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  1. That's a very specific prediction. If you're right I'll eat my hat send you money to buy me a lottery ticket.
  2. So unless the Skates are tier 3 they'll be back to their normal level.
  3. Shame Spurs now have a manager who knows how to win trophies. With City in disarray and Liverpool with serious injury problems, they (Spurs) could have a shot at the title this year. It would be amusing if Leicester pip them to it again, although that would make me very jealous of them.
  4. He's baaack. Reports of Bearsy's demise appear to have been greatly exaggerated.
  5. I've been saying this for years. I would suggest the goalie sub can only be used in the event of injury, not as a tactical move to time waste in added time.
  6. Not really, because offside is determined when the ball is played forward. After that it doesn't matter how you score, as long as the attacker's feet are level or behind the feet of the last defender at the moment of the pass. The idea is to make it simpler to implement, while not making a drastic change in the rule.
  7. Even better, change the offside rule so that only feet are considered. The position of pointing arms, hairy arm pits, etc. are then irrelevant. Simples.
  8. Yes. And then going off injured until we meet again. You can bet your house on it.
  9. Me too. As long as it doesn't involve us.
  10. Not from bloody Monaco I hope.
  11. This disease is a bastard because the outcome of getting it isn't just binary: die or fully recover. Those who advocate not doing anything and relying on herd immunity seem to believe it is. Even if we accept a 1-2% mortality rate (which is ten times or more higher than the flu), how can we accept 20% or higher of those who don't die having long term, maybe permanent, organ damage? https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/the-tragedy-of-the-post-covid-long-haulers-2020101521173 Published studies (see here and here) and surveys conducted by patient groups indicate that 50% to 80% of patien
  12. As long as we don't play Everton in the next 3 matches I don't care if it's a 1 or 3 match ban. He got sent off, we won (in style), and KWP isn't injured. All's well that ends well.
  13. He does that on purpose to jinx us. Bastard. The only thing that pisses me off more than that is when he predicts us to draw or lose.
  14. His passing has been excellent in the last few matches. His confidence appears to be high, keen to bring the ball forward, and he's defending well. If only he was a bit faster than an oil tanker.
  15. I would be too, if it wasn't for the abomination called the Electoral College which gave a loser like Dotard the Presidency despite losing by 3 million votes. Plus the American Fascist Party (formerly known as the Republican Party) has purged millions of Democratic voters from the rolls ("to prevent voter fraud"), and has closed many polling stations in Democratic-leaning districts, leading to 6-8 hour lines to vote in the few remaining ones. Throw in Covid-19 and it's going to be a clusterf*ck in November.
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