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  1. This. Forever and ever by the looks of it.
  2. We all knew the result at the half time whistle. Same pattern every week.
  3. No matter the opponent, no matter the players, no matter the manager, no matter the season. Saints will always be the same.
  4. ------------Forster------------ Tino---Lyanco---Salisu---KWP ------------Romeu------------ ---Diallo-------------JWP----- --------------Stu-------------- --------Broja----Redmond----
  5. jamesfp1

    Nigel Adkins

    Legend, untouchable.
  6. It's not bed wetting it's following the data. I'm the happiest clapper there is. Absolutely want to be proven wrong, obviously.
  7. We all know the script for the 2nd half..
  8. Can confidently say I fluctuate between these two opinions on a daily basis. Weird.
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