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  1. Ah yes.....you could be on to something there.. .
  2. Is it this? "The Circle Game is a very short game. It has only one goal, but it never ends. There is no winner or loser. It's just meant to keep going until all parties forget it existed. The aim is simple: you create a circle with your thumb and forefinger – like the "OK" hand gesture (also known as the "That's a Spicy Meat-a-Ball" gesture) – and you draw someone's gaze to it. If the person(s) look at the circle, you are allowed to strike them on the arm with your fist. The circle must be below the waist; you can't just hold it up to someone's face and smack them. That's against the rules."
  3. Just posted on FB. Not sure ( being an old git) what the hand signals mean...
  4. Presumably the middle ground could be Leeds Utd after their "adventures" in Europe.....?
  5. Not sure if this has been posted before, but, IMHO, quite a good summary of MLT's career ( apart from David Wallace!)
  6. Latest madness....https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/aston-villa-romeu-southampton-transfer-20882332
  7. Those who have renewed their STs have received a "personalised" email thank you from JWP "Thank you for your incredible support, it means so much to myself and the team. We’re looking forward to the 21/22 season and we can’t wait to see you at St Mary’s." Make of that what you will......if anything.
  8. I think that in some cases it might be....
  9. I am very confused with the Che Adams situation. A sizable amount of people on here don't seem to rate him....not good enough, and yet Ralph is getting stick for dropping him "when he is in form".
  10. All I keep seeing on various Villa pages that for some unknown reason keep popping up on my FB feed is JWP joining them. Can't see him leaving myself and if he did I think it would be to a bigger club than Villa!
  11. Never mind.....there will be padded seats in Block 31....so that's OK
  12. I have this feeling that he has something about him, but what with the injury that he had and the fact that he couldn't play against Liverpool, his opportunities to really show what he can do here (apart from the goals) have been a bit stop/start....a bit limited. I won't be disappointed if we don't sign him, but I just think that he has a bit more to him than a lot of others on here.
  13. It is the most expensive block and for a long time there were no Consessions there unlike the rest of the ground. I have had my seat there since the stadium opened and have made friendships with the people around us. I am now being asked to pay another £350 to keep it. So what we really learn is that you can sit and make "clever" snarky comments without really understanding or caring about the situation.
  14. This will of course Ll die down and the the Board will smugly congratulate themselves that they have weathered the storm and they can move on to the next plan....
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