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  1. For the first time in several years it feels like we are a club on the up: from Semmens down. He spoke about our identity - something that has been missing for 3 years. Genuinely excited to see what the new season will bring. COuple of quality additions and we really should be pushing for top 8 again.
  2. Any chance you think we could mug them off with two high quality additions: Fraser Forster/Angus Gunn and Wes Hoedt? Batch job 2, for the price of 1 only 20 million for the 2 😀
  3. It wasn;t Robbie Mustoe. It was Andy Townsend
  4. You're kidding right? He was utter dig sh**e when he came on. He can't pass, can't shoot and looks hopelessly out of his depth.
  5. As others have said, game of 2 halves. We always struggle with Vestegaard and Hojberg in the side. Both are far too slow of thought (both slow our possession game down with their dawdling and give the opposition chance to regroup) and Hojberg's distribution is beyond awful. Cannot wait for him to leave. Vokins had a good PL debut, Adams is not going to make it: dreadful player and KWP changed the game although his crossing is poor. Unlucky not to win but clearly shows the need for at least 3 new players (striker, CM, CB) in addition to KWP. With that we could have a good season next time round.
  6. Solid and good on the ball tonight - thought he got forward well and made himself available. Promising PL debut.
  7. Obafemi - Adams is not good enough. Thought he had another very poor game today and he does not offer enough of a goal threat. Don;t get the love-in with Adams. He has been poor.
  8. Saints are showing, with a couple of good signings, that we could have a really exciting season next time out. This side is no pushover any more and we play with heart, passion and more than a little skill. So pleased for Obafemi - he has more about him (from a goalscoring perspective) than Adams. Not convinced Adams is Prem quality. Great result considering the form Utd have been in.
  9. Bournemouth have no guts or heart. Playing without any belief and look absolutely terrible
  10. It is a joy watching Saints since the break. High tempo, pressing and fast and incisive passing. Disappointed not to win but to put that effort in after the monumental effort on Sunday is quite something. Good times ahead I think. Stephens range of passing was superb again - shame Bednarek and Bertrand were caught napping at the back and still not convinced at all by Adams.
  11. washsaint


    Well hopefully he stays injured for the rest of the season!
  12. Criminally underrated by many of the forum illuminati - Jack has proven himself to be an excellent Prem player and today he was simply immense. Keep proving people wrong Jack!
  13. That was sheer bloody heroic. Stephens and Bednarek were sensational in the center. All round, just a backs to the wall game but it was a red and white wall - I cannot remember a better performance at home for a long, long time. JWP covered every blade of grass and Romeu was immense. Having dais that, not fair to pick out individual players as that was as big a team performance as you are likely to see.
  14. washsaint


    Great article in the Daily Mail about Prowsey - https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8488227/Southamptons-James-Ward-Prowse-scoring-set-pieces-garden-Premier-League.html What a star he is and so grounded. Chuffed to bits for him on how things are panning out - a true role model and a Saints legend at the age of 25! Can;t believe 1 more free kick goal and he equals MLT. Also that no other player in the Prem has scored more from free kicks than him since 2017/18.
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