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  1. I’m optimistic, I personally feel like he may sign but with an agreed release clause if a bigger club comes in. Ultimately he’s one of our biggest assets and we’re in allot of debt, whether he signs or not is no guarantee what so ever he’ll stay past the summer, probably the difference of getting an extra £10-£15m though. Enjoy him while you can, if he leaves this summer for £30m he’s been sensational value for money.
  2. Think we need to be realistic here. We've made a massive loss, we're continuing to lose revenue every game we play behind close doors, we're also achieving above expectations, there's no need for us to purchase in January. I expect and indeed hope that we have no in or out goings this month. Here's hoping we achieve something of note this season as I think it's almost inevitable we're going to have to sell in the summer with Ings\Prowse the most likely to leave
  3. I think even when you look at the Utd away game, while they're top of the league they certainly don't look invincible. What has made this season extremely interesting is (apart from the bottom 3 or 4) everyone is capable or has taken points against sides you wouldn't expect them too. As the season progresses and the bottom sides get desperate, they often start getting shock results too, there's a long way to go.
  4. Absolutely, It's why I gave him my MOTM vote, could have gone to KWP or Stephens, both equally deserving. Really excited to see how Diallo progresses now!
  5. Impeccable tonight, chuffed to bits for him. Huge credit for coming in after a period out of the team and looking match fit/sharpe from the first minute of the first game. shoved a whole lot of “that” in many a pipe over the last few weeks.
  6. With Djenepo, I actually think a percentage of his strength has been coached out of him. Previously his spontaneity and unpredictability caused other teams problems but I don't think he got many games because he left us exposed after he went walk about. This season, he's seemed to be allot more tactically focused which has affected his ability to create somewhat...
  7. Thing is, with players like Gray/Redmond if they were more consistent they’d be playing for Bigger clubs, yes he will frustrate but he’ll also likely win us games
  8. Currently 1pt off champions league and 3pts off second after 15 games and people are moaning ffs 🤦‍♂️ Get a grip, that is an unbelievable return so far with our squad.
  9. Arsenal have so many empty vessel footballers, there's 2 or 3 I could pick out of a line up, the rest are a royal group of misfits and mercenaries. Ex AFTV youtuber Troopz was calling for Cedric to start over Bellerin, that's the level they've fallen to, calling for a player we all regarded as fairly average to start for a side who were once one of the best to watch in Europe. Arsenal HAVE to win, they're playing for the managers career here, so I expect them to start well, there is NO WAY Arsenal could possibly let Arteta continue in his role if they lose. We start well here an
  10. I think the Ings situation is relatively unique. He's going to be 29 in the Summer, which I'd assume will be the earliest we'd let him leave. With a year left on his contract, i'd still expect us to be looking for £30-£35m. Is there a top 6 club who would pay that money, for a 29 year old with a chequered injury record? Will his earlier injuries resurface later in his career? If Tottenham Lost Kane, they'd be the most likely destination. At the moment I'd say it's likely only Man Utd that I could see him moving to. I suspect the delay in contract negotiations is becau
  11. Great result. The 3 pts are all that matter. Brighton set out to be hard to break down and hit on the counter with speed, they managed to neutralise our full backs for the majority of the game and almost capitalised a few times by playing out quick, they really lack creativity when not on the break though. When teams set out to be hard to break down, it makes it a difficult watch and you end up relying on set pieces which is what happened tonight. They limited us to two good opportunities from open play I can remember, Walcotts good effort and Redmonds effort he should have
  12. watched them 3 or 4 times this season and think the opposite to be honest, their problem is scoring goals, though their approach play was good and they've some good individual players, they're the kind of team that will get 2 or 3 surprise results against the top teams this season, we definitely shouldn't be taking them lightly, it's going to be a tough game.
  13. They’re good to watch, they’ll give a few teams a good game this season and will be a potential Banana skin in the title race but as you’ve rightly pointed out they don’t really have enough of a threat in the final 3rd, otherwise they’d be comfortable mid table
  14. 100% I'd rather he missed the Newcastle game in order to then miss the international break and be back for the Wolves game.
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