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  1. Are we wearing this tomorrow ?
  2. Can someone who has more than ten minutes spare work out the post Covid break league table ?!
  3. The Pompey keeper is called Bass The fish fucking wanker !
  4. He's had sex !!! wowzers
  5. that black away kit gets a thumbs up from me
  6. our fans are in good voice
  7. Whats the deal here then? If there is a delay to next season, might be a chance of the club having them available in time. And any gossip from taxi drivers/barbers/gardeners etc with inside knowledge on what it is like.
  8. Hatch

    Job Losses

    The job loss fall out from all this will be catastrophic. and then there will be the subsequent suicide rates and mental health issues . The numbers don't even bear thinking about.
  9. There must have been at least 20 kids at my local skate park this morning, and a decent sized group of 13/14 year olds playing footy.
  10. Hatch


    How much is all this going to cost! wow
  11. All elite football cancelled. Norwich v Saints is still on then
  12. Can webbed fingered gill breathing mutants catch corona virus anyway ?
  13. please please please let this happen
  14. Life carries on as normal at Fratton.
  15. I cancelled BT Sports because they use Harry Redknapp.
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