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  1. It's not like that at all, Pompey always have been and always will be our rivals, I don't hate them any less because they are a couple of leagues below us. I'm sure Newcastle fans still sing about Sunderland even though they are in the same league as Pompey.
  2. So so predictable. I've been very supportive of Ralph but after that I'm edging towards the Ralph out camp. Sick to the back teeth of these second half abominations and throwing away leads, which renders any good work in the first half meaningless. That said, JWP shoulders the majority of the blame for that one. Utterly brainless. So pissed off.
  3. I do think Ralph got the tactics wrong as we gave them far too much space in the middle of the park, so the back three were constantly faced by Liverpool forwards bombing at them with little resistance. It's great having three forwards but if you've got no-one to feed the ball to them it's pointless, and we were just overrun in that first half. However realistically we would have got humped regardless of formation as Liverpool are just on another planet to us right now, we have to expect these results every now and then. The two upcoming home games are far more important and we need to be look
  4. Really poor second half (again)! Tbh I think we really missed Redmond and Stu and even Djenepo as playing Diallo further forward didn't really work. Problem then was Theo was our only 'ten' on the bench and sadly he's just not up to it any more. McCarthy really poor for both goals. No-one played well, nice goal from Che aside. Bad day at the office
  5. Around 3 years ago I delivered to Paul Williams who was still living in Bassett. Unfortunately he was a bit distracted at the time so didn't get chance to chat with him. No idea if he still lives there.
  6. Absolutely agree, it's revisionism to say prices weren't already stupidly inflated at that time. Mane had proven himself to be an excellent PL forward and I remember at the time feeling peed off at the fee and thinking Liverpool had got a bargain. Nothing has changed my mind since.
  7. Koeman did an excellent job, but unlike Ralph he was able to largely build his own squad from the moment he arrived thanks to the sales generated that summer. Yes we sold some very good players, but he was given most if not all that money to sign the players he wanted, which he did very well. Until this past summer, Ralph had only been able to sign a handful of players in three years, whilst being stuck with a squad of highly paid players on long contracts who weren't good enough and nobody else wanted. They have both been/are good managers for us but in very different context and ci
  8. He's actually got 3 in 3 as he's scored in the last two PL2 games, as well as last night!
  9. I'm a bit uneasy about the complacency/over confidence about this game. Although our general play has been good this season, we don't score nearly enough goals to warrant being too confident of winning any match. Norwich will have their tails up on the back of their first win and a new manager in place, this just feels like the kind of game we f up. Yes it would be nice to hammer someone but I'd take another 1-0 win all day and keep the momentum going. Think it will be tight either way.
  10. We sure do make it hard for ourselves! We need to be better in the second half of games. Relieved more than anything. Romeu MOTM for me and Moi very good too, especially first half. Impressed with Lyanco again, I'd have him in over Bednarek any day. Well done Arma on a cracking goal, hopefully he can go on a run now. COYR!
  11. I've stayed there recently and parked just round the corner on South Front. All day parking for a fiver and as said above, if you buy a ticket the night before you don't have to get up early the next morning as charging only applies 8am to 6pm.
  12. Rome wasn't built in a day though. Look at Man City when their takeover happened, one of their first appointments was Mark Hughes and it took them several years to be challenging seriously at the top. Regardless of money they are unlikely to attract top stars right away and will have to build gradually. I think Howe is a solid appointment and I'm sure his remit for this season is simply to stay up.
  13. All those who were saying we were wrong to get rid of Targett have gone very quiet. Never looked a good PL defender to me, tries hard but his lack of pace really hurts him. Still think we did brilliantly to get £15M.
  14. I am by no means his biggest fan, but he has been good the last few games. Today he and KWP linked up really well on the left, especially in the first half where most of our chances were created and Watford just couldn't cope. Faded a bit in the second but was still good at picking the ball up deep and driving us forward, didn't see him stopping and checking back today as he so often has in the past. You have to give credit where it's due.
  15. Great feeling to get the three points, although we did make it a bit hard for ourselves in the second half by which time we should have been out of sight. Feel sorry for Armstrong A, did everything right today but score. Didn't miss any sitters and mostly crafted the chances for himself but was just inches out on a few occasions. Probably his best all round performance so far and I think the goals will come. MOTM between KWP and Redmond for me, signs in recent weeks that Redders is finding his form again. There were no bad performances but shout out to McCarthy for that fantastic sav
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