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  1. That would be a reasonable compromise. If the club offers that and he refuses then it would mean he wants to leave soon, and as others have said the release clause talk is basically a load of bollocks, just an attempt to make it appear otherwise.
  2. He predicted us to lose 2-0 against Leicester. On the bright side, how often does lightning strike twice?
  3. No, the moderators exterminated him. One brag about predicting 17th too many.
  4. I guess so. The question often asked though, what do bears do when they are in the woods?
  5. Really? That's the first I heard about that. If true, the ruddy-cheeked bastard is a bigger idiot than I thought. Talk about being penny wise, pound foolish.
  6. He made a brief cameo appearance a few months back, but seems to have gone back into the woods.
  7. That reminds me, where's Batman? He used to do excellent summaries.
  8. Norwegian, Swedish, they all look the same.
  9. 5 minutes gone, already two mentions of "record defeat" and "9-0" here in the States.
  10. It's not a matter of if, but when. I wonder how long it will take them to mention that result? Quicker than Shane Long's goal?
  11. Rickie is his full name, Ricky for short.
  12. Fantastic performance. All played well, special mention to Ings, Armstrong, Stephens, Bednarek. Diallo MoM.
  13. And by that token maybe professional footballers would be fairly high on the vaccine priority list?
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