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  1. Has he actually done that on purpose to get sent off? Awful challenge. Clearly head wasn’t ready for this game at all.
  2. At home to Bournemouth in the FA Cup. A scum hating love-in or Bournemouth's Cup Final?
  3. A quick browse on POL and this thread popped up "Budgets, Money available, Should we be spending it?" Second reply was this - "Spend the lot and go for broke. Nobody remembers losers" I truly doubt this was ironic yet not one single person has disagreed with him. FFS
  4. FFS, how can things like this happen. Shot dead by a 2 year old in a busy shop. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-30636326 Why do they insist guns make things safer?
  5. Connolly scored what turned out to be the winner for Oxford today. Remind me again why they shipped him out? lol
  6. It would seem some of the new signings might not be all that bestest after all. Also Please not doubting the "academy" already, giving up on the kids after a single game, no doubt there is some 33 year old conference reject that will be lined up already. And finally, this is the phew we know and love. Now where can I find the facepalm?
  7. http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2012/sep/25/steve-kean-future-blackburn-worse Hhmm, £3million quid eh? That doesn't mean Blackburn fans are more bestest are they?
  8. The creditor meeting is on the 29th if i remember correctly, what is the worst that could happen to them on that date?
  9. Herman Herriderson is on Goals on Sunday saying he is still being paid wages that was differed from 2 years ago. Yet they wonder where the money has gone? ffs.
  10. They wont answer my question. "If the validation order goes through, and the wages are paid would that not increase the debt to HMRC? Surely no court would allow us to increase the debt without paying the £800k first? " Not sure how many of the comments on there are really but seems to be a few more willing the club to sell players to survive than usual.
  11. "We are trying to scope out who they are and if they have the ambition and ability to take the club forward once and for all." Why the feck should this matter to an administrator? His remit to to recover the most funds he can from either the sale or breaking up of the company. He seems to want to put himself in a position where he can say he found a brilliant investor (very unlikely I know) and saved the club. Give it a few months and the few will be singing his name in the stands.
  12. You are thinking plug, where I am sure the word bung would be more appropriate?
  13. This really messes up AAs plans, as anything he were to do could I guess be deemed (Illegal?) if he was found to have been wrongly appointed. So the whole admin process of selling everything they can, getting rid of staff etc must be put on hold until after the hearing in two weeks. Presumably then the PL wont take any points off of them until after this date too?
  14. Tanya Robins, possible saints legend in the making seems she is willing to be the whistle blower on all this. "He said Tanya Robins had said Portpin LTD had leant money to Falcondrone, not the club. He said: 'We say that the evidence of Miss Robins is that Portpin provided money to Falcondrone not to the club so its all very mysterious."
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