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  1. I could be wrong, but sure I read earlier that they were now saying it's an obligation. Would be great if it was.
  2. Medical tomorrow. Being reported in Rome as a loan and then compulsory purchase in the summer of 2021 for a fee of 5m.
  3. Medical tomorrow. Being reported as a loan and then a compulsory purchase of 5m next summer.
  4. A read on DaGrosa and his plans to buy a club - plus quotes from the man himself: https://soccer.nbcsports.com/2020/04/21/joseph-dagrosa-interview-premier-league-la-liga-newcastle-bordeaux-getafe-mls/
  5. Yep. And there's the official announcement...
  6. Believe this will be true and that all September games will be shown live on TV.
  7. First sighting of Matt Crocker...
  8. Salisu incoming... Translation Today I am writing you this letter, first of all to thank you all for your constant support from day one. I want to thank all my teammates, coaches and all the staff of this wonderful club. I also want to especially thank my coach, coach Sergio, who has given me the opportunity to play in La Liga despite my little experience. He put his trust in me and I will always be grateful for every opportunity he gave me! Also to my teammates for pushing me and making me a better player and for trusting me from day one. Of course I also thank the president, Ronaldo, very much. For me it has been a dream to play for someone who has achieved so much in football. I would also like to thank all the fans, you have been incredible to me and I am very grateful for all the love you have shown me. Thanks for your patience and encouragement! You have always pushed me to get my confidence high and you have always made me feel so loved both on the pitch and off, now another opportunity has presented itself and it has always been my dream to play in the Premier League. As I leave Valladolid to continue living my dreams, I carry on with a heavy heart leaving this incredible club. I came here as a child and I am leaving as a man. I do it with the hope that you will always remember me as a good person and a true professional who happily gave everything for the jersey and this great club! When I leave and move towards my next challenge, I will always have you close to my heart and I hope that 1 day we will meet again knowing that we have all done great things.
  9. So much for going in a new direction. All the same faces, still an old boys club of Eddie's mates. Strikes me as an appointment from a club who aren't really sure what they want. I'm sure Tindall will be cheaper than getting a manager with any experience though. Won't finish the season is my prediction.
  10. Brentford, Fulham and QPR have all been go-to BCD games in recent years. I'd expect at least one of those.
  11. Weston McKennie? Oh please be true. McKennie/Ward-Prowse/Romeu and even Armstrong would be a really strong mix of combative and tireless midfield options.
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