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  1. Three Academy players released after investigation into this Stupid bastards, the players that is, not the club, who for once have been on the right side of the moral compass.
  2. I'm more impressed with a 12 year bump, than this actual signing itself.
  3. He probably had the audacity so say that if he signed he would require a salary
  4. Good move for him to get to a club like Lincoln. From what i've seen , thats still way above his level
  5. More than likely this is their career over before it's even begun, the stupid cretins. But this isn't a them and us scenario, as we have completely racist cunts amongst our support too.
  6. Hatch

    2021/22 Kit

    as somebody mentioned on another forum, Its like a map of Hackney Marshes
  7. Hatch


    It's not the scooters that are the problem, it is the utter imbeciles that would use them, with less than zero common sense or manners
  8. Hatch

    Jake Hesketh

    Why have we kept him until the age of 25, if they are not going to develop as a player and be good enough kick them out at 21/22 Harsh, but that's life.
  9. Hatch

    Cancel Culture

    Probably to be replaced by a very important historical figure in their eyes Like Stormzy, or Keith Kardashian or The Narrator of Love Island
  10. It;s the shyteness of Mings that killed off JWPs chances here. Southgate realised he needed another centre back to cover a broken Maguire and a useless Mings
  11. He will pick another right back That fella at Man United probably, or failing that Gary Neville , Lee Dixon or George Cohen
  12. Hatch

    20/21 Kit

    sorry if someone has already said, but what does '20' signify?
  13. Hatch

    20/21 Kit

    Video would have been better if Che kicked the fuck out of the Pompey supporter
  14. Hatch

    20/21 Kit

    Wonder if it’s that with the vertical stripes red and white.
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