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  1. Garbage - for all Saints being on top we have not troubled their keeper. Poor by JWP and then terrible defending by the 2 CBs. Game over - this lot couldn't score in a brothel.
  2. I think you're wrong on this one. he was dog s***e last season (and for much of the previous season. 1 game against a 2nd string Man City.
  3. You really are a bit of a t**t aren't you? No idea why you support Saints as you never have a positive thing to say about the club and all you ever do is moan and complain. Bet you;re a barrel of laughs down the pub
  4. Hopefully this young lad is as good as the Chelsea fans are making him out to be. AT this stage all potential but sounds like there could be a massive upside. Love this new direction the club is going: we can offer bright young talent from big clubs the opportunity for 1st team football much quicker and if it means buy back clauses should be win wins in that if they are successful so are we and we make a profit. A very different approach from others in the market and one that is more sustainable for clubs our size: we are not going to be splashing out 20 million+ on players. When we ha
  5. The usual hysterical tarts made to look extremely foolish again with news of a, hopefully, exciting and inspiring signing who looks like he has a great future. Better than spending 5 million on a one season loan for a player that does not look all that.
  6. I've heard from a reliable source that Fraser is on 200K per week. It's been kept quiet because of all the angst it would cause if people were aware of it. Also, if he plays 10 games this season it triggers an automatic 2 year extension. Watch this space....
  7. How could anyone of forgotten Mark Dennis - absolute nutter!
  8. 100% agreed Norm. Some real dick heads on here who are quite simply trolling all day long. The bullying of MLG is extremely distasteful (whatever you think of his postings) and posters are allowed to get away with it all day long. There is a reason some posters were permanently banned from other sites yet the online bullying is allowed to continue unchecked on this site.
  9. WTF are people getting on their high horses over this for? Pathetic. This is a big thing in business - and it works. If you have a prospect that is a mad baseball fan, for example, getting them to do a 30 second video as a means of a cold intro is different (well, not so different now that so many people are doing it). Many of you on here have turned into/are complete weirdos.
  10. I am biased but JWP looks extremely effective out there. Far more so than many (including Rashford). He's played incisive balls, got stuck in and making himself available.
  11. I think Brentford will do well next season. Well coached and well run I think they will surprise some next year. Certainly I think they will do better than Saints
  12. Can't think of a single positive to look forward to. The thoughts of watching crap like Minamino, Redmond, Djneppo and Walcott again next season is not exactly exciting. We have a very poor squad with a very poor manager. His stubbornness and idiocy around GKs sums it all up. Forster is head and shoulders the #1 yet he rotates them and McCarthy has been atrocious 2nd half of the season. Quite literally nothing to look forward to as far as Saints are concerned - the pathetic FA Cup Semi sums up all that is wrong about Saints. Spineless, gutless and awful tactics
  13. Hassenhuttl is actually a pretty s**t manager. Dropping Stephens (a leader on the pitch) for the awful Bednarek, Redmond being untouchable, Minamino being utter s***e yet we want him back, a very poor Walcott being handed a 2 year contract. We seem to be making awful decisions consistently and he is at the heart of them. Why did Tella, one bright spot this season, not start?
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