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  1. We are the only club to make an offer for Armstrong so far apparently. Can’t see JWP going to Villa unless silly money is involved.
  2. Indeed. You would need to be criminally incompetent to allow your main striker to leave on the last day of the window without sorting out a replacement. Ings has behaved like a model professional (unlike certain other players who have fancied a move to a big club) and to infer that his form has dipped because he wants out is utter nonsense. Any professional athlete who aims to perform to the best of their ability is bound to look pissed off if it is not working for them. The PL is a very demanding platform and players need to be in peak condition to perform at their best.
  3. He can reassess Spurs all he likes, but if he wants CL football that certainly ain’t happening next season and is no certainty the season after either.
  4. My exact same thoughts when I read that story!
  5. Stealing a living? Turning up for training and being available to play is stealing a living? I think you’ll find that is called doing your job. As for freezing a 19 year old out of the club. Perhaps it was just that he thought the kid wasn’t ready yet so didn’t play him. 19 years old. Think about that. Certainly his brief appearance against United seem to indicate that Ralph was right not to play him again at the time, but does that really equate to being frozen out? The guy wants to progress and play football and clearly isn’t going to be a starter in the first team for a while so it seems l
  6. Still stuck in the mid 20th century I see Duckie. How do you think that would play out in any other workplace in the country? It is not his fault that he has got a decent contract so why bully him and make his life a misery? I’m sure you would be delighted if your boss decided that you were surplus to requirements and treated you like crap to try and get you out. The world has moved on thankfully.
  7. I haven’t chased you anywhere, I have simply replied to what you have said in one thread. You also said that you wouldn’t reply to my posts several posts ago so why are you? (By the way, that’s a rhetorical question). As for saying that someone is living in someone’s head, you honestly believed that there is no implication of some kind of mental deficiency? And I thought hypo was bad. Let’s just go our separate ways Egg. It’s bad enough being trolled by Turkish and hypo.
  8. You say “keep addressing you in posts”. I think I have done that twice. Hardly excessive is it? This is the third so I apologise for that, but I think your post deserves a response again. Most of my comments are directed to the odd people who seem to have nothing better to do than jump all over my posts and are guaranteed to kick off the minute the issues of racism or Muslims arise. I don’t think I have called you anything have I? Your remark about having people live rent free in my head would indicate some kind of mental health problem would it not? Getting stuck in these
  9. I said that I had some people on ignore (not including LD, that was your assumption). You said that I didn’t. I have and the fact that I may have read 5% of the posts on my ignore list for the sake of continuity in a thread it doesn’t alter the fact that I have an ignore list of which the vast majority of posts don’t get read. That, in any reasonable person’s book would be ignore. I am sure that you can grasp this very simple concept but in your rush to try and make yourself look superior you have once again failed. Yes a few people on here mock me. We all know who they are and we all kno
  10. Like Turkish you clearly do not understand how the ignore function works. You can chose to read individual posts if you wish at the press of a button. In answer to your question, one on your list has been on ignore for some time, one went on yesterday and one isn’t on it because it is funny reading his posts as he is clearly still stuck half way through the last century. You also managed to miss some names. So yes, there is a bunch of usual suspects on ignore and your attempt at smart arsery has back fired.
  11. Back to the Euros. There was an interesting feature in The Guardian the other day about using penalties to decide the final. Given that it is a team game it is a bit harsh that it falls to an individual to fail to decide the competition but what other way is there to break the deadlock? Readers were asked for their suggestions. One said if it is still level pegging after extra time share the cup with both sides designated winners. Can’t see that happening as we like a definite outcome. Another suggested that it should be awarded to the best team. As we know, the best team doesn’t always w
  12. Yes where is he? He has let the gang down! Do you think they wear matching ties or have a secret handshake? ps for Egg, I have most of the Usual Suspects on ignore so don’t get to read much of what they post. It really isn’t difficult to second guess what their position is going to be on any given subject concerning social injustice.
  13. I understand perfectly well how incongruous it is for white people to tell people on the end of racial abuse how they should or should not react to it and how bizarre it is for people who swear blind that they are not racist to boo people demonstrating about racism. As for shutting “people like me” up, you are entitled to make your point every day, why can’t I? Why does it upset you so much that someone posts against racism? If what I say offends you so much just put me on ignore. You like to hand out advice, here is some for you. Go and read the bit in Red’s post about walking a mile
  14. I am sorry to hear about your experiences Red but you seem to take all of this crap with a fair amount of good grace and pragmatism. I am not sure if I could do the same so fair play! Sadly you don’t have to dig very deep to find these stories of abuse and intolerance on a regular basis. The abuse after the final and the fuss about players taking the knee have helped raise awareness of this problem within our society, yet it is stories like these that really strike at the heart of the matter. You can dismiss what happened at the Euros as the actions of a few mindless idiots, but Red’s exper
  15. And the winner is! 😂Absolutely priceless!!!
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