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    I really like Armstrong but he does get caught with the ball once too often, a charge that could be labelled at others as well, to be fair. That said, the way we are trying to play now will invite that risk. But i like the way he drives forward and is not afraid to shoot and score.
  2. and i was surprised to know what would happen if the keeper threw the ball into the opponents net (obviously from his own box, otherwise that would be handball).
  3. Think at the time, as you said, Timmy was fucking brilliant and we were gutted to lose him, same for Bridge, but maybe losing a LB isn't the same as losing a striker or goalie. Ironically, most people felt losing Shearer wasn't a massive deal at the time considering the money we got for him.
  4. what are we saying here, that Ings is more important to the team than Flowers and Bridger were (haven't scrolled back to look)?
  5. The only thing that doesn't make sense is that by signing a new three year deal, that effectively upps his market value anyway. I do not understand why he would think that we would offer a new contract and accept a 20 mil release clause. He's worth that now anyway, arguably more but certainly by next summer, if he has not signed, he will be with a year left. However he risks a lot by not signing (unless he moves this window), it is not incomprehensible to suggest that he might not return to the prolific goal scoring form or may he get injured again. If he does sign for us, not sure a release c
  6. someone else said that it may be that the 'clause' is just a smokescreen to Ings wanting to leave but not giving that impression i.e. he leaves (with a heavy heart) and says he was happy with everything except the release clause and Saints would not budge on that. He leaves but saves face and blames the club..
  7. This is what Alex Crook said yesterday, it is the release clause that is the issue. Saints want around £40m and the Ings party want around £20m, that is the issue, everything else is fine.
  8. Traitors? They’re doing a job mate, not following the messiah. When will football fans get the fact that players aren’t supporters and are in it for the money and kudos. They don’t care about loyalty and shit like that.
  9. Bale? That left back we sold to Tottenham? Right. wouldn’t say Shearer was better for us than Ings is now.
  10. Yeah, that would all work. not sure you realise how a footballers mind works mate.
  11. I remember watching it back some years later and realising we should have got something from the game, we deserve a draw at least. Didn’t overly feel like it in the day, think the occasion outdid the actual match.
  12. As good as JWP is at fee kicks, he’s as bad at corners
  13. That’s simply not true. In the end we will learn to deal with through different vaccines and treatments. To say, ‘left unchecked’ is ridiculous as it won’t be left unchecked. Like saying if Shame along is left unmarked he will score, will all know that won’t happen.
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