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  1. Most successful passes to a Leicester player so far tonight. well done Theo.
  2. Robbie Slater does co-comms on the A League
  3. Diallo and Stephens were magnificent tonight
  4. Absolutely nowhere near the standard of player we should entertain being in the squad, never mind paying him whatever it is we are paying him
  5. Probably be cancelled due to a 'Covid Break' and then we will lose to them 1-0 in a 4/6 weeks with Jannik scoring the winner for them
  6. Oppositions best defender every time he comes on. He breaks up more of our attacks then any of their defenders could hope for with his petty fouls and offsides.
  7. He was living the life I would be having if I ever won the lottery
  8. won the World Cup on his own in 1986. Amazing player, Dirty little cunt though
  9. Every player was superb tonight. can’t remember ever saying that for 30 odd years
  10. Casual Security Officer wanted to - 'You're not coming in 'ere wearing those Lacostes, only Sergio Tacchini allowed today'
  11. Hatch

    20/21 Kit

    Whats the deal here then? If there is a delay to next season, might be a chance of the club having them available in time. And any gossip from taxi drivers/barbers/gardeners etc with inside knowledge on what it is like.
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