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  1. Two games in and the Get Big Sam in card has been played already. Must be a record?
  2. sadoldgit


    The Eating Out scheme cost around £500m
  3. sadoldgit

    Site issues

    Funny how certain types stick together. You are another reason I don’t post so often, so you can both congratulate yourselves.
  4. sadoldgit

    Site issues

    You have taken the opportunity to take a pop at several people you don’t like. And yes, once you started stalking me here after your digs on another site, I decided to spend less time here. You are exactly like Boris with all this childish “cry baby stuff”. The Ugly is a better place without you and Dune. This place would be a better place without you.
  5. sadoldgit

    Site issues

    Interesting how you manage to turn a thread about the forum problems into something all about you and posters that you don’t like. Your ego is out of control mush. You are the reason I don’t post here very often nowadays. Congratulations.
  6. sadoldgit

    Site issues

    Multiple log ins wasnt it? No one else got you banned. Normal posters don’t get banned. It is a much better place without your strange ITK war with several other posters and your constant wind ups. Sadly Boris is still there to carry on your tradition. Sadly also for this place, you are here.
  7. sadoldgit

    Site issues

    Still sore at getting yourself banned?
  8. Forster wasn’t in goal when Coventry scored their 3.
  9. Surely if we are potentially interested in a player we cannot “never had any interest in any of them”???
  10. My brother supports Fulham and saw a lot of Reed last season. He said he was the reason they went up as he gave them a more solid defence. It will be interesting to see how he and Fulham get on next season, especially with Lemina in the squad too.
  11. sadoldgit

    Site issues

    Are you offering?
  12. I might have got my Russell’s mixed up. Perhaps I meant Russell Kane?
  13. It is a word, no more, no less. The offensiveness is decided by how that word is used. If a person is using it to denigrate the person it is directed at it becomes offensive. You might not care for the word, but it is all about how the word is used. The C word is often used to denigrate another person but it can also be used between friends as in “Hello Bill, how are you doing you old c*nt”? You may well find the N word offensive, but black people using it between themselves clearly don’t. Granted, it is strange that people use pejorative terms between friends, but then people are strange aren’t we?
  14. I am surprised that there are people who don’t seem to understand the difference between a white person using the N word in a pejorative way and a black person reappropriating the same word as using it as a positive rather than a negative to take the power away from its primal use. The same thing happens with Spurs supporters using anti Semitic terminology to their own ends. Or perhaps l’m not given the posting history of those who miss the point.
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