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  1. Yes Ralph needs to be backed and he hasn't fully.
  2. Absolutely poor performance, where was the intensity and creativity. Totally ineffective today
  3. Adams needs to come at half time. The ball just keeps coming back all the time.
  4. Very excited for the game this evening, I hope Ralph has got the team fired up after last Monday. Hoping we can get an early goal and put them on the back foot. I'm going for 2-1 to us with Ings getting both COYR
  5. No, I meant working on things in training.
  6. I'm talking about from within the current squad.
  7. That was a poor performance, need to bounce back from this. We got a big cup semi final to look forward to on Sunday. Hopefully Ralph will see where there is room for big improvement and we go again
  8. Ralph will not be happy with that performance in the first half thats for sure. I expect he will make a couple of changes at half time. Adams to come on definitely.
  9. We need to come out in the second half and get at them. Not good enough, too many misplaced passes.
  10. We should definitely be winning this one tonight, a win which would see us upto 12th in the table. Also would give us further momentum before Sundays Cup semi-final im expecting a couple of changes to last weekends team. Minamino will start I think as he is cup tied on Sunday. Che could come back in too. 4-1 to us tonight - Ings x2, Redmond and Minamino COYR
  11. I think this is great news, a record deal for sponsorship over the next three years for the club
  12. Diallo is a gem of a player and a great interview too
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