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  1. Almost certainly United will get a penalty...... how is that not a push on Ings from Maguire????
  2. Our game with Bournemouth is a genuine must win for them. This is where it counts. Amazing collapse by Leicester.
  3. I believe some of the decent results early on papered over the cracks. We looked dodgy as hell in some games and came crashing down against Leicester. Even early on at home to Bournemouth, Ings was sub, boufal played as did Danso.
  4. self inflicted (as a team) injury to Ake. Bournemouth are down. oh well 🤣 I would happily have Ake here mind.
  5. I would love it if Chelsea missed out on CL. The media love for lampard is nauseating at times, let alone the default position that their young players are world beaters...I mean, I can't remember a good game Hudson-odi has ever had.... Then again, the smug twat at Leicester is equally insufferable
  6. If we are an apparent top top team. What does that make Burnely?
  7. I notice the leader from BLM UK is front and centre in this situation... Probably just a mis-understanding as this is not what BLM is all about!
  8. Good away point. Better side over all Played very well for large parts of the game.... Ings my MoM
  9. That is why we need better defenders... Poor goal to give away
  10. You just know all this will bite us in the arse
  11. Andy Brassell on Football Ramble believes this is on the cards (McCarthy being sold). we have (apparently) been looking on the continent for a new keeper
  12. Hypo called it (months ago) with the non-stripes. I really like them all @hypochondriac
  13. New keeper inbound reckon McCarthy sold, Forster loaned/sold....
  14. https://twitter.com/OWTSaintspod/status/1279846450189475840?s=20
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