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  1. There is a good review on the Shysters involved in PFC at https.//youtu.be/lsf...yzQzqUI
  2. Agree with this. I voted to Remain and was disappointed when the vote went to Leave. Irrespective of the personalities involved and the untruths they may have told, we are where we are and we have to get on with it. To be fair there are so many uncertainties caused by Covid to chuck into the mix, including the increased cost of shipping containers in from Asia, which has little to do with Brexit. It is currently quite difficult to actually itemise the negative effects on our lives that are Brexit related. That said I have yet to see one positive effect of Brexit that has impacted pos
  3. Used to get a few Dutch fans too when Koeman, VVD and even Tadic were here.
  4. The 'Fake Sheik', the one that Piers Morgan reckoned was the 'Real Deal'?
  5. Horrible ground, horrible place, horrible fans, horrible pitch, horrible weather... GREAT RESULT!!
  6. I must admit Jim wasnt my favourite player. Decent on the ball but a bit pedestrian, although he was one of the older players in the squad at the time. I have read half of his book and found it of interest. Got to say he is a genuinely nice guy. Didnt realise how good looking he was as a youngster. Reminded me of how I looked at that age🤣
  7. Agree with you for the most part but some of his forward passing was not on the button but that could be said for a number of players from both sides
  8. There was a group of ant vaxxers holding up signs outside if the Red Funnel Terminal yesterday. The signs were all professionally produced so money would have to be spent on them. I wonder who paid for them? One of the signs said 'Dont believe media lies' It would be interesting to know which information source the ant vaxxers rely on.
  9. Change of tactic this season from Ralph. Whereas we previously put pressure of the opponents defence from the front we played a much more defensive line which, hopefully, will see our relatively high goals against tally reduce. However this means using an isolated striker which didnt aid opportunities to score. That said we had more clear cut chances than a decent WHU team. Need to sharpen up our passing, otherwise a fair result against strong opposition. We certainly look to have a stronger squad this year especially once Stuart Armstrong is fit.
  10. Going to be at St Marys today as part if a our to promote his book 'Wembley Wins, Wembley Woes' He is doing the rounds of local pubs and clubs doing Q & A's. Attended one and found him an engaging speaker with lots of interesting snippets about the Saints and the game generally.
  11. I have met MLT and he came across as a relatively humble, approachable and fairly bright individual. As a consequence I am really surprised at his conspiracy views on Covid. At first I thought it was someone purporting to be him so I feel really sad that the views expressed are definitely his. Such a shame.
  12. Doesnt the standard 20% VAT payment have to be added to any deal between British clubs which makes Foreign players cheaper. There is also a 5% transfer levy but not sure if that only applies to transactions involving Football league clubs
  13. I suppose the KWP situation is a difficult one for any Manager. The club has brought in a young right back who has started the season very well but players of this age often experience a dip in form at some stage of the season. Meantime KWP has been an excellent buy and has probably increased his transfer value. KWP can fill in at left back but this is not a natural position for him. There is also adequate cover at right back provided by Valery. So does the club stick or twist? Subject to the expected transfer value of KWP, if I was Saints Manager I would look at reluctantly sellin
  14. So Squad is? 1. McCarthy/Forster 2. Livramento/KWP/Valery 3. Perraud (KWP)/Small 4. JWP/Diallo (Smallbone) 5. Bednerak/Stephens 6. Salisu/Lynaco 7. Armstrong(S)/Redmond/Elonyoussi 8. Adams/Walcott/Long 9. Armstong(A)/Broja/Obefemi 10. Romeu 11. Tella/Djnepo 25 plus the injured Smallbone I suggest the squad is stronger than last year especially if the new players can make the grade. Another defensive midfielder would assist and hopefully our 'keepers will be less exposed if the spine of the team improves.
  15. Any news on Will Smallbone?
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