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  1. Which begs the question, why after 4 years is he still with the club?
  2. I'm sure this was mentioned in the Brighton game thread, but the ref yesterday was beyond incompetent. Not just the Brighton players he didn't book for dirty fouls, but even worse were the yellows for Mo E's perfectly good tackle, and Salisu for holding the ball for a second and then lobbing it back to the area of the free kick. And that will result in a f**king suspension. Being a yellow, no appeals allowed of course.
  3. Redmond on the right >>>>> Redmond on the left
  4. What's your goals per minutes played ratio?
  5. Doesn't sat nav or Google maps give the fastest route?
  6. Aspartame? My body says no thanks. Great thread title BTW. πŸ‘
  7. If true I'd happily take a draw if offered it now. That's a really strong looking team. And they'd have Iheanacho on the bench.
  8. Disaster it is then. I can see the idea, attack best form of defense. But not against this rampant Liverpool team. I hope one of the strikers is replaced by KWP at half time, and try to keep it below 6.
  9. Well I'll certainly celebrate if we draw this weekend.
  10. No it's Elyuseless. This is Lucy (not sure about the alien part).
  11. <Hands up> But I wouldn't have taken it just before kick off yesterday, and certainly not 4 minutes after kick off. πŸ™
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