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  1. From memory you NEED Staff canteen . Secure perimeter Enough Internet connections for 100 photographers behind each goal. Expand the press box to accommodate the extra demand. Radio links between all staff teams Vip greeters Replace all the adverts with Uefa sponsors. Build a massive TV studio with secure back ups Drug test facility Media tent
  2. I think people under estimate how much work goes into these type of events. I was a volunteer for Eur02106 in Bordeaux and started work 4 weeks before the first game. There are all sorts of contractors needed, for signage etc, covering up existing advertising, IT, project management, TV etc. You can't just move them all at the last minute, as they would have to quarantine for two weeks.
  3. One of the new reforms the EPL and EFL need to bring in is a total ban on leveraged takeovers . No cash, no deal. I don't see how a club like Burnley are any better of with a new owner and a massive debt than they were with a skint owner, It is the equivalent of mortgaging your house to pay for a holiday.
  4. Was at as Lazio Napoli match years ago. One of the Napoli fans fired a flare at the Lazio fans, but it hit a beam and the roof, doing a great snooker shot and landing right back by the guy who launched it.
  5. They do like throwing themselves in front of things at Leicester. In the 2nd half their wing back tried to get in front of a Saints player in the box and stopped dead to get some contact. Luckily the ref didn't fall for that one. Tyler just said he was just trying to shield the ball, which had already gone! . I seem to remember they got 3 penalties in the one game at Man City by doing the same thing. It is like the insurance con were someone pulls onto a roundabout and slams the brakes on.
  6. Just watched it this morning. Never a red card in a million years. On the Guardian comments blog all the Leicester fans seem to agree as well. Football Focus dideven mention it. If it was Man u or the dippers they would have debated it so long that they would have cancel Songs of Praise the next day. The worst tackle all night was on Tella by Ndidi? and the ref never even talked to him. Great defensive performance, if we can wrap some pressing periods around that we will do well. Salisu was immense, and needs more games.
  7. We need to score at least once to get anything from this, as Inneacho is on such a hot streak at the moment. When the first rumours of Ings not signing his new contract appeared, there was talk of Leicester as a possible buyer, I thought at the time that if he went there, Inneacho would be a good exchange, with some money coming our way as well. How times change, now it is more likely that City would take up there option to buy him back than he gets offloaded to a team likes us.
  8. Just watching Fiorentina v Juve . Caceras is playing well for Fiorentina. Saints let him go on a free, and paid 15 million for Hoedt instead. Vintage Les Reed!
  9. It doesn't seem to have reached the UK press yet, but De Grossa's former club, FC Bordeaux went into liquidation last night after the NY hedge fund that owns them pulled the plug. I think Saints should count themselves very lucky that the De Grossa takeover did not happen. On a transfer note though, Costil - Keeper , De Preville No 10 and Sabaly RB/LB ( who is out of contract anyway) would all be good signings in a firesale .
  10. This has been coming ever since they were allowed to keep all the home gate receipts back in the 1980's, stopping clubs like Saints and Ipswich from competing fairly. The Premier League syphons more and more money to the "big" 6 and it is still not enough for them. I don't watch the Champions League any more, since it all went PPV and had a Saturday night final .I certainly would not go near this new league. I can't say that I would boycott it if Saints were in it one year. The amount of money they are throwing at the clubs involved is obscene, If a subscription is £25 a
  11. Typical semi final, lucky bounce settled it. I imagine the Xg would be o.1 for both sides. Dialo mom for us, coped well after his booking for a foul that 4 Leicester players did straight after and didn't get booked for.
  12. Not sure what Fulham where thinking bringing on Loftus Cheek. Doesn't defend, has no pace and doesn't hold the ball up. Several promising counter attacks broke down with RLC.
  13. Up at 5am to get the first TGV from Angouleme to Paris and then the Eurostar . Had a lively discussion about the game with a United fan who was on his way back from St Etienne in the queue out of St Pancras. He still claimed Stokes was offside. More offside than Gabbiadini perhaps ? Met up with the London Saints at Wealdstone, for a few pints before the game, Talking to a couple of Saints fans at half time, who had missed the first goal buying beers. I only just got back up in time for Gabby's 2nd, so they missed than one too. I did Joke to my mated that I should nip down and buy them
  14. The thing is though, it was not possible to rule on it, as Bartley was blocking the camera. Not interfering with play, but interfering with VAR. They have no option but to back the officials in those circumstances, however probable it was that they made an error.
  15. Reminded me of Everton and QPR away in 84 before the semi final then. Everyone playing within themselves to make sure they did not get injured. We need to be full on to play Ralph's system. A number 2 to help Ralph make tactical tweeks would also help
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