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  1. Amen to that - Kenny Monkou, Mark Wright (?), Dave Watson (?) all wore #6 jerseys and don;t remember any of them being box to box midfielders!
  2. You conveniently forgetting we had him on loan for a season with a mandatory buy clause, therefore in reality a 4 year contract? Players come and go all the time and there is very little loyalty (JWP, MLT, Benali being exceptions) - from either the clubs or players. I trust the new footballing regime to have a backup plan should Ings leave. What is the club meant to do - hold a gun to his head and force him to sign a contract?
  3. That would be the same Jack Stephens that was part of 3 consecutive clean sheets, including against Liverpool?
  4. Wow, there are some incredibly dumb t***s on here tonight. The abuse at Stephens is ridiculous and shows those posters up to be utter t***s of the highest order. We played well first half and not so good 2nd half. It's been a recurring theme for many games now that we offer very little in front of goal (1 goal in 5 games now). Adams was excellent then ran out of gas. Smallbone was having an excellent game and got injured. Anyone who thinks we will be splashing the cash to bring in reinforcements is deluded. Where's the money going to come from? We could well have gotten
  5. Breathtaking performance - absolute joy to watch Saints and a travesty that we are losing. However Stephens and McCarthy were absolute s***e for their goal (foul or no foul). We are still in this and deserve at least a draw. Smallbone has been a revelation: strong in the tackle, great passing and vision.
  6. The clue is in the heading - the most consecutive appearances by an OUTFIELD player
  7. washsaint


    Very good today. Quite frustrating that he does so much so well but then doesn't complete. Been a great addition to the team though
  8. Fair points. However teams now know how to nullify our threat and we struggle to have a plan B. Again not surprising as this is pretty much the same team that struggled for 3 years or so. At least it is now only 2 defeats in 14 or so and we have 8 clean sheets this season which is a remarkable achievement based on where we were. Hopefully Ralph tweaks and we rediscover some of our panache. Still a great start to the season.
  9. Solid performance but all the zip in our play has disappeared and we are back to being ponderous, slow and, very worryingly, toothless in attack. 3 games now where we have never looked like scoring (or really creating anything). The positives are that we are defensively very solid but I can only see us sliding down to 13th or so at the rate we are going. Would be very disappointing as top 8 should be in reach. Left hand side as an attacking threat is non-existent and Djenepo just does not look like a footballer right now and Bertrand slows the game down constantly.
  10. Oh man, what a shame. That was a trip to end all trips back in the day. Torrential rain, terrible stadium with people p****ng on the terraces due to lack of facilities but an unbelieveable experience. Missed our flights home after spending too long in Sigishoara, had stuff stolen from the hotel room but wouldn't have missed it for the world. At the time I seem to recall the majority of foodstuffs you could get in restaurants (pizza, pasta, almost anything!) was polenta and cabbage! Their fans were mad but also very gracious!
  11. As others have said it took him a while to get going but there was enough about him to show real potential. Thought he grew into the game while obviously not as physical as Romeu. Did well for hist first game
  12. RH should be questioned for his meaningless subs with no time left. What was that all about?
  13. Better 2nd half and fantastic block from Stephens right at the death. Armstrong and Long were utter passengers and Theo showed his lack of football brain for most of the match. Did not look like conceding but also did not look dangerous. Long should have learned the offside rules by now. Decent enough result but should have been more
  14. Aside from JWP and Adams that was utter garbage. Long, Armstrong and Walcott have been disgustingly bad. How on earth Long gets a start I'll never know. Its like playing with 10 men every time. Diallo been anonymous (but it is his first start) and a couple of Stephens mental lapses already. Just a very poor showing all round.
  15. Another very good performance from Saints - agree with Ralph: far better than when we beat them 1-0 in the summer. In this game we were their equal rather than hanging on for dear life. A draw would have been a fair result and Saints played some very good stuff but without much of a cutting edge. This is what I think will hold us back against the bigger teams. Without wishing to scapegoat 2 players who I thought were terrible were Bertrand and Redmond. I don't know what has happened to Bertrand but he seems very slow and completely switched off a couple of times. With all the
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