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  1. We had a group of Travellers over our way last year All the vehicles had foreign plates. Cant remember whether they were French or German) Ok they parked illegally on public land but they left the land as they found it and there were no reports of unsocial behaviour. This was a relatively bright spot in a regular catalogue of disruptive behaviour by largely Irish Travellers in our area. I am from Irish stock so can't be accused of racial stereotyping.
  2. The armpit emissions from John Westwood must have been overpowering!!
  3. I guess plans for a new stadium will be put on ice for a few more months.
  4. He's got Grandkids? What a great role model for them!!
  5. Re Coutinho, I remember being at a pre season youth team game at Vospers (saw Luke Shaw play for the first time) and was able to overhear a conversation between a group of the Saints staff there which indicated the club had been let down on the Coutinho deal, so from this it would be appear we were definitely in for the player.
  6. Any thoughts on what the current problems in Hong Kong will affect the relationship between China and the UK and the possible affect on Chinese (eg Gao) investment in this country. It seems there is already an issue with the Chinese owners of Wigan.
  7. spyinthesky


    If Hojbjerg is valued at £35m what would the price for JWP. I have not been his greatest fan but got to say he has been spot on recently and a proper club player.
  8. Doubt we will get much from Man City (H) and Man Utd (A) but it would be good to see us get a result at our hoodoo ground (Goodison Park) Dont know what to think about Bournemouth away. Part of me wants to see them relegated so we are the only local team in the Prem. However a more major part has a soft spot for Bournemouth and would like to see West Ham relegated.
  9. I think there will be a number of Prem clubs in financial difficulties (us included?) if the money from outstanding TV games doesnt arrive.
  10. One thing I remember was, as a 15 year old, playing cricket against St Marys and having to shout 'Howzat' Brother when appealing for a dismissal. Actually scored 22 off one over (short boundaries!!) and then being cleaned bowled the next over. Also ripped a brand new pair of trousers trying to jump over a fence after the game. My Mum wasnt too happy!!
  11. Some young guy called Barron Trump. He has a growing interest in Soccer and has a low profile father who is one of the most successful businessmen in the history of the good old USA!!!!!!
  12. I ve voted for him but David Batty boy at No 10!!
  13. I was on a ski ing holiday at the time and used to drink in the hotel bar with a group of Watford fans. One of them told me about the Keegan story just as he was leaving for home. In those days we didnt have mobile phones and I thought it was a wind up until I bought a Daily Mail the following day when he was headline news in the sports section. Remember going to the Guildhall where the club had organised a public announcement of the Keegan story with the promise og more big signings to come. They were indeed heady days!!
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