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  1. Another gutless performance in a long line of gutless performances. Can take losing if we give it a go but we just cruised through that like it was a friendly. Zero shots on target sums us up. Whole club needs a big clear out. Can't wait for this season to be over.
  2. Wondering what Bednarek has to do to be dropped. A cup semi final isn't the ideal game to be changing CB partnership but really can Salisu be any worse than Jan has been for the last few months? Other than that would like to see Che back in the team. Not too many options elsewhere so just hope for the best, but expectations are on the floor. Feels similar to the build up to the SF three years ago, a feeling of dread rather than excitement.
  3. He's got until the end of the season for me now. If we don't see a significant improvement then I think we have to make a change or I really fear for us next season. As an aside, I don't get the love in with Thomas Frank. They are bottling promotion again, just like last season.
  4. I'm dreading next week, Leicester are gonna annihilate us. That was a disgusting performance. I've been behind Ralph throughout but I'm beginning to lose faith, there have just been too many performances like that recently. Near enough full strength and a whole week to prepare and they give us that. No excuses, that was unacceptable and the players looked like they couldn't be arsed. Also did nothing to change my mind that Bednarek needs replacing.
  5. Which is why I said most of the time and clearly the crowded schedule and ridiculous injury list have played a big part in that run. Either way he took over a side that had been battling relegation for a couple of years and has steered us well clear since, even with that run.
  6. But that's kind of the point surely? Puel, Pellegrino and arguably Hughes made us worse than we were before, we were a mess when Ralph arrived but he steadied the ship and has made us better, albeit with some bumps along the way. No one is saying he's the next Pep but he is a good fit for a club like Saints and I'd rather we didn't keep jumping on the managerial merry-go-round every time we have a bad run of results. I think most of us can agree with that, which is why it's strange some think we should be doing so much better than we are. Ralph has a limited squad with very little
  7. I cannot believe some of the whinging on here. For months people have been moaning that Ralph has no plan B, only ever changes like for like, never reacts to situations in the game etc. Yesterday while Burnley are throwing loads of long balls into our area and looking increasingly dangerous, Ralph changes formation and puts on an extra CB to deal with that threat, we win the game and still people bitch and moan. If we had kept playing as we were and conceded, you can guarantee the same people would have moaned that he didn't react to the pressure and shore things up at the back.
  8. If we signed Davies or Skipp there would be plenty of moaning on here, and rightly so as neither are better than what we already have. We don't owe Jankewitz anything. He is an employee nothing more nothing less, and when given his big break he completely blew it. Not saying he shouldn't get a second chance but Ralph sees far more of him up close than anyone on here and if he doesn't trust him or think he's ready then I back his judgement. It's not just about ability. Temperament and attitude are just as important if a young player is to make it and the evidence on that front so far
  9. It was more recent than that. https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2016/08/22/report-southampton-close-to-signing-nicolae-stanciu-for-7-millio/ Signed Boufal instead I think.
  10. I don't think you will be disappointed... "I think for us, for the players, for the staff, the fans and for everyone in the club, maybe, this is the most important game of the year." Ralph taking it very seriously 😇 https://www.hampshirelive.news/sport/football/football-news/ralph-hasenhuttl-southampton-serious-bournemouth-5200583
  11. The way some one here are talking, we may as well do away with the league system as it's completely irrelevant and just play in the cups! Like it or not, staying in the Premier League IS a measure of success and the fact that Southampton is one of only a handful of cities in the country that hosts a Premier League club is something to be proud of. And as mentioned, we stand a far better chance of winning a cup by being a PL team rather than languishing in the Championship or L1. I'm sure every Saints fan would love to win the cup, but being realistic even if we were to beat Bournemou
  12. LuckyNumber7

    Che Adams

    Congrats to Che, hopefully playing international football will aid his development.
  13. Agree about Jordan, he's a good listen on Talksport and I generally like the cut of his jib. Have previously thought I wouldn't mind him being involved with Saints as he comes across as very intelligent and doesn't stand for any bull. Interesting stuff.
  14. Agree about the stuff on social media being a bit stupid, but think it's harsh to write him off based on a few last minute cameos here and there. I thought he did ok when he started against Shrewsbury and took his goal well, but in the Premier League games he's barely had a sniff. Will he make it as a PL player? Probably not but he offers us a physical presence at least and we really have no alternative atm. I think we are missing Obafemi more than some realise, for all his failings he did at least chip in with some goals.
  15. I've always been fully behind Ralph but for the first time I'm starting to have serious doubts about whether he can turn things around. We look so devoid of confidence and any idea of how to create chances, not to mention how shambolic we are in defence. Worrying times. I really like Ralph but it's getting harder to defend these type of performances. We cannot go on like this. Desperate for him to turn it around but if he were to go, Howe would be my choice also.
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