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  1. Holy cow, please tell me you are not serious? He is our best player by some way and I, for one, feel the same way about JWP that I did about MLT: thankful he plays for us and has remained loyal.
  2. What a terrible blow for the young man and I can only imagine the hell he has been through these last three years. Best of luck for the future and whatever path you choose to go down Sam. When football has been your life since the age of 8 and then it is ripped away from you at such a young age - that has to take a long time to get over. He seems grounded and intelligent so hopefully his future is bright.
  3. Couldn't disagree more. Integrity - something that is sorely missing from Newcastle. Look at Burnley - injuries and COVID cases galore yet they still play their games and don't whinge about it. Dyche went up massively in my estimation with his pre-match conference and talking about pampered players.
  4. At some stage the world needs to get on living (cue the hysterical tarts with 'one life lost is too many') and learn to live with this virus. Existing is not living and the amount of collateral damage caused by Europe's continual lock downs cannot be underestimated. The NHS has not been fit for purpose for decades and needs a radical overhaul. All the stats from South Africa showed that Omicron was a far milder variation and so the hysterical 1 million cases a day reporting simply was ludicrous and self-defeating. Days of the British and the stiff upper lip and and just getting
  5. He hasn't spelt it incorrectly. Apologize is correct, apologise is the English version. I much prefer the American version having lived over here for 11 years now.......
  6. Absolutely going down. Cannot kill a game off ever. JWP has been awful this season and the free kick was on him and wtf was he doing playing Maupay onside. Dreadful team, dreadful manager, dreadful owners. We are royally f***ed - what the hell was the game plan in the 2nd half? If there was even one.
  7. Bednarek is hopeless - their goal was a direct result of his uselessness and ending up on his backside (yet again)
  8. Shambles of a 2nd half. Walcott was a terrible signing, Walker-Peters, McCarthy, Diallo have all been diabolical and there is no pace or creativity in this side. Yet Tella remains on the bench. Baffling
  9. What a f$$$$$$ idiotic thing to say. Cluelesd
  10. Hot on the heels of Farke, Dean Smith now sacked. And the Watford manager was sacked early doors. Thank goodness we finally have some stability at the club from a managerial perspective. Many, including myself, have questioned whether Ralph is the right man for the job but Semmens and co have stayed the course and believe in the 'project'. We at last have some stability and the foundations are in place (especially with Crocker) for us to start building on those foundations. What are Norwich and Villa going to do? There are not exactly great candidates out there and Norwich has a
  11. Some of our signings since the start of last season have been really good buys. Many of the players have needed time to bed in but in their 2nd season are starting to look real stars. Salisu and Diallo look exceptionally good. Add in the purchase of Tino and loan signing of Broja and we seem to be getting back to the inspired buys rather than dross on inflated salaries. With the U18s looking so much better this year just how much has Crocker's influence played a major part in our (embryonic) growth as a club?
  12. Bednarek is so s**t, going to ground there. But Saints don't deserve anything from this game. Toothless, players out of position and no attacking threat whatsoever. When an 18 year old kid is our best player by a country mile you know we have problems. No doubt the changes will come now as he only makes changes when we are on the back foot.
  13. Utter garbage that was. Complete rubbish - absolutely no attacking intent and we may as well be playing with 10 with Moi out there (who is once again showing how slow of thought and pace he is). Ralph being oh so clever playing WP at LB is not working....wtf has Perraud done wrong not to start as a LB playing at LB? Take Moi off, move Tino up and bring on Perraud. Surely Broja and Tella need to come on after about 60 minutes too. This is pitiful to watch.
  14. What a result getting rid of both Bertrand and Vestegaard. Bertrand was a good servant but crap the last year or so and Vestie was just crap except for one purple patch. Can't believe Leicester gave Bertrand 2 years and paid 15 million for Vestie. Salisu and Perraud are better than both.
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