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  1. Here's a nice stat from the BBC match report... Southampton have won 11 points against 'big six' sides in the Premier League this season - only Wolves (12) have won more outside of those 'big six' sides
  2. Saints have launched a new pre-match show with Dean Hammond and Adam Leitch as pundits. It's quite good!
  3. Nice work Steve. I like it. Much lighter, easier to navigate and a vast improvement on mobile, as you were suggesting. Quite like the 'notify me of replies' feature as well. Makes it easy to return to a thread and remember where exactly you were.
  4. Just seen his representatives say that he was hospitalised this afternoon and underwent emergency heart surgery to fit a catheter. They're saying his situation isn't life-threatening and they're hoping he can return home early this coming week.
  5. Ronald Koeman has been hospitalised after suffering a heart attack. He was admitted to hospital by ambulance ahead of emergency heart surgery earlier today.
  6. Don't know about that! Just went onto Twitter and lots of the big sources drawing attention to Saints being first to reach an agreement like this. Just from a first look... BBC: Guardian: Sky:
  7. In summary: - nobody at the club will be furloughed - will continue to pay 100% of salaries through until June 30, when the situation will be reassessed - the board, senior coaching staff and the first-team squad have all chosen to take voluntary wage deferral for three months In doing so, Saints become the first club to reach a pay deferral agreement with their playing squad. https://www.southamptonfc.com/news/...lub-statement-coronavirus-response-april-2020
  8. Yes, that affects domestic viewers only.
  9. The full info from that Times exclusive... - The Premier League is going behind closed doors as early as this weekend - Ticket holders will be provided with streams of the games - 3pm kick-offs will not be shown live to anyone other than people who had bought tickets but cannot attend - The above is due to the current law, which they don't want to change as this is a temporary measure and the 3pm blackout is to remain in place for when normality resumes - Pubs will not be allowed to show the football matches, to avoid crowds gathering in pubs - TV companies will be allowed to show extra games in their usual broadcast slots - Therefore, Sky and BT will be allowed to show multiple matches - giving views a match choice - in their 1230 / 1730 slots and their Super Sunday and Monday/Friday night slots
  10. They're saying broadcasters will be allowed to move games to put multiple matches in the Saturday 1230 /1730 slots, the Super Sunday slots and the Friday/Monday night slots. But they're not letting games at 3pm be shown live because that requires a law change and this is a temporary measure. When things go back to normal, they don't want the 3pm law having been removed.
  11. Saints win at home! Still in 12th, but now up to 34pts with 11 games to play.
  12. Ralph says his reason for selecting Vestergaard is that he's better on the ball and has better distribution and that will be important today.
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