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  1. So much for going in a new direction. All the same faces, still an old boys club of Eddie's mates. Strikes me as an appointment from a club who aren't really sure what they want. I'm sure Tindall will be cheaper than getting a manager with any experience though. Won't finish the season is my prediction.
  2. Brentford, Fulham and QPR have all been go-to BCD games in recent years. I'd expect at least one of those.
  3. Weston McKennie? Oh please be true. McKennie/Ward-Prowse/Romeu and even Armstrong would be a really strong mix of combative and tireless midfield options.
  4. Excellent news. Deserved too.
  5. Yeah, it's a lazy link to get some clicks. Doesn't fit our recruitment profile whatsoever on the basis of Salisu/KWP and what Ralph et al have said before.
  6. Daily Echo reporting that PEH has agreed personal terms with Everton and that a £25m bid has been accepted by Saints: https://www.dailyecho.co.uk/sport/18597836.pierre-emile-hojbjerg-agrees-personal-terms-everton-saints-accept-25m-offer/?ref=rss
  7. Send them down. For this reason. They were unbearable when they thought it might be us going out of the league first...
  8. Here's a nice stat from the BBC match report... Southampton have won 11 points against 'big six' sides in the Premier League this season - only Wolves (12) have won more outside of those 'big six' sides
  9. Saints have launched a new pre-match show with Dean Hammond and Adam Leitch as pundits. It's quite good!
  10. Nice work Steve. I like it. Much lighter, easier to navigate and a vast improvement on mobile, as you were suggesting. Quite like the 'notify me of replies' feature as well. Makes it easy to return to a thread and remember where exactly you were.
  11. Just seen his representatives say that he was hospitalised this afternoon and underwent emergency heart surgery to fit a catheter. They're saying his situation isn't life-threatening and they're hoping he can return home early this coming week.
  12. Ronald Koeman has been hospitalised after suffering a heart attack. He was admitted to hospital by ambulance ahead of emergency heart surgery earlier today.
  13. Don't know about that! Just went onto Twitter and lots of the big sources drawing attention to Saints being first to reach an agreement like this. Just from a first look... BBC: Guardian: Sky:
  14. In summary: - nobody at the club will be furloughed - will continue to pay 100% of salaries through until June 30, when the situation will be reassessed - the board, senior coaching staff and the first-team squad have all chosen to take voluntary wage deferral for three months In doing so, Saints become the first club to reach a pay deferral agreement with their playing squad. https://www.southamptonfc.com/news/...lub-statement-coronavirus-response-april-2020
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