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  1. I think this season more than any other Ralphs wardrobe is going through an identity crisis. He's worn some weird combo's, maybe he will stick with yesterdays look for a bit but I dont see it lasting through winter so I suggest he goes for the innuit look.
  2. At what point does it go from the other team were terrible to we stopped them playing ? Man City 1 shot on target / Leeds 0 shots on target
  3. Dont think the problem is the strikers its been the awful service and quick transition opportunities they have been receiving from the wide forwards and midfield. I have high hopes with Diallo who is a naturally more attacking midfielder will push forward more than JWP and with Armstrong back both aspects of our play will improve. I think Adams will play more as well to help linking with them both.
  4. We have played 6 out of the top 7 teams in the current table drawn 4 lost 3. We have shown tactical flexibility across a few formations this season and ralphs in game subs have improved significantly on their timings. We are struggling to score goals but i think that is down to both our inside forwards (missing armstrong a lot) and the midfielders getting forward quickly when the counter. Think Diallo is actually the exact sort of midfielder we need to push on up the pitch on the counter with speed so will be interesting over the next few games. I think our biggest issue by
  5. dont care how but we need to win and score some goals
  6. I think people are just surprised about you having such a strong reaction to a new player playing his first game for us, it seems a bit weird. We want all our signings to be great and the team to be successful but let's not think we have world class players and given our budget constraints sometimes we have to compromise. Give the guy a break and lets see how he develops, remember vestagaard was not 1st choice for a lot of his career here - he had a nice 6month purple patch last season though and good luck to him. Haters hate upwards.
  7. He was rated the 2nd best player in the bolgna squad when he went there on loan - 7.03 on whoscored https://www.whoscored.com/Teams/71/Archive/Italy-Bologna?stageId=16548
  8. might show the game later http://ppv.freestreams-live1.com/ifollow-15/
  9. off to check out blue moon to get their view
  10. I'd like to see a breakdown of how far redmond runs towards his own goal v the opposition goal per match.
  11. Chelsea's youth team would probably be a mid table premier league side.
  12. good news then Was their any news on how lyanco has settled in etc - assume he will be on the bench
  13. I've noticed this season more than ever 2 things about Ralph. - he is not wearing yoga pants on the sidelines anymore. - his neanderthal brow seems to be protruding further out than before which I can only put down to HGH.
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