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  1. amazing to think this was almost the same set of players the Clown and Hughes had at their disposal hughes was crap but did the required job. the Clown though - my christ!!!
  2. They will win....that will be that. On to the next game
  3. In all honesty, between villa , Watford and west ham for the 3rd relegation spot.. Bournemouth are done (noting their fixtures). West ham v Villa last game of the season. I hope it's all to play for but reckon West ham will be fine by then With Bournemouth going down, they will need to bounce back straight away otherwise, that will be them done as a top flight team for many many years.
  4. Matthew Piper. Loads of hype around him and we were heavily linked. The very first SaintsForver site was all excited about it. he went to Sunderland and never saw again!
  5. probably nothing more than MSD (or whoever they are) investing their money for guaranteed higher/steady returns (compared to rates from the bank) basically, buying money!
  6. phil foden starting to look like the player the hype was about. if he can get a fair few games (including big games) next season, he could develop into a hell of a player
  7. Batman

    BLM & Football

    Aren't the Premier League using the actual BLM logo, whilst not really support them as a whole?
  8. Bournemouth 0-2 Newcastle, 30 mins in given their run-in. Bournemouth are almost gone!!! I hoped we were the team to seal their fate; probably be too late for us 🤣 they have Man u, Spurs and Man City in their next 4 games. on paper, we are their easiest fixture (h) - and we are one of the division's best away sides 🤣
  9. Batman

    BLM & Football

    I am sure I read somewhere that a Championship team already ditched the 'knee' last night
  10. Good breakaway goal for the 3rd
  11. May I ask what makes you so special you think you can use names on here when it is against the rules?
  12. Leeds will do it this time and WBA will have enough in the tank to get over the line. Cardiff have been on a good run at the right time, so would not be shocked if they did it, but hope for Brentford. Norwich are down. Villa and Bournemouth have horrific run-ins and cant see how they will get enough points West Ham, sadly, have a much easier run-in (on paper) and have some decent players so will just do enough Watford, god knows. I reckon 35 points will keep you up
  13. Not with our defence. We will do very well to get 1 point from our next 3 games!
  14. Batman

    BLM & Football

    But BLM want to "defund" the police and over-throw capitalism. Almost like XR in a different uniform! of course black lives matter, unsure who in the UK in 2020 thinks otherwise, bar an absolute minority, which will exists no matter what. but the many of BLMs 'aims' are insane. What are BLMs aims for black lives in Africa? Where real slaves are mining for materials for our phones/tech, clothing and jewellery...or is that 'fair game'? What are Raheem Sterling's thoughts on boycotting the World Cup? In a land where basic human rights are scarce? Not hearing much on that one! That is not to talk about boycotting 'white' businesses and such like. Of course, those championing that wont be doing it, they want everyone else to do it for them I notice Lewis Hamilton still has not left Mercedes. Why is that? Ultimately, I am still baffled to what was common practice for centuries but abolished 200 years ago, has anything to do with me as the colour of someone's skin just does not register when I go about my day-to-day life. you dont need to (or should not need to) endorse BLM to believe black lives matter
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