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  1. Bednerek diving in again f****** clueless cvnt
  2. Bednerek has dived in on 4 occasions so far and fuc**d them all, he did the same against Chris Wood, his body shape is always wrong
  3. Foden and Bellingham showed so much class tonight, maybe the signs 'could' look good for England, perhaps not for the euros but maybe world Cup..... as long as Southgate isn't there
  4. So he's back at it, ndidi already booked blatantly tripping think it was bowen on halfway line and let him get away with it, would've missed semi final, thank god he's retiring at end of season
  5. Just as said use the boot and the offside line needs to be about 13cm thick, a player travelling at about 15mph with a 50hz frame rate means there is a frame difference of 13cm, so as long as a players boot is inside the line then their onside
  6. Both our fullbacks have been poor today
  7. At least the two 9v0s have been used together during manure Leicester game
  8. How's it off when it's come off carter vickers
  9. Anguissa looked decent player last night, certainly add some much needed muscle to our midfield
  10. After 3 touches he's tried 3 fancy flicks and none of them have come off, guy is a prick
  11. Yes we get it we haven't a decent team like we've had but as mentioned countless times it's not just the 2 9v0s it's the manner they happened, no other team managed by anyone else would have lost like that doesn't matter if its Burnley, Wba, Sheff Utd, Fulham even Norwich, Stoke, Watford. Not only those 2 games but we've let in 50 odd goals only 2nd to Wba, we also capitulated at Leeds, that could've been 6 or 7 and city went easy on us in 2nd gear to get 5, we are so awful at the back, dull weak and uninspiring in midfield and hit and miss up front, the zonal marking, highline on freekicks ,
  12. Wasn't a main issue with the Newcastle take over was that the potential owners owned a pirate sports TV channel and the Premier league were worried about what there intentions were
  13. This is the plan all along, get relegated then red bull who were interested in championship side buy us and transform us to champions league contenders in 3yrs
  14. His very first touch after coming on was to try some fancy flick that went straight to there midfielder on the halfway line and they broke on us
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