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  1. I have to say that the Turkey / Wales game was one that I really enjoyed. Bit 'old school' ie plenty of activity around the box rather than a lot of passing around. Wales had a couple of top class players with some 'Journeymen' players who provided enthusiasm and dedication. It also showed that someone as a target man up front provides a different option. Well done Wales.
  2. Has anyone had a problem reconciling their credits against the expected 'Free' cost of next years season tickets?
  3. Apparently Sunderland have sold well over 20,000 season tickets and Everton the same which reflects fans 'solidarity' to their respective clubs. I have been a season ticket holder for as long as I can remember and have renewed as a sense of misguided loyalty. I'm not looking forward to the new season with any feeling of anticipation.
  4. Am I right to understand that, even if you have the required amount left over from your 2020/21 season ticket in the club's Piggy Bank account, you still have to pay £100 to 'secure' your seat for next season?
  5. I can remember that game too at SMS, perhaps Lemina's first season. Lemina absolutely bossed Pogba. He could be so good and so poor in equal measures.
  6. I wonder if then padded cushions will be glued to the seat. If not then after our 5th consecutive home defeat into the new season on a wet Friday night, the already disgruntled occupants of Block 31 will be using their cushions to litter the pitch as a way of showing dissatisfaction!!!
  7. Takes me back to when I was a nipper and paid 1/- (5p) to stand (in all weathers) in the old Chocolate Boxes at The Dell having queued outside for almost an hour to ensure we had the best view. The club then got promoted from the old Third Division in 1960 and one of the first home games was against Liverpool (we beat them 3 times that season btw!!) Without any notification t andhe club decided to jack up the Boys entrance charge to 1/6d (ie a 50% increase) which many of the boys didn't have, myself included) Fortunately the stile man knew my Dad, who was a steward at the time, and al
  8. Perhaps there would be value if the Saints home form was a tad better than some of the dire performances post Koeman!!
  9. In my opinion the club will see a significant drop in season ticket sales for 2021/22, for a number of reasons. I doubt if too many supporters will take up this offer. Some may choose to re-locate whilst others will either give up attending full stop or choose to buy tickets on a match by match basis. The club seem to have a habit of making silly decisions. There were 47 boxes filled at round £50k a pop in the early stages at SMS. This has been reduced to a handful now due to daft sales policies and on occasions when big clubs arrive and demand ramps up, boxes are sold off to op
  10. Wonder if this pub will then be the focus for away fans looking for a bit of 'argy bargy'?
  11. I took my youngest boy who was in the early stage of his life as a Saints fan. It could possibly have been his first (evening?) game. He was delighted we were 3-0 up at HT and suggested we could win by 5 or 6. I told him that bitter experience told me it was never that easy being a Saints fan and the next goal would possibly determine the result. On the way home I wondered whether it was child cruelty indoctrinating a young child into the Saints 'cult' Fair play to him he remains a faithful Saints fan.
  12. What about Brooks at Bournemouth if they dont go up? Swap with Shane Long?????????😁
  13. I reckon we need a left footed midfield/forward player. We are a very right footed forward team which means any player on the left has to check inside to deliver a cross or path. A Pelle type player ie decent in the air, would also be helpful to provide a different option but realise this is likely to be an expensive option.
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