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  1. A lot of people on here moaning about all of this will carry on paying subscriptions to Sky and BT. This business model can only work if people pay to watch it and the people in the grounds won’t help. It’s all about the TV rights and subsequent sponsorship deals, which will only work if people are subscribing. No subscribers, no business. Effectively, it’s down to the fans.
  2. Yeah, remember when Rooney was going to City and Gerrard to Chelsea, unbelievable at the time, how could that happen?
  3. Have you seen us play recently? Even without the top six, we’ll struggle. We don’t often beat them anyway, so not sure how this would change anything for us.
  4. I think if they stayed in the middles they have more chance of saving more than they let in.
  5. I must be the only one that just doesn’t hear it then, been going to all homes games and a fair few away games. im not saying it 100% does not exist in stadiums but I honestly can’t remember when I last heard anything racist, I guess we are talking about racism based on someone’s skin colour or are we talking about the stuff that people say about Gao being Chinese? SM is completely different become it obviously provides a certain cloak of anonymity and so these twats think they can get away with it.
  6. It was a foul. I don’t understand the rules anymore
  7. I should have put a question mark after Most of them. Maybe you would understand it better then? Or maybe it’s too difficult for you ?
  8. My point is the opinion that because some people don’t conform they are labelled as nutters etc. The likes of Tiss and co aren’t saying it’s not out there but they are questioning the reasoning behind this response and I personally think they have a point. of course you can disagree and state that, but some people on here are ridiculing them for having some valid scepticism
  9. Most of them? like you have conducted a survey. FFS.
  10. I suspect that you're fucking shite at football too.
  11. I’m struggling to see what the problem is with people expressing a free will to speak. So you don’t agree? Fine, no move on.
  12. Yeah, he is good at that, and he did lots of good things. But he never accepts his mistakes.
  13. Reed Out. It’s official.
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