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  1. I hope Leeds go straight back down. Apart from being horrible, they have the potential to become a well-established PL club, regularly taking up a top half table spot. Not good for smaller clubs like us.
  2. Forget the scarf. I'm going to hold all my horses, and lock the barn door, until I'm convinced he's not another Vestergaard, Hoedt, Elyouseless or Lemina.
  3. It's a bit silly to make predictions before the transfer window closes.
  4. Usually people get it wrong the other way around: "I think we'll loose this weekend."
  5. I'm hoping he's fit for the next match.
  6. He's always been good at that, not just post lockdown.
  7. No Mane, VW and Pelle, along with Fonte and VVD out for half the season. Despite that, a thrilling run to a cup final, in which we were superb and very unlucky to lose. Then lost Gabbi for most of the remainder of the season. Shows how daft it is when pundits judge Puel's points total and style of play without any context.
  8. With us sitting comfortably in middle table I must say I am thoroughly enjoying this relegation battle.
  9. Dark Munster


    "Spurs are still way off what the Goodison Park side have offered." I'm shocked, I tell you. Shocked.
  10. I wish we had a season to forget like theirs.
  11. I need to work on my timing.
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