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  1. Just logged on to this thread. Saw there were 2 + unread pages since yesterday. Something exciting must be brewing I thought. Maybe a mega yacht arriving at Southampton? Then I read all this shit.
  2. How many positions higher in the table is he worth? If say 5, then that's about £10 million recouped. And if being 5 positions lower results in 18th or worse, the £20 million gained by selling him would be the classic penny wise/pound foolish. And as for kicking the can down the road, that is an understandable concern, but a year gives the club more time to find a replacement. Also, if Ings has a mediocre/injury interrupted year and there is no big 6 interest, it's possible he could sign a renewal then.
  3. I think the feeling's mutual.
  4. To a Nigerian bank account? If so, your £1 billion inheritance is on its way.
  5. Messi is a better player than Long.
  6. Not quite, as he is a better player than Shane Long. <- Statement as a fact Not quite, as I think/I believe/IMHO he is a better player than Shane Long. <- Statement as an opinion.
  7. Is it just me who thinks Redmond was ok yesterday, especially in the first half? Walcott on the other hand was f**king useless, and not for the first time. Dear God Saints, please don't offer him a contract. Nice guy I'm sure, but he's washed up.
  8. Overall not that bad. Liverpool's attacking passing is scarily good. Tella very good. Redmond good. KWP ok. Armstrong anonymous. McAdam's needs lessons from Ings. No LB on show, Salah will punish us in the 2nd half unless Stephens wakes up. Walcott a waste of space.
  9. Could be worse. The Skates are probably worth about one Donkey. (Maybe I'm being over generous).
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