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  1. Think it I will sum up as Romeu is out performing his norm this season in my opinion but with him and JWP we do not have the pace factor to help launch attacks and recover possession when needed. Consequently I would rotate Romeu in and out of the team starting XI dependent on teams we are facing (burnley, newcastle etc) and give Diallo minutes against the fluid ball playing ones.
  2. Saw them both in the toilets on the m4 services, must of been stuck in there as they were huffing and puffing after a few minutes in there.
  3. This is the only question, alps was possibly the most pessimistic poster on here.
  4. Interesting am gonna have to read about that, read this book about similar subject - https://www.amazon.com/Drunkards-Walk-Randomness-Rules-Lives/dp/0307275175
  5. Its the expectation that the money he costs brings
  6. Career stats from Transfermarkt. Stats for us indicate a easy 20M+ striker - goal every other game - so can see why club is saying 40m (allegedly) Unfortunately his contract length is the counter balance - so i say 30mil and we move one either in the summer Or we put it in his release clause that its 20mil once he has done 1 full season on the next contract but if he score under 20 goals each season it goes up 10mil per year ;-) Bench him at 19 goals obvs
  7. Yeah this is crazy now. Fofana at Leicester started from day 1
  8. Just checked and he has the 2nd best goals per game on our all time list behind Ron Davies and if he scores a few more goals will move up from 12 to 8th all time goal scorers
  9. True, but the money involved nowadays means no one is gonna say Danny Wallace to man u etc.
  10. Agree with MLG Ings is an important player because of a) his own abilities as a player and b)his importance to the teams success in our system. I would only put Virgil/Mane/Poch in the same category of "how we going to replace them" level as Ings.
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