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  1. I see Bill Clinton admits the 'affair' was a mistake.
  2. I expect Corbyn will condemn the Iran regime any moment now.... https://apnews.com/1b5f51dc8712b6fcddc2010bbd9de31f?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=AP&utm_campaign=SocialFlow
  3. Unify the region against America? You really live in cloud cuckoo land. There are massive protests in Iran alone as we speak. Christ almighty.
  4. Iran shot down a passenger jet. By accident! I’m sure the outrage from Corbyn/Labour will be harsh on them.... any time now!
  5. Iran's response last night was incredibly calculated or incredibly pathetic..... I guess time will reveal to the masses which it was Trump confirms Iran's military has stood down from last night. Confirms severe sanctions remain. Confirms that it was the USAs own money that help'd to fund Iran's hostility and that will stop. Wants a new deal with Iran to make them non-nuclear but prosperous. wants NATO to be more involved. Wants the UK, France, China and Russia to rip up the defunct Nuclear deal and work towards a new one. wants to work with Iran to finish off ISIS forever USA is
  6. you said 'people and this place'... this place? = 1 person? either way, good point, well made.
  7. Ah, elsewhere. I though you meant this place. Fair enough
  8. People. By that you mean 1 whole person?
  9. The Iranian chap was also a terrorist, right
  10. A good friend is an American and card carrying Democrat. He reckons this action will do nothing but strengthen his support at home. He likened this impeachment as the Labour Party declaring that they want to impeach Boris, spend 4 years trying to find something and when they do, carry out a closed shop investigation and decide he should go. The process would get laughed at over here. It will get thrown out in the senate and that will be that. Trump has a very good chance of winning next year, their economy is thriving, record jobs, he has secured funding for his ‘wall’, new trade d
  11. Who knows, maybe he was seen legging it, maybe the forces got close enough before he detonated, maybe he blew himself up outside. Who knows. Either way, we will never see any footage.
  12. These things are video’d How else does Marine A and the like get caught out. Let alone going after the worlds most wanted man
  13. things are going to be tasty in the Gulf. British flagged tanker appears to have been taken by Iran. Only a matter of time
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