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  1. Andy Brassell on Football Ramble believes this is on the cards (McCarthy being sold). we have (apparently) been looking on the continent for a new keeper
  2. Hypo called it (months ago) with the non-stripes. I really like them all @hypochondriac
  3. New keeper inbound reckon McCarthy sold, Forster loaned/sold....
  4. https://twitter.com/OWTSaintspod/status/1279846450189475840?s=20
  5. People I knew were whatsapp'ing in the groups I am in, praying we held out... come one, who else thought that KdB freekick on 95 mins was going in? That was an incredible defensive display....
  6. amazing to think this was almost the same set of players the Clown and Hughes had at their disposal hughes was crap but did the required job. the Clown though - my christ!!!
  7. They will win....that will be that. On to the next game
  8. In all honesty, between villa , Watford and west ham for the 3rd relegation spot.. Bournemouth are done (noting their fixtures). West ham v Villa last game of the season. I hope it's all to play for but reckon West ham will be fine by then With Bournemouth going down, they will need to bounce back straight away otherwise, that will be them done as a top flight team for many many years.
  9. Matthew Piper. Loads of hype around him and we were heavily linked. The very first SaintsForver site was all excited about it. he went to Sunderland and never saw again!
  10. probably nothing more than MSD (or whoever they are) investing their money for guaranteed higher/steady returns (compared to rates from the bank) basically, buying money!
  11. phil foden starting to look like the player the hype was about. if he can get a fair few games (including big games) next season, he could develop into a hell of a player
  12. Batman

    BLM & Football

    Aren't the Premier League using the actual BLM logo, whilst not really support them as a whole?
  13. Bournemouth 0-2 Newcastle, 30 mins in given their run-in. Bournemouth are almost gone!!! I hoped we were the team to seal their fate; probably be too late for us 🤣 they have Man u, Spurs and Man City in their next 4 games. on paper, we are their easiest fixture (h) - and we are one of the division's best away sides 🤣
  14. Batman

    BLM & Football

    I am sure I read somewhere that a Championship team already ditched the 'knee' last night
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