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  1. Let it happen & the great Stevie G relegate them
  2. Would anyone take Fonte back as 4th choice CB yes he is 36+ but chdajfu could he be a part time coach/ good match day influence?
  3. Che Adams holds record for furthest goal scored in PL in July
  4. McCarthy is morphing into Super Kelvin Davis from some of his saves, not great distribution to his greying hair & facial expressions
  5. If Les Reed wanted cash up front there is no shame in that as how many teams in the past 30 years never got paid out on Liverpool winning titles? If there are bonuses to be paid great the problem was never getting good prices it was always wasting the money afterwards
  6. I have completed your survey if you want to direct message me feel free
  7. Glad to see JWP rewarded with the armband, feel he will relish the responsibility
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