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  1. In terms of £s flushed down the toilet per lb. no-one else comes close.
  2. In fairness, Shane being back is as good as a new Les Reed signing.
  3. We've had some very good signings from Chelsea over the years (apart from Speedie and Dixon of course). So hopefully he'll be another one.
  4. I think Ralph said a similar thing about Boufal when he came back from a loan. He was shipped out shortly afterwards.
  5. I'm surprised Puel was allowed to bring in the Donkey from Monaco for £19m. I've never forgiven him for that.
  6. Amazing run, they looked dead and buried a month ago. About 10 years ago they scraped into the playoffs in the last match, and went on to win the tournament. A good omen? Certainly momentum is on their side, and each playoff match is a bit of a free hit considering how far back they were.
  7. Looks like Kent, who have nothing to play for (1st locked up), are going down without much of a fight (130 in their 20 overs). Hants have to hope Somerset can pull off a victory. They also have qualified, but need to win to get 2nd place and a home tie in the quarter finals. They just finished their 20 overs at 183-7, so a decent total.
  8. Gray, Wigley and Saggy. His vindictive getting rid of Crouch-hire Nigel Pearson, followed by the "revolutionary coaching set up" clowns. Taking us into administration days after the points carry over deadline. Screw him.
  9. If 18th is our aim we are in deep shit.
  10. I think we won there. We got a decent fee for him. And he didn't have a great career with them, plagued by injuries. Passed away so young. 🙁
  11. I don't see the hurt there. Maybe Fourpast, Bale, Chivers and Toby.
  12. I don't think so. Which makes the upcoming Div 2 and Div 3 matches meaningless.
  13. Yes apparently. They only play the other 4 teams once, so Hants carry over 8.5 points and Somerset 18.5 points.
  14. Congratulations to them, I was expecting another frustrating draw. They go into the Div 1 group with a draw and a bad defeat (Somerset results carry over) so it won't be easy.
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