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  1. hasn't FFP rules been stood down at the moment? if they were ever really a thing? Silva is awesome of football manager anyway 😎
  2. soft penalty for England, let alone a 2nd yellow.... looks like the ref realises and gives a penalty to iceland a few seconds later
  3. I am also a lifetime member from years ago. What player to you use to access it and what VPN?
  4. I have heard one a site called prostream media. It is like having the full sky package plus all the Prem football and EFL games where the club's use iFollow. Hear it is quite good but not used it myself....
  5. Batman

    Site issues

    All good today
  6. Batman

    Site issues

    I understand what you are saying but for the almost the entire time required, I (and others) have paid. This is not a charity and donations were/are not requested. Clearly, a few with expertise have offered assistance, and more probably have offline....so not a case of one man band (or needs to be)..... I am sure it is not the case of allowing this place to die and a case of my train set, no one else's. I know if I ran something that others enjoyed using, I would pass the baton over if I had enough/could not devote the required time to it... Should this place fall apart, another will probably crop up with an almost identical name anyway
  7. Batman

    Site issues

    I would like to think that if the capacity to sort/run this place is no longer there, why not hand the reins over to someone else? seems selfish not to..... hopefully that is not the case
  8. Batman

    Site issues

    What ever the reasons, this place is dying on its arse. Shame really, as it used to be a hive of activity. No idea what the reasons are but many other Forum's do not shudder like this and have far greater numbers (and no fee). As said, if the current owners do not have the capacity to look after it (no slight if they do not), then please pass it on.........allow the site to keep going. Maybe new ideas, freshen the place up and inject something else into it.....
  9. no they are not! what universe are you in? You have had a mare.
  10. every single transfer we complete is reported in the media what universe do you operate in?
  11. Batman

    Site issues

    Maybe time for someone else to take the lead with the running of this place?
  12. I am sure Terry Hurlock liked the odd pint when the designated driver.....whether he got caught at Saints, I do not remember
  13. Batman

    Site issues

    totally oblivious if this would make a difference, but there is a lot of pointless content on this site? Does there need to be a Computer Games and a separate Technology sub-forums? Does there need to be 6 sub-forums in the off-topic section? clearly, the answer is no to the above, but may not make much difference anyway
  14. racism just aint saintly....even positive racism In response to this (as I am out of posts) - you'd have to explain what you mean by positive racism Look, no doubt MLT and co where not sacked, rather told they would no longer be required (and on effectively a contract) But as Lighthouse said, they have been 'moved aside' because of the age, race and gender. The last time I looked, those are characteristics protected by law/employment law. I do wonder if SS will remain as popular going forward...
  15. The idea of a few middle-aged white blokes, having a laugh and watching football - just aint saintly and must be squashed
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