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  1. ME requires surgery on hand injury without a break in fixtures till late January depending on FA Cup
  2. if you agree with RH being fined or not RH fined about 1 weeks wage considering he is one of lowest paid with average being £75k it’s about time FA started to hand out proper sized fines to get some respect from managers & players
  3. Needs to be read by everyone MLT was a early teens hero but Franny is a legendary hero of late teens & adulthood
  4. Unfortunately the world do not all sing from the same song book & if they do some are much further along than others FIFA needs to find a whiter than white (no pun intended) place to start & set the rules & if that means saints can’t use derogatory terms to Portsmouth so be it IF it improves the global game More than99% of fans at St Mary’s like friendly banter mixing before & after games with opposition fans but less than 1% who don’t understand a friendly laugh & go to far Are the players so expecting abuse that until it gets bad it is background nois
  5. Was always a good idea in years past to have Le Tissier, Benali, Dodd, Lundekvam as end of year months
  6. Think lyanco found & scared Mike Dean today
  7. Sounded like he was a keeper today claiming corners & leaving his line
  8. Which keeper has most prem clean sheets for saints?
  9. Are there any out of contract goalkeepers who would improve & want to play? could see saints getting a couple of players on trial
  10. He was only a loan from Reading who refused to sell after relegation/missing promotion Saints allegedly wanted to sign him
  11. Believe JWP will want to take a few premier league saints records in the next 2 seasons & the league record for most free kick goals most appearances 59 more to overtake Jason Dodd most wins 14 more to overtake Dodd 3rd highest scorer 13 to pass Ings & Pahars ———————————————————most free kicks in league 6? To overtake David Beckham
  12. Isn’t that what Armando Broja was brought for, hopefully plays against Newport
  13. Saw an advert for Sir Francis Benali’s autobiography last night Has anyone brought it yet? Will it sell many copies outside of SO postcodes?
  14. Well played JWP & agent get interest from elsewhere then get the pay rise without having to move clubs well played SFC getting poster boy to commit till at least Christmas
  15. With Chelsea being our new friend can see Frank Lampard being seen as an alternative to RH after getting difficult start out of way
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