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  1. Personally I think this will have an affect on the age demographic we see within stadiums when crowds are allowed to return. I suspect older fans may stay away at first until their confidence in returning to mass events grows, however i suspect that younger fans will be desperate to get back and we may see an up take in casual fans watching games as people enjoy being free to experience things with out restrictions
  2. Think he'll be ineligible as he missed the cut off
  3. Absolutely agree. This obsession with players under 30 is such a crock of shit, fuelled completely by the business side of football looking for a return on investment. The two best players in the world are over 30 in Messi (33) and Ronaldo (35) neither show any sign of slowing down Lewandowski, Aguero, Aubameyang, Tadic, Lloris, Benzema, Messi, Ronaldo... all players over 30 nominated for the 2019 Balloon d'Or and players that would get into pretty much any side in the world. I'm old enough to Remember Kevin Richardson in the 1997/98 season. We were favourites to go down and ended up finishing 12th in the Premier league (I think it was our highest prem finish at that point) and Richardson played 30 odd games, he must have been 34/35. At the end of the season we moved Richardsons on and the next season we finished 17th only just avoiding relegation! Carlton Palmer went on Goals on Sunday saying the clubs decision to let Richardson go (because of his age) was one of the biggest factors in us under performing the following season... there's been countless examples of old players being moved on because of their age and not their contribution. Not just in football either, Michael Jordan being pushed out the Bulls because of his age is another non football example
  4. Personally, I think that's absolute class from Henderson. Captain for the Premier League Champions Football Writers' Association Footballer of the Year Henderson has pedigree, he's one of the top midfielders in the world at the moment, for him to speak so highly of Lovern says allot.
  5. Played well, although Northern Irelands team was pretty much made up of players from the middle of the championship, which is probably his level from what i've seen of him.
  6. Good luck to him, on balance he’s been a decent signing for us and I am sorry to see him go. His attitude and attainment have been first class and they are by far his biggest asset. I certainly don’t see him as a top 4 player, his game is limited, I think we’re his level and I’d even say that for us to kick on he’d be the kind of player i’d be looking to improve on. Football is a funny old game though, when they signed him, who’d have thought Henderson would be Football Writers' player of the year after captaining Liverpool to the title Hoj could go on to be a World class, you never know, I’ve not seen anything other than his attitude to suggest that could be possible though
  7. Aren't the rules different for professional sports people? They were when the Quarantine was first muted back in May https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/11591908/sportsmen-exempt-from-14-day-coronavirus-quarantine/
  8. Players I'd look at, not considering whether we have place in the squad for them, just players I like. Watford Deulofeu (Boufal replacement?) Chalobah (at one point was extremely highly rated) Doucoure Welbeck Bournemouth Nathan Ake Callum Wilson Dominic Solanke (will eventually come good) Harry Wilson (I Know technically a Liverpool player Ryan Fraser Norwich Cantwell Max Aarons
  9. Agreed I'd say he has another 3 year contract in him.
  10. Interesting hypothetical conversation with mates and be interested to hear a wider opinion. How much is Ings worth in the current market? 21 premier league goals, 28 years old (next week) does his previous injury record impact his value? Is there a price we’d consider selling when you weigh up that injury record and the prospect of future injuries? personally feel there’s also only a small number of suitors from the top six wish reduces the risk of losing him. I think City/Liverpool would want a higher profile name. Utd already have enough strikers. Chelsea already signed Werner. i could only see Tottenham/Arsenal being suitably interested and only if they sold Kane/aubameyang. with him being a saints fan and with our current form would Leicester/Everton/Newcastle be a big enough step up? id place him at a realistic price of £55m and at that price there’s no way I’d sell.
  11. As already mentioned, from a talent perspective I think PEH is playing at his level with us, he'd be a bit part player at a top 6 club. However, I dont think we can underestimate the impact he has on the side, he has set the tone in terms of effort levels over the last 12 months.
  12. I remember in 97/98 when we finished 12th (which was a high finish in those days!) we sold Kevin Richardson to Barnsley and the next season we struggled. Carlton Palmer came out on sky saying the sale of Kevin Richardson was the catalyst, not because of his quality but because of his influence. I don’t think Hoj is the best footballer but I think his attitude is the golden standard the club want every player to be able to obtain. His importance, like Kevin Richardson’s, shouldn’t be measured solely by his contribution on the pitch but his contribution to the club as a whole, with that in mind we should be doing all we can to keep him
  13. Its a good move for Cedric, it's another sideways defensive move for Arsenal. He's been solid if unspectacular for us, it's been clear for ages he was going to leave on a free in the Summer. If he wanted to move early and is liable to a "Sulk" if he doesn't get his way, then for the sake of 3 and half months and squad harmony it's probably the right decision. All the best Cedric, I wish him well but certainly wont reminisce about his time here.
  14. Has any Club in the premier league had a Good January Transfer Window? Players just aren’t available at this time of the year. We’ve seen Chelsea try and sign a striker all window and still nothing Utd need 3 or 4 players and are having to pay 10/15m more for a player than they wanted to get 1 in. Arsenal are signing Cedric and a relatively unknown CB I know in an ideal world we’d sign two or three but I’d say our activity in January is indicative of the market in general, rather than our overall strategy. The summer will be a better marker
  15. It's a sideways move for Arsenal. They've had a weak defence for ages and now they're signing a player who offers nothing more than they already have.
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