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  1. During our bad run we’ve still taken four points off of Liverpool and Chelsea. Our injury list is easing a bit and Leicester’s form has dropped off a bit. On top of that we haven’t conceded in the cup yet, including knocking out the holders, and we’ve looked far more confident in the cup games. We don’t go in as favourites, but those odds don’t look wildly wrong.
  2. We’re still a long shot for the cup, but feels like we’re slightly less of a long shot now than this morning
  3. Finally looks like we're starting to turn up to the game...
  4. Yep, the non-interfering player was called offside on the field, and VAR didn't have the angles to call the interfering player onside, and his shoulder was further forward than his feet, so stayed with the on field decision.
  5. Blimey. Did they not have an angle to use VAR properly there, went with the onfield decision?
  6. Leicester will have at least half an eye on the top four battle now.
  7. I was there for his three minute hat-trick, I remember saying that it might be a record when the third went in! One of my favourite moments as a Saints fan. I still wish I’d picked up one of the Super Mané mugs they released to commemorate it!
  8. Jeez, hadn’t realised just how bad wolves recent form has been.
  9. Can’t be often a team will let 3-0 leads slip in back to back games, but West Ham in danger of that here
  10. It was a penalty. It was also a foul just before the penalty. Only one of those was picked up on VAR, which was frustrating, but we came back from 2-0 down, which is possibly a bigger confidence boost than any normal win could have given us. Considering it also lifts us clear of the relegation scrap, it’s the last thing Leicester would have wanted
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