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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/4953324.stm This , I was there to see him finish, very emotional
  2. Forster McCarthy KWP Lyanco Salisu Bednarek Perraud JWP Romeu Diallo SArmstrong
  3. quote from BBC website Why do we have the worst fans ?
  4. Williams is a championship player at best. if he was the exact same player as he is now , but at Burnley instead of Liverpool no one would be interested in the slightest
  5. Have we sold JWP then if that is not our kit ?
  6. https://staceywest.net/2022/01/06/southampton-recall-dan-nlundulu-analysis-and-reaction/ Southampton Recall Dan N’Lundulu: Analysis and Reaction Many said the capture of Morgan Whittaker was the least surprising news of the week. For me, it’s today’s announcement that Dan N’Lundulu won’t appear for the Imps again. The powerful forward has been recalled early by Southampton, and few tears will be shed. His Imps tally totalled one, a sublime finish against Wigan, but his decent performances probably amounted to just two. In total, the 22-year-old appeared 21 times for
  7. My Lincoln supporting mate is very happy about this news and sending this 'lumbering giraffe' ( his words) back.
  8. ground name change to Dragans Den
  9. Nice , unexpected 3 points, I'll take that. One observation, from this and the last few games, Bednareks picking up of players in the penalty area when we get hit on the break down the flanks is diabolical
  10. Any available half decent player, Dele Ali included, will be heading North East to take the blood money
  11. Next time we are a couple of goals down and a few minutes to go, I'm going to go down like a sack of shit to try and get the game abandoned.
  12. https://www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/19720348.rafiq-wine-poured-throat-hampshire-cricketer-pinned/ who would this be then ?
  13. https://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/watford-investigating-alleged-incident-homophobic-chanting-southampton-match-b963687.html Police investigating, in the report it doesn't state what part of the ground the chanting came from. May as well hand yourselves in now
  14. It still makes me chuckle, the number of people , getting more and more drunk on the 'non alcoholic' beer they were selling inside the stadium.
  15. I imagine that will cut Allen to the bone, he is so precious. Bloody brilliant 😁
  16. Out of interest. Who was the last person to take an attacking free kick for us before the Redmond effort today ?
  17. All decisions against us are because the refs have an agenda, all decisions for us are 100% correct and deserved. says any football supporter of any team in any year.
  18. That’s a proper match report right there
  19. Even Ironside can score against them
  20. The only thing that is consistent about Redmond, is his inconsistency
  21. We should sell Long and donate the fifty quid to the social care fund. Now it's saints related
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