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  1. Not surprising, they've absolutely nothing creative in midfield.
  2. Well I looked into some of it the other day. Mali Common Rail was still in business up to about 2017 and had a nominal stock value of about a million suisse francs and a turnover of about 2 million of the same, about 40 employees, KL one and only director. The tractor division was insolvent as far back as 2012 and only had 15 employees at the time. Was taken over apperently by another tractor firm, FUB or FUSS...something like that. https://www.volksstimme.de/nachrichten/lokal/schoenebeck/924374_Mali-Spezialfahrzeugbau-ist-insolvent-Keine-Traktoren-mehr-aus-Schoenebeck.html Just click on the translator.
  3. But their main line was common rail injection systems.
  4. No MALI manufactured engine parts and pumps and stuff. They did not manufacture cranes, fridges or heavy plant equipment and it wasn't worth billions. Cortese ran it from his desk at St Mary's for about 2 years.
  5. As far as the BAME susceptibility is concerned it's a known fact, don't know why they need another investigation into it. The Neanderthals and Denisovans didn't go to Africa or the India subcontinent so in those regions their genome is lacking certain virus resistance that Europeans and Eurasians obtained from them. https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-018-06940-x
  6. So if you take those ratios and extrapolate them to the UK's population that would give you a bit over 500K cases in all. Although most of these cases don't take the tube or the bus or shop at Tesco's so they may be a protected group and the real number of cases becomes much higher.
  7. Parliament under the May government accepted neither so we didn't really sign up to either of them. Now if that Gina Miller (or whatever she's called) hadn't meddled and obtained from the courts the right of parliament to agree or not agree, the May agreements might even be in function now.
  8. Not surprising really; The football season has become too long anyway. Starts early in August, finishes Mid-May if you're not in the later stages of any European Cup. Then the qualifying rounds for those that are start mid-July.
  9. I'd bet we won't be offering an extra 20% though.
  10. Window Cleaner

    20/21 Kit

    Nevertheless, the club will probably be wanting to get it out on sale to get some money in.
  11. And with about 20,000 cases like that the club will have to refund about 4 or 5 million £. Guess they're hoping that everyone renews and takes "store credit" for next season. Throw on the other matchday non-earnings and I suppose they're about 10-12 million short.
  12. Going through the motions and boosting public moral apparently. Although about 70% of the said public don't seem to give a toss. At the end of the day it's about getting their hands on all of the Sky money they've been contractually promised, because well without it some won't survive.
  13. Ah I'd not noticed that the no tackling rule was for real matches. I thought it was just for training. No tackling ?? Well that's just not football really is it .
  14. It's a known fact that European and non European immune systems function differently. Darwinian some might say. Europeans have, on average about 4% Neanderthal DNA that other races don't neccessarily have. Several Lupus (auto-immune reaction) studies have shown that African-Americans (and I suppose African-Europeans) are far more susceptible than Caucasian Americans. The Pasteur Institute published a study in the Cell revue explaining all the why's and wherefores about 4 years ago.
  15. So not like Netto and Leader Price then, they're for the ultra cheapskates. Shocking quality, all grease and sugar.
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