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  1. That might change, as quite a few people allegedly paid for the NUFC Man #u game, whereas I doubt the figures for WBA Burnley would have broken a spreadsheet. It might be that more big 6 games enf up one PPV, once they have had their statutory minimum number of televised games. As it is, the pricing makes no sense. for 20 odd quid, you can get 16 games a month on SKY, so why should a PPV game cost 10 times as much. The cameras and commentators are already there for overseas coverage, so you merely have to pay them a fee for the coverage, plus some admin costs for processing the
  2. Great 2nd half , as said elsewhere, although KWP gave the ball away too much and Vestegaard got carried away after the Adams goal and went on a Bekenbauer run into their half when Bertie was already there, leading to the big game they exploited for their 3rd. Good team performance, both CMs were excellent and the new guy looked good when he came on after the Romeu yellow. Tella showed some promise, particularly when winning the ball back. Very good debut by Theo. I was happy at 3.2 with the Skate Mont being substituted, so 3 3 is jsut great, and well deserved.
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