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  1. 500-1 is probably decent value, but you're looking at finding and making hundreds of bets of that sort of value before you start seeing a return. The time you need to invest to have a decent chance of making money usually means it's not worth it in the end. That said, imagine we actually go and win the bloody thing and you had £10 at those odds
  2. Pretty close to a complete performance! Comfortable win and Everton restricted to a handful of half chances. Our ball retention and pressing was especially effective today. On top of that we looked dangerous every time we went forward.
  3. The point is that teams that normally get shown on sky are paying far less to watch the same number of games for the exact same product. Yes, it’s a replacement for games that wouldn’t normally be shown, but going to games to watch them literally isn’t an option at the moment. Sky are taking advantage of a monopoly gifted to them by a global pandemic to charge far more than they would for any other game, prices comparable to going to the games themselves, and it fans of the less fashionable clubs that are being disproportionately affected.
  4. See Crystal Palace have 5 games in a row on PPV, including today. Absolutely shafting fans of the teams that don’t get shown on TV almost every week.
  5. With the players Everton have out, as long as we play anywhere near how we did in the second half against Chelsea, I'm expecting us to win this one fairly comfortably.
  6. So looks like the 'founder' members of the league won't be relegated for 20 years. In effect, a closed shop for the next two decades... can't say that I'd be that interested in watching a league that stale.
  7. Depends on whether it's a competition you have to qualify for. If it is, it's more or less replacing the Champions League. That's not a move I'd be a fan of, but it likely wouldn't change much beyond the music used at the start of the match.
  8. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/12109174/european-premier-league-liverpool-and-manchester-united-in-talks-for-fifa-backed-tournament Looks more like FIFA are trying to replace the Champions League and have them in charge of a competition rather than UEFA. Doesn't look like it's about replacing domestic competitions, not yet anyway. Does feel like that much European club football would interfere with the domestic leagues though, I suspect that was the motivation behind the drive of Project Big Picture to reduce the number of teams to 18.
  9. Out for the season is probably the best case scenario for Liverpool. Obviously he’ll have the best treatment available, but even so, it’s possibly career threatening.
  10. Ouch. VvD needs surgery on his ACL, likely out for the season.
  11. What a way to finish it! Unbelievable game.
  12. Spurs defence, however....
  13. Have to say Spurs attack is quite something to watch this season.
  14. The actual rule is below the level of the armpit if the arms are down by the sides. Looks like it should have been overturned, albeit a fairly close call.
  15. Oh man.... What a finish! Can’t help but feel that game would have been amazing to be in the ground for though...
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