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  1. You'd probably need to look at the polls before the 2016 election to make any real comparison. Clinton was well ahead in a few states that she lost I seem to remember. Trump shouldn't win, he shouldn't have won in 2016 either but at least in 2016 he had an electable opponent. It will all depend on Biden's running mate.
  2. And then there will be those who think that Biden won't last 4 years anyway and vote because of his running mate. Can't understand the sudden tendancy towards old fogies. Most US presidents have been around 55-60 when elected. Trump was already 70 and Biden will be even older.
  3. Might help him if he stuck to lying and cheating instead of spouting bolloaks all of the time. He'd be better off saying nothing at all really.
  4. None of the several allegations stopped Trump winning, anyway 1993 seriously? Clinton is difficult to explain, perhaps yer average backwoods american just wouldn't vote for a woman and thus she lost Wisconsin, Michigan etc against all odds. Warren was probably a better candidate than Biden, favourite at one time I believe but people just didn't vote for her in the primaries.
  5. If ? How can he not win ? The only way that he won't is that for some reason he isn't the democratic candidate. He could run his campaign in Urdu and still win.Unless of course the opposition isn't Trump. Perhaps the GOP grandees will soon see that he just cannot win and that they'll lose the senate as well.
  6. Well you'd have to vote for whoever has a better option for vice-president wouldn't you. Doubt if either of the old guys would still be in power in 2024.
  7. He seems to think (or is being told) he has to take on a female vice president who'll probably become America's first female president before 2024. Biden won't last 4 years.
  8. Stands to reason. He'll be 78 if he gets elected and he's already showing some signs of senility apparently. So at the end of his term at 82 (if he ever get's that far) he'll be a vegetable likely as not and people will be telling him what to do.
  9. Well I was thinking more of his family advisers actually, Ivanka, Don Jr and Jared. Hasn't sacked any of those yet has he?
  10. Both silly old buffers who'll get pushed around by their unscrupulous advisers.
  11. I'm quite surprised that the Republicans didn't oust Trump a couple of years back. They might have had a chance in November but the bloke is obviously a megalomaniac nutter. Biden shouldn't be president either, he'll just get pushed around by the leftist loonies.
  12. He'd probably do a cracking job though.
  13. Probably not no, just get replaced by another doddery old fool who'll probably not last 4 years either. Haven't they got anyone who's not 70+ and has a bit of savvy?
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