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  1. 1.5mil uighurs in re-education camps say hold my beer. https://www.hrw.org/world-report/2020/country-chapters/global
  2. hahahaha and i thought it was only me
  3. This dude - https://www.linkedin.com/in/tim-greenwell-70699663/?originalSubdomain=uk
  4. https://chinasportsinsider.com/2017/08/21/gao-jisheng-southampton-what-fans-can-expect/ Finally, what of Gao Jisheng himself? His background is certainly another question mark. In summary, he was caught paying bribes in order to win state contracts, but, in return for immunity, he became a witness for the prosecution, with his testimony leading to the execution of two officials. This bribery issue initially led the Premier League – not exactly known for its strenuous checks of potential owners – to block Lander’s bid for the club, but it appears that was overturned on legal grounds because Gao’s deal meant he was not technically convicted of any offense. As a direct consequence of this outcome, the Premier League voted to approve tougher ownership rules in case something like this ever arose in the future.
  5. Just wanted to check this and redmond has played nearly 13.5 games more than boufal time wise this season. He has 3 goals 1 assist and Boufal 2 assists 0 goals so I'd say their output is both poor and I'd take an updgrade on both but we have more pressing issues elsewhere.
  6. Jim Radcliffe owner of Nice and some swiss team i believe and obviously in charge of Ineos. Reckon be might of thought about it before nice purchase but not now
  7. I've got to the stage of being pessimist before and during the transfer window and being wildly optimistic once we sign someone that he is going to be a world beater. I'm better off turning off the internet for a bit. I do like the awesome rumours though.
  8. when is the time we had 3 irish players starting for us
  9. Convict Colony

    Che Adams

    Over the last 8 games he has averaged 13 mins as a sub and has 2 assists, I expect we will see more of him over the next few months, I think he just needs to get that goal monkey off his Interestingly that currently is more assists than Redmond, Ings, Hojberg, Armstrong and a whole heap more. Interestingly our lead assist player is Jack Stephens on 3, JWP only has 2 assists !!! Edit - Went off on a tangent on PL assists this season. De Bruyne with 16 is ridiculous but Buendia at Norwich with 7 in that team is pretty sweet and maybe worth a look if they go down
  10. Convict Colony

    Che Adams

    Did a lot more than obafemi. Held the ball well and assisted another goal
  11. I would say he wins more headers because of our style of play not his heading ability. I would guess Stephens with his forward runs is always more advanced than Jan and when our forwards press and they hoof it long Jan is in prime position to head it as the CB further back and he has better sight of the ball.
  12. Taarabt has just been playing champions League football with Benfica so Boufal probably hopes that happens
  13. Heisenberg - check Just need Dalek and Alpine to make an appearance and the trifecta is in
  14. I'm not sure I buy that, veest offers no confidence when he is on the ball near our goal. I saw a lot of mistakes, but mainly it's his decision making. That 2nd goal, he can see he has no one on the LB side and his man has runoff him into the channel. Hate to say it but both veest and hoj for me aren't worth either their record transfer fee or a big fat new contract in the summer. Also Ings decision making in the first 2mins to leave that ball [emoji849] good job he scores for fun.
  15. Stephens was probably our best midfielder tho
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