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  1. Nope. First season they changed it, it stopped us winning against Derby, and it's been that way since.
  2. Oof, bad defensive mistake there. Now it's an interesting game...
  3. We actually finished on -9 GD
  4. Unlucky Ings. What a season though. More goals than Salah if their bet is still going too. Adams looked like the striker we bought today. Well done Saints. Incredible results since the restart.
  5. Last minutes and single goals could still change everything in the relegation battle...
  6. Come on Ings, do better with this one...
  7. THERE'S the striker we bought!
  8. I want to hate you all but as soon as I read it I made the same connection >_<
  9. Jeez. Some saving tackle that.
  10. Romeu's defending there far better than Sky's coverage...
  11. Aubameyang started the day on 20, Ings on 21, Aubameyang currently has 2 to put him on 22. Vardy currently on 23.
  12. Feels like we've edged that half everywhere except the scoreboard. Their defense isn't easy to get past though. Second half hat-trick for Ings to snatch the golden boot? Elsewhere, Bournemouth are a West Ham goal away from safety at the moment!
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