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  1. Might have to watch this one mute. Can you imagine the amount of 9-0 mentions 😏
  2. Think they have jumped the gun there, neither club has said its postponed. Probably will be though.
  3. Awful game. At least we didn't lose. Weird subs again.
  4. If we beat Arsenal tonight i'll start dreaming, but I can see these next 2 games being the ones to put us back in our place.
  5. Just close this thread and go straight to the reactions. They haven't won all season, so we already know the result. Typical Saints. 🤬
  6. From what I've seen of Brighton so far, we are exactly the type of team that they would want to play at the moment 😟
  7. Diallo should have been on for Djenepo soon as it went 2-1. You knew from that point we would 'do a saints'. But then maybe Ralph hasn't been here long enough to know.
  8. Hopefully Newcastle are really bad. 2 injuries too far for our squad I think.
  9. So satisfying to know it's a goal any time we get a free kick in that position. What a fucking goal.
  10. Redmond a stain on an otherwise flawless half
  11. Couldn't find the other, other games thread. 1-0 Arsenal. Lacazette.
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