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  1. Emailed Ticket this afternoon and got this back quite quickly...."The refunds for the Manchester City, West Ham and Liverpool fixtures have now been processed meaning that you should receive these within the next 5 working days."
  2. Here are the rest:- https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/11922132/premier-league-managers-faceapp/
  3. Someone has posted pictures of all the EPL managers as women.....here is Ralph. Steve Bruce, Roy Hodgson and Chris Wilder are something to behold!
  4. Some common sense at last? https://www.nottinghampost.com/sport/football/football-news/nottingham-forest-striker-lyle-taylors-4876169?fbclid=IwAR0EOs0tANcuYnRE7F3IyQVWQ26nH5YW6Btt07cm4mk3P_3OhgF3p68U9zo
  5. You are right but I don't think that they are the same type of person......
  6. I am hoping that we can keep him for a while. He seems to like a project....building something from the bottom up. I don't think that he will quickly forget how the club stood by him and still believed in him after the Leicester debacle. I am not sure that life at a "Top 6" club with the need for instant success would be Ralph's ideal situation.
  7. Some random bloke on FB said that there was a rumour that Salisu was on his way out without playing a game....probably bowlux as Ralph described him not long ago as "the future of the club" didn't he?
  8. Ahh...that explains why I couldn't find it! Cheers!
  9. Was there a press conference for this match??
  10. Received refunds for Man U and Sheffield U today.
  11. Er....correction. It isn't actually my Season Ticket....not sure what it is!
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