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  1. Test him self in a bigger club, more expensive players and bigger budget and if he fails he gets this on the way out.
  2. assuming american - top 10 wealthy ones https://www.businessinsider.com/the-wealthiest-hotel-owners-in-america-2013-1?international=true&r=US&IR=T
  3. I really think that the women work a lot harder than 90% of the male pundits to understand the game, the form, the system and players as they know it will be used against them if they arent. Compare how well versed and insightful they seem to be vs Danny Murphy/Michael Owen/Deon Dublin etc etc etc
  4. Hahahaha from the Everton Forum, will be interesting to see if Theo comes in for Redders "mate Redmond is gash... like proper gash ... as in Theo is twice the player he is"
  5. Predict an easy win for us with ings and adams scoring
  6. he better be as I've made him the 3 sub now in my fantasy team
  7. Boufal has an Turkish or Serie A major team vibe for me. Could see him at Galatasary like team
  8. hahaha loving the banter
  9. Have you watched our defense this season 不不不
  10. Random input, asked the Bloomberg dude who writes about investment into football and did a good article on US investment in European football and asked him if he'd heard about our proposed takeover. He said........... It's gone very quiet. Read into that what you will 不不
  11. yeah saw that article, might make sense as they were talking about if they merger with Redbird then they want to have more teams a la city and Redbird have Toulouse already. Anyway whatever happens i expect the sale and announcement to be underwhelming, would love Ralph to be given some money for a transfer window in the summer though to really see what he could do with 50-60mil to spend.
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