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  1. The smart money would be City to buy him circa £25, that allows them to bridge this season then go for Haaland next season when he is available for about £90m compared to £150m now, that way instead of paying £150 for Kane with no resale value they pay £25m and £90m, Ings will score a lot of goals and still be rotated with Jesus
  2. My best mates a leeds fan and they loved him up there but when they signed Koch they reckon he was a level up from White
  3. Fair play didn't know that Ref Ohio Saint, I never said losing on pens validated my point, I'm as pissed off as all but I feel with Southgate in charge we'll never build in the undoubted quality we have, Colombia in wc, nearly chucked it away, Croatia in wc, did chuck it away, Denmark in euros didn't put the game to bed as sat back, then tonight was so lame after 50mins, anyway my last post of evening so peace out and bring on Everton
  4. But earlier thought u implied Southgate was doing great job!!! We looked clueless and toothless with some of the best youngsters around Europe, this shows somethings not working, Foden should've been on instead of Saka, Henderson was dreadful and shouldn't of been there, Saka shouldn't have been on 5th pen, to take Walker off when facing corner in last minute, we just don't create anything, we rely on keeping clean sheet then struggle like hell if we concede, we created the fewest chances in world Cup bar Morocco, I'm sorry I'm sure Southgate is very good man manager but come on somet
  5. Cos Southgate is clueless and teachers pet mount must play
  6. He's a young striker who seems to been around forever, also really think Delaney would be a real smart signing
  7. Sell Redmond and Moussa and go for Moussa Diaby, not sure how good that Doku is, looked electric for Belgium but not seen anything else of him
  8. Is this a wind up Think I remember reading we had the lowest amount of shots bar Morocco or Tunisia in the whole tournament
  9. Swiss got some decent players but out of our budget and probably ambition like Embolo, Zakaria and Mbabu
  10. I don't rate maguire at all but get Southgate needs his 'leaders' but .... Mings ffs..... there's a much better cb in Tomori whose had cracking season in Milan, who Baresi has said is one of the best up coming cb's he's seen, oh well bet Gareth knows more than one of the greatest cb's whose ever played
  11. Mention of Godfrey coming in as can play right back, why the fuc* do we need to cover rb when we have 3, even 2 still if walker goes cb, no mention at all the jwp has played rb/rwb and cm, surely that makes sense to cover rb if that's what he wants as well as cover for the unfit Henderson and Phillips with his dislocated shoulder
  12. So genuine question, do you think he would've put cash in if he wasn't prevented by the Chinese government, because I certainly don't, but that's just my opinion
  13. Could be worse could be Newcastle who let Armstrong and Toney go, then spunked up £35 on Joelinton
  14. Plus Henderson whose not played for 3mths and Phillips carrying injury
  15. Same reason ferguson bought Ronaldo after utd v Lisbon game
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