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  1. Now watch him turn up at Bayern Munich. He has worked wonders to get an average bunch of players to a semi final and, briefly, to the top of the EPL. Imagine what he could do with a decent squad.
  2. Leicester weren’t much better than us today. Both teams were poor. Vardy’s pace decided the match.
  3. Perhaps they are expecting us to run out of steam in the second half and plan to bring him on to exploit that?
  4. If I were you I would stay away from the rabbits then Duckie! Yes, I remember football in the 70’s too and fortunately the days of kicking lumps out of players or shouting in referees faces are long gone. JWP is a decent player but can’t do it all on his own. He forged a decent partnership with Romeu and was pivotal to our performances when we were playing well. There is a lot more to his game than just set pieces. Our problem is that we don’t have the fitness or depth of squad to keep playing a high intensity game. Even the mighty Liverpool are finding that is a tough call. RH needs to find a
  5. Did you ever cook for him?
  6. And change their name to Alex Law?
  7. 9 minutes played and he hasn’t been sent off yet. Still 0-0.
  8. It is not there as entertainment. It is there to inform and remove ignorance. These people have been scarred for life after what happened to them. It must never happen again and if these programmes have helped raise public awareness and ensure that children are safer in the future, job done. We can’t just sweep this stuff under the carpet and pretend it doesn’t exist. This is precisely why the perpetrators got away with abusing for years.
  9. Rape is rape. Please don’t let’s try and pretend there is a lesser rape. Either there is consent or there is not. If there is not, it is rape.
  10. sadoldgit


    I heard recently that incidents of flu have virtually fallen off the radar, probably due to the precautions that people are taking against Covid.
  11. Blimey, some people are hard to please. I’d be more than happy with a scrappy 8th place and a decent cup final. As for Ralph not being the messiah? I don’t think anyone has given him god like status have they? Those that rate him though can see his commitment and passion for what he does, something that has been sadly lacking for a while. It doesn’t matter what score you lose by, you still lose 3 points but it seems to be a hanging offence to some if you lose by more than 6. Ralph is a gambler. Gamblers don’t always win but they do give you are more interesting journey. He seems to be the pola
  12. I thought that he first blew the whistle when the ball was about half way to Che and then blew it again just before he put it in the net to bring back play?
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