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  1. The Times reporting Everton have made a bid of around £14m for him (not the £25m mooted previously). I'd be surprised if we got anything near £20m in reality, probably nearer £15m (or KWP plus £5m). The salient bit in the article reads: "Everton have bid about £14 million for Southampton’s Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg, who has hankered for a move to Tottenham Hotspur". https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/sport/beautiful-relationship-between-carlo-ancelotti-and-marcel-brands-has-the-say-on-everton-signings-prjs05dvd
  2. Impressive form over decent sample period of 20 games. Huge credit to Ralph for this.
  3. Worth noting that article goes on to say: "Saints manager Ralph Hasenhuttl is set to look at Forster in pre-season as he assesses his goalkeeping options, with Alex McCarthy now ahead of Angus Gunn in the pecking order but guilty of an error this week against Arsenal".
  4. Reims centre back Axel Disasi linked https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8278775/Southampton-confident-winning-race-sign-13m-rated-Reims-centre-Axel-Disasi-summer.html
  5. I think it's right to say he might not be top 8 material, but also history tells us we'll replace him with something a whole lot worse....
  6. This makes me think of Egil Ostenstad.
  7. V good performance really. Lost momentum when Boufal went off. Gunn’s distribution is terrible, and slow coming out for the third which gave Son the chance to get there first and cheat. We’re good to watch again. Hope JWP not too long term.
  8. Agree JWP could be sought after now he's demonstrated the ability to add bite and dynamism to his game, as well as being English and brilliant at set pieces. Wonder what sort of value on him now? £30m+? It would leave the club without an academy poster boy in the first team, so maybe we'll be reluctant to sell - it's a big ask to potentially replace JWP, PEH and Oriel so I would think (assuming there's some rationality left in the transfer committee) that only one would leave, plus Lemina.
  9. Oh dear. This won’t end well.
  10. I saw both. He's trying to force round pegs into square holes because we have such poor defensive options. RH isn't blameless to any degree, but the mediocrity of our CBs is in turn loading pressure on to the rest of the team, and as per Dusic's post, I think this is a much more pressing issue than whether JWP plays or not.
  11. This. Our defence will be our downfall. That's not a coaching issue, it's simple ability.
  12. A penny for what he's thinking about Ross.....
  13. "Can Mr Lemina come to the Manager's office please".
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