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  1. I think you should lead things pal. Get down on that knee in the stands with your fist in the air. Be the change you want to see.
  2. TBF I didn't claim to have some inside scoop. I hope people can take it for what it is which was a quick word with a relative of mine who may or may not have had some info about a takeover.
  3. It's not great but it's infinitely better than a Vincent tan or that awful Hull City owner or Carl oyston. Leaving us alone and letting us get on with it is vastly preferable than something like that.
  4. If it is true you've just got to hope that it's not some chancer or some sort of dreadful consortium with no cash. I definitely don't want to turn into some awful branding off shoot of American sports teams. The blessing of gao is that although he has no cash he also leaves us alone completely which is great in a way.
  5. I've got no idea if it's true or not but thought some people would find it interesting.
  6. No details and no one I've ever spoken to before but a relative of mine has links to someone very wealthy in Southampton and he's told him there's an American who mixes in similar circles to him who is looking to buy the club and things should move forward now we are safe. Sorry I don't have any more details than that.
  7. Suspicious that Liverpool supposedly tell us off with minamino and then he starts playing again. Hope we weren't bullied into it.
  8. I'm just a man and not "cisgender" so I can't help I'm afraid.
  9. You still haven't answered any of my questions about feasibility and I presume you're ending your replies because you can't answer them. You also never answered about if your theoretical subscription service applied to a select few social media companies or if it was everyone. You claim this subscription service will be global so will you have differing price models? What about whistle blowers in corrupt regimes? No more anonymous journalism or calling out of human rights abuses on twitter? The only suggestion I've seen so far that was in any way reasonable was for the likes of twitter t
  10. You didn't answer any of my questions. Mandating subscription charges across all of social media on a global scale would be insane and unworkable. Requiring one company (twitter) to have a subscription model in the UK only would be entirely pointless and silly.
  11. Would this £1 fee apply worldwide? If so then how is that remotely achievable? If not then what's the point? Would this subscription apply to every social media company or would it be those that reach a certain level of popularity? How do you define what is social media? What about social media companies based abroad? As I said, completely unworkable and unrealistic.
  12. Completely unworkable and a typical knee jerk reactionary comment.
  13. I actually think the wokeness is a bigger factor than many think. Being unable to define what a woman is and the whole transgender women on all female shortlists turned off a lot of people I know then the whole statue thing, taking the knee and all the rubbish and the general sentiment of being anti British and and a distaste for any sort of patriotism is going to turn off many.
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