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  1. Have any sources for these ‘many people’? What is the division being created, as you see it? What should the response to racist abuse be, as you see it?
  2. People being more aware of the problem now doesn’t mean the problem wasn’t there before.
  3. As I understand, it was a group chat. The police are probably investigating whether an offence has been committed against any of the recipients of those messages. Doesn’t mean they’ll find there was, of course, but someone leaked those messages and I doubt it was any of those three.
  4. See my post on the previous page.
  5. So, far better to pretend it doesn’t exist, ignore it, and let them get on with being racist in peace?
  6. See my post on the previous page for a fuller answer, but yes, I don’t see it creating division that wasn’t already there, but instead dragging it out to where it can be confronted.
  7. Society is deciding that it’s something they want to change. If you don’t want it to be front page news I’m afraid you’re likely to be disappointed.
  8. Well, racism certainly occurred, whether or not this particular case was racially motivated or not. Trying to make the entire argument about racist abuse focus on whether one particular instance was racist or not is just a distraction. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-57848106 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-57848761 Protests against that need some physical location to occur. It’s not surprising the mural was chosen for it consider the media focus on it the last few days.
  9. The police will be investigating whether it was racially motivated because the context means it’s possible it was. They’ll most likely find there isn’t evidence to say it was, unless they catch the person that did it somehow and find they’ve got a history for it. I don’t get why that particularly matters though, it’s not like one incident of abuse not being racially motivated makes all the stuff that was racially motivated magically go away.
  10. Changing most racists’ minds won’t come from a public message and awareness being raised, but if the people around them, their friends and family, have their awareness raised, and as a result are more willing to call them out on it instead of before ignoring it and remaining silent, that’s where a genuine difference can be made, for some people at least. Some it won’t change their views, but it will make them more unwilling to spread those views. Additionally, people growing up more than ever before are hearing racism being opposed. That makes a huge difference to young people that in the
  11. No, the evidence is easily found and widespread, as I know you’re well aware. If you think I’m personally going to contribute to spreading it further though, you’re going to be disappointed.
  12. That’s because the news outlets that Google is finding are quite rightly reporting whats occurred without contributing to spreading it themselves. This has occurred all over social media. I’m not going to go looking for it for you.
  13. So you’re quite happy to spend time searching for a picture of abuse of David Beckham from years ago but can’t figure out how to find anything from the last couple of days?
  14. I’d imagine because it doesn’t imply that being black makes them worse at something, and there’s far less historic bias against white people that can be inferred by it. Doesn’t mean that it’s not a stupid chant, just that there’s less perception that it’s racially motivated.
  15. It’s equally ignorant either way.
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