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  1. How was that different to Bertrand's!?
  2. We've played worse than that and won against better teams than that in the past.
  3. Luke Shaw claiming that the handball was advised as a penalty by VAR, and that the Ref told Maguire that people would be talking about it after the game if he gave it... Bloody hell refereeing is **** here at the moment.
  4. Was a about to say the same thing myself. Utter friggin’ joke.
  5. Never mind their feet, it was the knee contact that took him down. Shafted yet again.
  6. For what it's worth, could be that the domestic cup finals are used as test events for getting fans back in. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/13864/12225988/fa-offers-to-stage-carabao-cup-and-fa-cup-finals-as-test-events-for-return-of-fans-to-stadiums Remains to be seen if that gets taken up.
  7. I think that was actually the correct decision, the defender clearly deliberately stopped it and the attacker would have been clean through. Would imagine that Allardyce will be pointing out how far away from goal it was though.
  8. Ooof, Tuchel throwing him under the bus there. Admitting that subbing the sub was tactical? That press conference he was fuming, ‘tis funny that we’ve managed to wind him up that much lol.
  9. Would have taken the point before the match!
  10. Djenepo had no protection at all from the ref today.
  11. Yeah, it wasn’t much, but it would have been enough for it to not be given for us.
  12. What the ****? He got the ball!
  13. For all Chelsea’s possession, we’ve done well to restrict them to very few chances. And with the little possession we managed to eke out, we scored a fantastic goal.
  14. Where did that come from? brilliant finish!
  15. What do you think a different manager would have done differently? We’re on a run of relatively poor results, but I don’t put that down to our tactics particularly. We’re obviously low on confidence, and the officiating has been among the worst I can remember watching, but I’m still enjoying the way we play.
  16. At least we knocked the utterly irrelevant ****s out of the cup.
  17. Getting utterly ****ed over by the officials yet again.
  18. Bournemouth! Real chance of getting to the Semis with that draw!
  19. We needed a performance like that! Perfect tonic after a few disappointing results.
  20. That'll do! Missed an open goal, and then got the slide rule out for that one
  21. Daylight robbery by Newcastle there.
  22. A few players back and wanting to make amends for the 9-0, we should be up for this one. Newcastle aren't in great form either. St James' Park is a bit of a bogey ground for us though.
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