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  1. Would have been nice if we had tried to win, but for some reason it seemed to be a 'club' decision to go for a 0-0 result Surely there can not be one single player tomorrow morning when he wakes up that says I am satisfied the effort i gave Ps, probs cost JWP his euro championship place.
  2. No chance of me watching this game. The pub won’t be showing it and I’ll be well mashed by then anyway
  3. passed away today I just heard, involved in one of our greatest goals, the Danny Wallace overhead kick
  4. They've got West Ham the week before, and Palace the week after, and no European football, so have no distractions , and no reasons not to play their strongest team.
  5. Who is this new signing playing number 11 ?
  6. Who’d a thunk Redmond would look good against a championship team. He should play for a yo yo team like WBA. Be ideal there.
  7. Is there a stat for a player that has made the bench the most times , but has never ever been brought on to make 1st team performance?
  8. By their logic, I expect he is an ex Tank driving Nazi , or whatever it was.
  9. Whoops, they've lost again. down to 10th now 🤣
  10. Is it my fading eyes or does our sash have a pink tint to it. need to sack the laundry lady
  11. Clear penalty to me. my telly would be through the window if that decision was made at the other end
  12. That knock kneed centre back with the head band is really hopeless.
  13. City have a terrible home record with kicking off at 6pm on a Wednesday. Only a couple of wins, if that , in their whole history. They are there for the taking
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