look after us, then yes, political points need to be scored. People are accountable. If mistakes are made, those who make them are accountable. It doesn’t matter what the party is, who the PM is, they are accountable to the electorate. Yes, it is a hard job. But we expect the the person in power to put the best team together to do the best they can. We have the worse cabinet and the most ineffective PM I have had in my lifetime dealing with the biggest national threat since WW2. They are accountable
  15. I appreciate that there are two sides to every case Weston and look at them when forming an opinion as, I assume, most people do. People will also form different opinions. As you brought the Evans case up again, the prosecution clearly have a duty to look carefully at what the defence are saying when making there case, so by definition look at both sides of the story. I agreed with the prosecution’s definition of what happened that night so I made that case here. You will remember that Evans agreed that he performed a sex act on the victim, that he never met her before or after the i
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