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  1. No. Interesting the whole thing about corners. In general, corners just dont seem to be the scoring opportunities that they were 20-30 years ago. Then, a corner would lift the crowd and come on you reds! would ring out. Now, a corner is pretty much a sign that an attack has broken up and it's a dead end, dead ball situation.
  2. Thank God I have the numbing effect of a lunchtime glass or two of St Emillion.
  3. Radio 5 Live must have mics directly pointing at the Wolves section. You'd think they were at home.
  4. Desperately looking for a way to give it.
  5. Premier League has all the veracity of WWF wrestling
  6. My dwindling interest in the Premier League has taken a step-wise downturn today.
  7. ^ Indeed. Those points and the feigned breathless excitement of the pundits, commentators and reporters gets very grating.
  8. Only a matter of time before we concede at this rate
  9. I thought it was going to be a warning about the local firm.
  10. Indeed it is jarring. Everything has its place and I think foul language is great when confined to the terraces on a Saturday afternoon.
  11. You missed the point entirely.
  12. Totally inappropriate to template, by sleight of hand for political purposes, USA problems onto UK society. We in the UK are arguably one of the most egalitarian and least racist societies on the planet, and had moved forward immensely in regards equality of opportunity and marginalising racism since the 1970s and 1980s. Importing BLM and its pseudo-ideological foundation of Critical Race Theory has already set us back a decade or more in 18 short months. The abasement of Kneeling is a powerful symbol of BLM/CRT and persisting with it will damage and divide further.
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