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  1. Clubs like Newcastle, Spurs and Shîte bags LIVERPOOL FFS taking Gov. Handouts... Makes my blood boil. Really really hope SFC don't follow suit. Greedy **** footballers reputations declining heavy each day. Football as a whole has been properly exposed.
  2. Isn't the point that while that demographic might not die, they are spreading it. Italy has however seen young people with no priors passing from this and we seem to be roughly 2 weeks behind them and tracking them almost identically just now
  3. Sad news - just 35 years old Head injury - http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/amp/football/51928263
  4. Watch THIS COUNTRY 3 seasons on BBC Iplayer. Superb
  5. Liverpool would quite happily cancel the euros, the Olympics, the next 5 seasons, risk players health - just to finish this season. **** Liverpool. Null n void the lot.
  6. Anyone worried about Valerys match fitness?
  7. Heisenberg


    Mods can we please put a 3 post limit on ‘registered posters’ again
  8. Heisenberg


    Any ages or locations given? Is slightly odd that no profiles or details given so far of these fatalities
  9. 70% about you and 30% about me - pure bully tactics. OK I take that back.
  10. I think Klopp is at stage 2 of grief.
  11. I would not fancy our chances next season if 5 teams get relegated
  12. They spent 50m on Richarlison and 40m on Sigurðsson I think they can and will spend 60m on a player soon enough - but it won't be for Redmond
  13. Heisenberg


    24 minutes for "vital global information" no thanks Give me a one page infographic and I'll crack on with my day. Or shorten the video to
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