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  1. I also checked out the way back machine for the lols. You can't see much but some of the captions brought back some memories.
  2. LOL it's been like that forever. Do you not remember the takeover saga threads?
  3. Christ. I suppose the only positive is that his mug shot shows he's lost a fair bit of weight.
  4. My point was if Biden followed the lead of Obama, Bush, Clinton etc and America returned to its warmongering past that would not be a good thing. No agenda other than wanting America out of Iraq and the Middle East in general.
  5. They should be out. My father in law is an Iraqi and is hopping mad about them still being there.
  6. Let's hope he's as war averse as the last guy. Considering he was the vice president for the last war mongerer I think people would be right to be nervous
  7. LOL. What for? I was on the sunshine coach with him to the Derby playoff game. He was a fat mentalist even then. Some great names there. I'll add saintlee, javi, saf and ascoli.
  8. Is it a good thing that I have no idea who josh Widdecombe is?
  9. But generally we don't want American troops in foreign lands warmongering do we? You're correct, Trump for all his fault had a record on foreign wars that was superior to any other modern day president. My worry is that this will now go backwards.
  10. Hi soggy. I assume I'm allowed to reply to you without Tim jumping on my posts for bullying you. What do you think about reports of Biden considering putting a load more troops into Iraq? A good thing?
  11. I think the clear shortcomings of trump doesn't make Biden a decent president. He's bringing back critical race theory for a start and has already modified the white house website to allow people to write in their personal pronouns.
  12. Indeed. Bit of a non point to state that your child is at school because you're a key worker.
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