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  1. Beat Afc Bournemouth 3v0 today in the Hampshire senior Cup semi final
  2. Can't remember who but an ex pro said before season started that Keane Lewis Potter was the one to watch this season
  3. Doesn't Gosens play same position as ASM? Had little look through few sites and Moussa Niakhate seems pretty highly rated, 25 Yr old cb with 18mths left on contract playing for Mainz
  4. I also would keep Bednarek but purely as squad player and get rid of Stephens, From what I've seen of Lyanco imo he is poor, far to rash and positional poor for this league, Ralph doesn't help by getting them pushing up and diving into tackles high up the pitch, the 3 or 4 times Brentford caused us problems was because Lyanco dived in and missed tackles, Salisu does the same but gets away with it a bit more
  5. Especially if Haaland rocks up at the bridge as well
  6. Hate the prick but fair do's 2 cracking goals
  7. My Leeds mate was over the moon when they moved on Pontus Jansen
  8. Same as Henderson, not in squad
  9. That's how we got Poch, we went scouting for Coutinho when iirc at Espanyol but ended up coming back with Poch
  10. How about ambitious move for Denis Zakaria a cdm out of contract this summer although I'd guess he'd have far better suitors than us
  11. Just the sort of player we need plus Gk
  12. Wonder if this will help raid Brentford for David Raya, I know he's injured at the moment but I'm sure we can make do with the 2 clowns and Willy until end of season
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