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  1. JWP is the obvious replacement, can play RB / RWB. So it will be Lingard or Watkins..
  2. Can we sign Ivan Toney before he gets to play against our defence? 😟
  3. See nothing other than us being totally annihilated.
  4. 3 goals and 4 assists in without playing 90 mins regularly, and if he's had a hand in Tella's development too that's worth a two year deal to me.
  5. It was the "can they keep up?" quote wasn't it?
  6. In typical Saints fashion, we'll win tonight. For the same reason we'd lose to someone sh!t to end a good run of form. It's what we do.
  7. They score loads but concede loads too. We concede loads but don't score many. 5-1 Leeds?
  8. jamesfp1


    If you eat well and exercise, you won't get fat. Its that simple. That'll be £8.99 a month please. Cheers.
  9. Feeling positive about this one, against all sense and logic, we will win 2-1. HTH.
  10. Might have to watch this one mute. Can you imagine the amount of 9-0 mentions 😏
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