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  1. Heartwarming footage of hooliganism at Wembley last night. Refreshing to see it return to our terraces - albeit regrettably not by home grown fans - highlighting our emasculated, simpering society.
  2. Night game. Lots of missiles thrown between opposing fans, excellent, proper old-school atmosphere with proper fans. Dad and I could only get tickets in the Reading section for some reason, had to suppress our urge to celebrate.
  3. Was always a better athlete than a footballer, and now he’s older, even that is fading fast. When buying players in the autumn of their careers, you should focus on the ones with an abundance of technical ability as that persists largely undiminished through the mid-30s and they can adapt positionally to compensate for the drop off in athleticism and speed. C Ronaldo’s second coming at United being the best example of the principle. Walcott arguably the best example of the opposite.
  4. That would have required them to choose us over Everton. Not a given.
  5. 9 pts from that clutch of games is a realistic target. Less than 7 would be a very poor return. 10-12 would be excellent all things considered.
  6. Even if we do, the intra-game damage is done and never righted.
  7. Still good for my cheeky 1-2 win!
  8. Yes, the sheer sophistication of the conspiracy against us is awesome to behold.
  9. Still good for a cheeky 1-2 win
  10. hilarious how we have mugged off the Foxes.
  11. That's not an achievement, it is expected.
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