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  1. Be very careful Disco!! 😉 "The BBC has reportedly banned its sports presenters and pundits from using a number of 'racist' words and phrases in coverage of the new season. 'Cakewalk', 'nitty gritty', 'sold down the river' and 'uppity' are on the list of things on-air personnel must avoid saying, alongside the terms 'blackballed', 'blacklisted', 'black mark' and 'whiter than white'. The BBC informed staff of the changes during a webinar centred on 'avoiding racial bias'. Presenters and pundits were also warned not to 'fall into the trap' of racially stereotyping black players by describing them as having 'pace' and/or 'power'. Up to 450 members of staff are believed to have attended the training webinar and the BBC invited participation from rival broadcasters Sky Sports, ITV, BT Sport, Premier League Productions and talkSPORT."
  2. Has he been driven out by the mob of unbelievers? Another potential legend in the making gone. Never mind, we still have Turkish....that's the main thing.
  3. Where is Earthworm Jim when you need him?
  4. Out of interest, when was the last time that we looked back and said "Yep.....that was a decent transfer window?"
  5. I suppose we should be used to this vacillation during successive transfer windows....but I genuinely hoped that this time it would be different....decisive actions....but no.....same old same old....
  6. "A decent amount of dosh" would transform the club wouldn't it?
  7. Where do we find the Press Conference? Can`t find any mention of it on Saints website, Youtube Channel or FB.
  8. Did I take the piss with the picture or comment? Did it make me feel big? No, because I am content within myself and don`t feel the need to "big myself up" by posting something on the internet to make me look like a "concerned" human being........ don't tell me that you have never walked down the street, seen someone dressed ridiculously, or with an "unusual" hairstyle and thought to yourself "what a knob".
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