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  1. Michael Antonio is an obvious one, Looked great for us, but Les Reed wouldn't pay 1/19th of a Carillo for him.
  2. I watched the Leicester game yesterday, and I didn't even notice that Chilwell went of at half time. Whoever came on for him had such little influence on the game that I had to look up the Guardian report afterwards to see who he was ( Bennett) . Don't think I heard the commentator mention him once in 45 minutes. Vardy was crap until he got that tap in, watch him go on a run now !
  3. That does my head in too. He had loads of time to turn and set up an attack. I would give Romeu a go at Watford and give Smallbone a chance in some of the less physical games.
  4. Nervous about this, you just don't know how sharp the team will be after the break, My favorite Spanish team, Real Sociadad , were looking odds on for the Champions League before the shut down, Now they have picked up one point out of 2 games against relegation strugglers.
  5. Got me there, they are not in "The Customs Union" but they do have agreement on Standards/Workers rights and free movement of goods and people as part of the EAA, unlike the UK which won't join a scheme to but PPE, just because it has Europe in the title. The point is that Norway is a lot closer to the EU than Cummings wants to be and so is much more likely to reach agreements.
  6. #is that the Norway that is the EEA and Customs Union ?
  7. Also, a lot of the Langoustines and prawns caught of the Scottish islands is sold on the continent. This is already causing massive problems at the moment due to restaurant closures. Without tarrif free access to the EU they will close down.
  8. Shilton Williams Armstrong Le Tissier Channon Goals, goals tackling, dribbles and more goals
  9. Not if the borders are still closed !
  10. The furlough scheme is obviously not designed for profitable companies like LFC and Spurs. Spurs for instance could take a mortgage holiday on their stadium debt. I think the FA/PL/EFL should advise ant clubs taking this furlough money, that they cannot sign new players until it is payed back or paid to a charity. The idea of the state paying 80% of Liverpool's non playing wages and them splashing 50 million on Timo Werner at the same time is clearly immoral .
  11. I use it for free, but I think if you pay you don't get adverts, but I just access it via a browser, not an app.
  12. No problem, wife uses it every day for French. She was in the top ten in the world for points until the lockdowns started, now everyone is on it !
  13. Duolingo is a great way to learn a language, and it is free ! Just take a 5 minute lesson every day. I am learning Spanish at the moment, ready for when the border gets open again, hopefully this year .
  14. Not happening, ( the collapse of the Euro) Since Give's statement on the trade talks, the pound has dropped 9 cents to 1.12
  15. Financially were are not that attractive at the moment, as we still have another season of paying, Lemina, Carrillo and Hoedt, as well as Hughes and his posse ( Thanks Les Reed) . Forster and Elyonousi have done enough to attract buyers hopefully, so that will reduce the wage bill a bit, but our wage percentage is still too high.
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