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  1. A number of car factories are also experiencing time delays in getting parts and seeing tariffs put on previously tariff free items. I am no fan of Boris Johnson but have a degree of understanding re his explanation that Covid is affecting sales of speciality fish products in Europe. There is a reported £50m fund to assist traders who are affected by additional paperwork . This sounds Ok but further adds to the admin cost of Brexit and another dilution of the £350m per week sum that was earmarked for the NHS.
  2. Is there a recall for Slattery in view of Smallbones injury?
  3. Anyone have any idea what it costs an average US citizen for Covid treatment? I guess those with Medicaire are generally OK but for the poor individuals who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic it must be a real concern. Trump was going to reverse/improve Obamacare but there doesnt appear to have been any progress with this.
  4. If there is an injury/red card to Bednarek/Stephens of Bertrand we have very little cover in defence> Similarly JWP or Adams would be a big loss in the current situation. Good job we have 29 points on the board.
  5. It is interesting/disappointing that many see Shane Long as not even Championship class when he appears to have been given a lucrative 2 yr extension to his contract!!
  6. 'My Pillow' is advertised extensively in our Sunday papers. Hope no one buys one of this nutter's company products.
  7. Just an update on the Everton situation. They spent £60m this season on new players plus another £50m on plans for their proposed new stadium without a brick being laid. Their owner Moshiri, (like Abromovich at Chelsea) seems to have a bundle of cash available to invest in the club and revenue streams are likely to increase significantly when the shiny new ground is built but it seems that promised financial assistance from the Everton supporting leader of Liverpool Council will not be forthcoming as the gentleman in question has resigned and awaits his day in court. I guess one of the f
  8. Bit like the Spanish Flu that killed millions in 1918/19. Apparently it started in Kansas and it was only when it spread to neutral Spain and was able to be reported in their uncensored newspapers that it was given an incorrect label. Bit like the virus strain that was first identified recently in Kent (because our scientists are world renown for their ability to screen viruses). This has now be labelled the UK virus in many places!!
  9. It will be interesting to see how rival clubs in the Prem and other Divisions, and also abroad, are coping financially. Spurs is an interesting one having to deal with near £1 billion outlay on their new stadium. Everton is another case in point as they have splashed the cash and have aspirations of a £500m new ground. However both clubs seem to have owners with deep pockets. Maybe all this will bring about a more sensible view of transfer fees and players wages.
  10. Do you really think a united Ireland would be helpful? I could see the Unionist kicking up a fuss and blaming the Whitehall Govt and this could lead to more conflict both in Ireland and England. As for Scottish Independence there is every chance that trying to sort out a deal would create more problems than it solves. Boris and his supporters wont allow another vote and this will only add to a stronger call for Independence and the prospects of more radical action by certain factions in Scotland.
  11. Price of fish does tend to alter considerably due to a number of factors including the weather, amount of catch etc. However if the Peterhead catch cant reach European markets then this may well increase the voice of those promoting Scottish Independence. Elsewhere the Road Haulage Association is saying that the supply chain into Northern Ireland is close to collapse and even Mr Gove reckons it will get worse before it gets better. Sinn Fein must be loving that situation. Apparently we have our 'Sovereignty' back but at what cost, break up of the UK? Meantime a quote from a haulier
  12. We have won 2-1 at Leicester for the past two seasons. I cant see us winning three in a row unfortunately!!
  13. Last I heard was that Steve Moran was working as a HGV driver in Hull and was also doing an occasional stint on radio up on Humberside. I seem to remember that, as a youngster, he was attacked by a Pompey Youth player in a night club down around the 'dark side' I think he originally lived in the Fareham area.
  14. Ecuk I tip my hat to you researching the status of Southampton Free Trade Zone. For your further information it was originally set up by ABP using warehousing facilities vacated by Union Castle at 102 berth when the South African trade changed to containers. It was also adversely affected by the Dockers Union wanting to be involved. After the repeal of the Dock Labour Act in 1990, ABP built a new FTZ building up near 20 Gate which was subsequently taken over by a company called Import Services who continue to trade (and expand) this facility.
  15. Wes Always interested in your view but perhaps I can comment on a couple of points. Re Freeports, there were a number in the UK from the early/mid 1980's (including Southampton) but the UK legislation that established them lapsed about 8-10 years ago so it is interesting to know what the Government will do differently with their new arrangements that they were unable to do in the past. Re Trade deals, as I understand that around 60 trade deals worth approx £160 billion have rolled over from existing EU trade deals. Japan is a new one representing approx 2% of our worldwide trade and th
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