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  1. Yep. Due to our mistakes rather than anything Burnley did.
  2. Bossed the game, dropped two points due to a combination of being sloppy twice at the back, missed chances, an utter bellend of a ref, and Burnley’s patented 10-0-0 formation. Burnley offered absolutely nothing and were time wasting after 20 minutes. Would be amazed if they’re not toast this season.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wSlvAcNHEI
  4. One of the most dominant wins we’ve had in a long time, despite the narrow scoreline. Leeds were poor and we took full advantage to limit them to almost nothing, while we finally managed to find just enough of a cutting edge ourselves, had enough chances that it could easily have been a far more comfortable score. Redmond MotM for me, albeit only just ahead of Salisu. We did miss JWP, although maybe the players on the pitch subconsciously were putting in a little bit more effort without him there?
  5. Bossed most of the game, got caught by one break. For once it was decent keeping/blocks rather than lack of chances that stopped us scoring.
  6. Well done Saints. Excellent performance, well worth the point, feels like we’ve been robbed of two points but at least we didn’t get robbed of all three.
  7. Yeah, had a chance to see the replay now, think it was more flinching than actively ducking out the way, but he’ll probably be disappointed not to have got something on it.
  8. Ah, sloppy defending there, unusual for England these days.
  9. It was Linetty it went just past wasn’t it? Thought Bednarek’s had a decent game actually.
  10. It’s not going to be fixed in our lifetime, not even close. All we can do is speak out against racism, as constantly as racism occurs, and make it as socially unacceptable as possible, by making the normal response to racism to be to speak out against it instead of ignore it. People aren’t going to change their views because of a slogan or a gesture, but friends and family confronting them might shift them slightly, or at least make them less likely to spread their views. If the gestures against racism were to be stopped tomorrow, the most likely response as far as I can see would b
  11. Mike Dean maintaining his usual standards of refereeing today I see.
  12. Not so much the first half of last season! Or the second half of the season before. Getting the draws against Man Utd and Newcastle shows we might be getting a bit more grit to keep hold of results as well. Stuart Armstrong coming back into midfield will probably help a bit in terms of keeping control of midfield as well, once he recovers from injury.
  13. Not from a single match. Over time you can judge a player, for example Ings consistently scored above XG for us.
  14. I like it. https://understat.com/league/EPL is the site I use for an at a glance look at how the day's games have gone behind the scoreline.
  15. Sure, that's where XG would be lower than actual goals, because someone's scored a chance that wouldn't normally go in. If you lose 1-0 to a single goal from the halfway line, and that was the biggest chance they had, normally you'd feel like you were pretty unlucky, and XG would reflect that.
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