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  1. It’s a fair point though. Delldays didn’t kick off when Jo Cox was killed by a white supremacist but when I suggested that MPs (all of them) be given armed guards he comes back with his usual anti foreigner jibe. He only seems to have a problem with specific types of murderers.
  2. So you don’t have a problem if a murder is carried out by a white supremacist?
  3. Every silver lining has a cloud eh Delldays?
  4. You do know he has started up front before don’t you?
  5. Maybe women should be protected from men? Maybe we should all just stay home? What a stupid comment, even by your low standards Delldays. How would your plan have saved the life of Jo Cox?
  6. Maybe it is time to give MP’s armed police guards when they are in their surgeries in future. Dreadful news. Too many nut jobs on the streets.
  7. I am sorry about your sad news. We have a relative and neighbours also fighting cancer at the moment and it seems that the battle has been made harder by the pandemic. It is good to read that you have had some positive news and I hope that this leads to better things for you both. Wishing your wife and yourself much strength in your fight against this awful disease.
  8. Brilliant! Some people take ignorance to a whole new level, still, at least they give us plenty of material to laugh at. Good to know that an opinion on various subjects is only valid dependent on your postcode and how many black, Asian, Muslim, Jewish, gay, trans etc people you hang out with. 😂 I remember telling my kids that they should read 1984 and Animal Farm as Orwell had captured the nature of the abuse of power in the 20th c brilliantly but have now had to tell them to ignore my recommendation as, not actually knowing a published author who lived through the totalitarian regimes o
  9. Technically of course you are right but he had one parent who was Jewish and one who wasn’t so he grew up with two religions which is why he calls himself half Jewish. He is an atheist anyway so I don’t think we need worry about his description of himself too much.
  10. You were nearly right. One of my best friends is half Jewish.
  11. I know Norm, but what a sub! It’s very hard to come up with a team of the best when there is so much quality to chose from. I nearly left MLT on the bench for Paine but in the end couldn’t do it. I could easily fill at least 2 more teams with real quality. Then there are the players who tend to slip through the net but would add proper quality to any team you can come up with, Phil Boyer for example.
  12. What a strange thing to say. Little wonder you are joined to the hip to Turkish. So none of our opinions are worthwhile unless we have direct experience of them? Probably explains your peculiar thought processes (still pretending to be liberal?). I’ll ignore your facile comment about my barber but here’s one for you - I am pretty sure that most of us have had no direct contact with anyone who spent time in a concentration camp in WW2. According to your strange logic our perspectives and opinions are not worth much. It doesn’t matter that we may have read many first hand accounts on the subj
  13. Exactly right. Narcissists call other people names and belittle them because it makes them feel and (they think) look superior. They only look superior to their enablers. As well as our resident forum narcissist, people like Trump and Johnson do the same thing on a public platform. They have to have some level of lack of self awareness to think that they actually come across as anything other than obnoxious self promoting egotists. Getting back on track, the Ugly is still operating normally.
  14. I was referring to your comment about the Taliban and have no idea why that has anything to do with your basic beliefs in biology.
  15. Congratulations. You have just become a bigger idiot than Turkish. No mean feat. You must be very proud.
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