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  1. Ok, interesting - thanks for the update.
  2. The game isnt till Sunday so he might still be included in the squad. Hoping he shines tonight
  3. Yes that's pretty annoying as I watched most of the under 23s games when they were live online last season.
  4. Does anyone know if the game is being streamed live tonight?
  5. We are not on the levels we were during project restart. Need to get to those levels again. Got to bounce back quickly, hopefully Ralph will make some changes for Sunday. It's also evident we need to sign a CM.
  6. Turkish - have you got any more news on possible cm targets?
  7. Who do you think Dusic we are after?
  8. Monk - are we still interested in the Celtic midfielder too?
  9. Very disappointing start. We were not on our usual level today. Ings and Adams didn't have much service atall. Few things for Ralph to work on and he will before next game.
  10. Does anyone know is Boufal is injured? He was in the training pics at the start of the week.
  11. Hope we can carry on the momentum from the last games of last season into this one. I'm confident we can - 2-0 to us with Ings getting both COYR
  12. Well done to you Ben and all on the podcast- great its back and a top listen once again
  13. Good luck to Harrison always liked him. Shame he didn't come back but I guess we couldn't guarantee him regular game time. Now we can get on and get a replacement for Pierre now.
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