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  1. not according to Trainline it isn't...
  2. Have a look at our last 16 games last season
  3. Anyone who thinks we are going to sign him must be seriously deluded, probably the same people who waving their phones around last night.
  4. Thought the referee was excellent tonight. Let the game flow and didn’t blow for everything and didn’t send off one of our players. MOM
  5. But the most bizarre fans of all are the ones that don't want us to qualify for the Europa league in case it affects our EPL campaign the following season
  6. I'll admit, there really isn't much in it, I think we would agree that a better keeper than both of them would be desirable. It would be good to have a definitive poll on here on to see if I am right, and more punters prefer Macca? Who could do that? Simple choice, FF or AM, no other options.
  7. well, he's clearly not the better keeper, I think most prefer McCarthy, as you say, inc RH. I'm not suggesting Macca is amazing, but I'd have him any day of FF
  8. The real issue with Novak is that he checked what he needed to come in and then the goal posts were changed for purely political reasons. He was originally not going and it was the Australian Tennis Association that turned that around. Clearly public outcry (and for good reason tbf) swayed the PM into winning some kudos before the elections this year. I think Novak is the innocent party in all this, I am surprised he is appealing, i would told them to fuck off and never pay in their third rate GS tournament again. Actually their PM reminds me of someone else that likes to court public op
  9. I stuck up for FT as well, and made it clear it came from his mate but I'm disappointed that I have had no level of abuse that Turkish has enjoyed. It's not fair that he gets all the attention, it's ruined what should have been a good day for me.
  10. my first reaction is, why isn't this a sticky yet??
  11. he's not really the source, more the SM arm of the source.
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