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  1. The substitutions have rendered us totally ineffectual.
  2. ....ominous shot of Ings muttering darkly in the stands after being substituted....
  3. We totally fell for the Arsenal time wasting rhythm breaking trap and went to sleep
  4. yes another corner we should’ve had??
  5. We could do with a decent Prowsey set piece but the trouble is the ref isn’t giving us anything
  6. Is McCarthy doing all this suicidal stuff because the defence in front of him is so ropey?
  7. Am I sensing that we are approaching the tipping point whereby Ings becomes a full-on scapegoat hate figure?
  8. Indeed, Forster would’ve been 35 yards back on his goal line...
  9. If we don’t sort something out at half-time we risk full time with 4 or even 5-1 scoreline
  10. Walcott is the villain of this performance so far
  11. Keown with the obligatory Austrian Klopp comments. surprised there’s been no mention of the nine nil yet
  12. some great stuff from us Adams on fire
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