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  1. Who's that little Scottish 13 year old or whatever that plays for Chelsea and everyone raved about for about a week last season, Can't we sign him on loan.
  2. Hatch


    can i ask what age ( more or less ) you are ?
  3. massively cheers me up when those cunts lose
  4. Hatch


    Pelle still playing
  5. Peter Shilton, Tina and crashing car while drunk
  6. want to see Brentford coming up in the playoffs. Going down , I want to see Norwich, Palace, West Ham, Bournemouth, Everton and Burnley all to go down.
  7. maybe defending team can stand off the pitch behind the goal like they do in hockey
  8. Cantwell has been awful recently, seems to be a right little priick as well.
  9. Hatch

    20/21 Kit

    Reminds me of a Tiffany Lamp
  10. I expect Corp Ho might be in the 'segregated section' for his own safety in Parkhurst.
  11. Hatch

    20/21 Kit

    Are we wearing this tomorrow ?
  12. Can someone who has more than ten minutes spare work out the post Covid break league table ?!
  13. The Pompey keeper is called Bass The fish fucking wanker !
  14. He's had sex !!! wowzers
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