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  1. Noodles34

    Site issues

    I can get on via a pc, basically the old bookmark. However, I cannot get on via my ipad for love nor money.
  2. Yep, why player a player with more talent in his right toe than mason mount, I suppose he just needs to run around a bit more.
  3. How is Grealish not in the squad. ? reminds me of Le Tiss treatment
  4. Just shows what the PL think about the fans. Why not wait til 1st Oct and if the fans allowed back in then we see proper football back again. The clubs will now have to offer more refunds on the back of this decision, doesn’t make sense.
  5. Though you’re forgetting the fact that whatever another club offers, if the player gets turned, we have a problem.
  6. yeah, you're right. OK, Tadic and Pelle.
  7. Ings would have shot.
  8. God, we do not play well at home because on the whole, most teams sit back and ask us to take the game to them. And we know, as we have for many years, since Koeman (Lallana/Lambert) days, we cannot break teams down. When teams do come and play, they are generally better than us anyway, but as City showed, it does gives us the opportunity to play more positively, as we do away when the home team has the necessity to take the game to us.
  9. Thought he bottled out of two or three shots last night, one being the assist! Okay, the second half shot was good and it was an excellent save but yeah, so he chases down on the press, so what? That is not a skill. What you want from him is someone who is getting the ball and constantly running at their defences, like Treore, like Sterling, like Antonio, making defenders panic stricken but he simply does not do that. And when he does try he just runs out of ideas and into a bank of defenders. He looks lacking in confidence and presently looks no better than Obefemi. Of course there is a good player in there, but it is championship level and I really do not think we will see an extended run of form but he is not good enough. The odd game here and there, sure. In saying all of that though, the real problem is that we have got no one better in that position.
  10. Noodles34


    Lot to do with Pickford in goal. he saves a lot and I guess a taker is going to try harder to put the ball somewhere he can’t go, which is what I reckon JWP tried to do.
  11. Been pretty anonymous lately. Wa he playing against Everton?
  12. Noodles34


    Football opinions are subjective at the best of times, and that is what they are, an opinion. Some will think JWP can do more, some will think he cannot. If you are expecting him to score 10 goals a season then i guess you are going to be underplaying his talents. Being called weird because your own view of his ability differs from others is pretty ironic.
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