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  1. Good luck to him Decent player with a great attitude.
  2. Remember when everyone kept telling us Carrillo was shit, before he signed Only for lunatics to claim he had a good goal scoring record etc Of the journos out there, the Athletic lot are some of the best
  3. He is absolutely a Mourinho player. Loads of 'energy', good attitude and breaks up play would do well sat in front of the back 3 or 4/ Breaking up play and giving the ball 5 yards. anything more than that, he is no where near as good as he thinks he is. If I was a Spurs fan and demanding CL football, his signing would be a huge let down
  4. Batman


    All very strange. You could put on the 6pm news, see people being shamed because they are not social distancing, coupled with weeks/months of it (including protests), schools can't open and the 2nd wave is inbound...... yet here we are.. History will look upon this time and state we over-reacted and killed the economy for another generation
  5. the only difference the RN (or the military) can make, is greater numbers. But greater numbers to do what? nothing to stop migrants coming, and then throw themselves out of their dinghy's to be 'rescued' when met with the temporary 'wall' . They all know food, water, lodgings (4* hotels?) and money awaits them. Appallingly weak by UKPLC Anyway, it's all for show and and nothing but a reaction to Nigel Farage. Lets not pretend the govt didnt know the scale of the crossing before Nigel filmed it The RN/MOD will jump at the chance to 'step in' . The picture will be painted that the armed forces (again) filled the 'gap' and it wont come out of the MOD budget, so an added bonus and a PR win - unless something goes very wrong
  6. They must be broke. What an appalling appointment
  7. what can the Navy do that the border force can't? Apart from add more numbers? what other commitment is dropped for a RN ship to be sat in the Channel?
  8. He generally does not conform to the views of the masses/twitter-ati/woke elite!
  9. Why do you need to defend him? You wanted him off twitter for no other reason, that you do not agree with him. I would argue, you are the problem here not Le God
  10. Batman

    Site issues

    Lets be straight, if this is not 'new normal' for SaintsWeb, it will die a slow death. It is horrible accessing now, let alone during/after a game/big game. All well and good people offering to pay £10, but will that be enough? I see plenty are no longer paying at all. I stopped paying because the MODs are fecking cretinous, not because of the aesthetics / speed of the site.
  11. Batman

    Site issues

    beginning of the end
  12. absolute dog of a game. I was really looking forward to seeing Brentford tonight
  13. Batman


    If you lost out, that out, that is your problem for being a tight arse, and/or a bit daft for not ensuring you have cover.
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