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  1. WTF are people getting on their high horses over this for? Pathetic. This is a big thing in business - and it works. If you have a prospect that is a mad baseball fan, for example, getting them to do a 30 second video as a means of a cold intro is different (well, not so different now that so many people are doing it). Many of you on here have turned into/are complete weirdos.
  2. I am biased but JWP looks extremely effective out there. Far more so than many (including Rashford). He's played incisive balls, got stuck in and making himself available.
  3. I think Brentford will do well next season. Well coached and well run I think they will surprise some next year. Certainly I think they will do better than Saints
  4. Can't think of a single positive to look forward to. The thoughts of watching crap like Minamino, Redmond, Djneppo and Walcott again next season is not exactly exciting. We have a very poor squad with a very poor manager. His stubbornness and idiocy around GKs sums it all up. Forster is head and shoulders the #1 yet he rotates them and McCarthy has been atrocious 2nd half of the season. Quite literally nothing to look forward to as far as Saints are concerned - the pathetic FA Cup Semi sums up all that is wrong about Saints. Spineless, gutless and awful tactics
  5. Hassenhuttl is actually a pretty s**t manager. Dropping Stephens (a leader on the pitch) for the awful Bednarek, Redmond being untouchable, Minamino being utter s***e yet we want him back, a very poor Walcott being handed a 2 year contract. We seem to be making awful decisions consistently and he is at the heart of them. Why did Tella, one bright spot this season, not start?
  6. Hassenhuttl has to go. One trick pony. Thank God I did not waste my time watching that.
  7. Who cares tbh. This season has ended up very forgettable after a fantastic start and we are in big trouble next season
  8. Forster is by far and away the best keeper we have and has looked good since being back in the 1st team. Rotation is ridiculous when you have one keeper so significantly better than the other. Don't just blame the keepers - we have a bang average squad. Walcott, Djneppo, Redmond, Minamino, Stephens, Bednarek and others would struggle to get in another Prem side. We have very little quality throughout the squad and will, rightly, be tagged as relegation candidates next season without a massive overhaul.
  9. OMG - rotation of keepers? McCarthy is shockingly bad - how on earth did he let that in. Embarrassing in the extreme
  10. To be fair, as with any business any info will/should be very limited as NDAs should ensure that minimal info can be provided. That's why, typically, the first thing you'll hear, publicly, in business is when it gets to the due diligence phase. Until that moment 'loose lips cost lives' and can derail things very quickly. Where would the fun be if we can't speculate on these things?
  11. There are some right t***s on here - Jack was excellent yesterday and I don;t think it is any coincidence we have looked stronger since he came back in the side. Certainly even at LB he offered more leadership and control than Bertrand for most of the season. The posters that say "mistakes can't happen" are clueless - everyone makes mistakes, even the top, top players. Stephens has leadership qualities that are sadly lacking from our squad. The comments about Benali sum things up: I would rather have leaders and 100% committed players out there giving it their all rather than playe
  12. Pretty solid display - but won;t play many worse teams than Fulham. Salisu, Tella, JWP, Adams all excellent. Felt Minamino and Redmond were very poor: both are very slow thinkers and the game is too quick for them. Minamino is just not suited to the PL. Loved Tella's enthusiasm and beaming smile!
  13. What is to be lost by trying the lad out properly now? He looked very promising in his sub appearances - certainly far more about him than some of the other youngsters that have played.
  14. Utter waste of space - just like Theo
  15. Yep, he stood still for the penalty and it hit him. He is a far superior keeper to McCarthy and back in form. Really pleased for the big guy
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