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  1. P Compared to over 20,000 last year? Cash flow must be a problem for most clubs. I guess quite a few hardy supporters are hanging fire close to 1st Sept and some interesting new signings might stimulate demand. Presume no allowance for away supporters whilst Covid around?
  2. Just think this coming Saturday we started the 2019/20 with an exciting 3-0 reverse at Turf Moor!!!!!
  3. Any idea how many season tickets have been sold?
  4. I remember when we won the Combination Cup (ie a reserve Team competition) back in the early 70's I think. Think we beat West Ham in a two legged Final with around 15,000 at The Dell for the home leg. Channon played.
  5. I would be another happy to pay £10 pa for access. I did send a cheque off for the £5 annual subscription last year/year before but it has never been cashed so I have existed on restricted access since then
  6. Tommy FourPast getting a contract as a professional footballer?
  7. I'm surprised he didnt use the mental distress card of being a Pompey follower for many years and suffering from regular bell ringing.
  8. Without checking, couple of height challenged players in Saints colours I can think of were Harry Penk and Augie Scott. Our 'keeper in the 1960's, Tony Godfrey, was only about 5'8" as I recollect.
  9. Presumably no away fans will be allowed, at least from the start on 12th September?
  10. I was at a dinner once and sat near to Jim Steele who made quite derogatory comments about his ex wife who I knew to be a nice woman.
  11. spyinthesky


    Anyone got any idea what Hojbjerg is paid? I would assume his new employers would have to better it and offer up a 3 -4 year deal
  12. spyinthesky


    I think we should all sign up to QAnon or David Icke to really find what's happening in this Flat World of ours which is ruled by Lizards or a Group of well organised Pedo's that only Donald trump can save us from!!
  13. spyinthesky


    According to the Liverpool Echo, Everton are now in the driving seat for Hojbjerg. I guess Hoj will probably be disappointed with this unless his pay package is better than at SMS. Everton are unlikely to challenge for top honours unless their owners have deep enough pockets to shell out a lot of cash on players as well as financing their proposed new stadium.
  14. Steve, I cant disagree with your comment. However I would argue that any Manager worth their salt would look at worst case scenarios (and I am sure Ralph and his team do) and would be concerned about goalscoring options if Danny Ings was injured. Personally I would like to replace Adams and Long if we had the cash with a quick mobile forward (possibly left footed) and a Pelle type who would provide more options in the air. However Long has been given an extended contract and I doubt we have the cash to splash out on additional forwards unless Che Adams is transferred. Of course all this changes if one of the top clubs comes in with a top dollar offer which suits the club and Danny Ings,
  15. Spot in comment. Without Ings firing on all cylinders we would be relegated this season. Unfortunately all three options ie Adams, Long and Obefami are bang on Championship standard.
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