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  1. Next time we are a couple of goals down and a few minutes to go, I'm going to go down like a sack of shit to try and get the game abandoned.
  2. https://www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/19720348.rafiq-wine-poured-throat-hampshire-cricketer-pinned/ who would this be then ?
  3. https://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/watford-investigating-alleged-incident-homophobic-chanting-southampton-match-b963687.html Police investigating, in the report it doesn't state what part of the ground the chanting came from. May as well hand yourselves in now
  4. It still makes me chuckle, the number of people , getting more and more drunk on the 'non alcoholic' beer they were selling inside the stadium.
  5. I imagine that will cut Allen to the bone, he is so precious. Bloody brilliant 😁
  6. Out of interest. Who was the last person to take an attacking free kick for us before the Redmond effort today ?
  7. All decisions against us are because the refs have an agenda, all decisions for us are 100% correct and deserved. says any football supporter of any team in any year.
  8. That’s a proper match report right there
  9. Even Ironside can score against them
  10. The only thing that is consistent about Redmond, is his inconsistency
  11. We should sell Long and donate the fifty quid to the social care fund. Now it's saints related
  12. not Saints related, but that Zambian player in the Olympics scored hat tricks in both of her first two games, and didn't win either of them.
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