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  1. We seem improve in the second half of away games. Hopefully that's the case today. Jeez.
  2. Couldn't find the other, other games thread. 1-0 Arsenal. Lacazette.
  3. Just hoping Zaha plays so JWP can continue to humiliate him. 3-0 Saints. Ings, Adams, Redmond
  4. Gutted for Bertrand who won't ever play under Southgate. There's not even a left back in the squad.
  5. Are the first team not having any pre season matches? Can't see anything about plans on the OS or twitter.
  6. Can confirm the Salisu will be announced at some point within the next 14 days. We will also sign a few others before the deadline. I won't give names though as I don't want my sources getting in trouble.
  7. The guy is a nutter and he has every right to be a nutter. But its also very easy to ignore him being a nutter and not worry too much. What a player though. Tom Cruise is also a nutter, but i'm a sucker for a mission impossible film. Jim Carrey strikes me as an extremely unstable individual. But i'll still watch Dumb & Dumber every time its on.
  8. Is Earthworm Jim the new Jack Schitt?
  9. Fonte is a club legend. Wanted to stay on a decent contract and we said no, so he left. And that's absolutely fair enough.
  10. Got the looks, but hasn't.. got the touch?
  11. Can you say the same about Ings a few times please?
  12. "A Southampton contact has told Football Insider the club have also agreed a long-term deal with Salisu worth £35,000-a-year." I'd have played once a week for half that!
  13. Heart: We'll smash them 4-0, end on a high! Head: We're at home mate..
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