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  1. Where did anyone say otherwise? Where is the post?
  2. I love this argument based entirely on hypotheticals. Maybe let's revisit it when something significant actually happens like if all the networks actually introduce roaming charges. So far they don't have any plans to so I fail to see why its of such interest to people desperate to point to it as a negative of leaving.
  3. You realise what the word trend is don't you?
  4. Odd that you think I'm discussing brexit. All I've said is that three mobile had feel at home before the roaming charges were abolished which had no roaming charges for a number of countries for the majority of contracts. You can say its a lie if you like but I know they had it because my wife worked on the campaign and I used it personally myself when I was abroad. Edit: in fact here's an article about it from 2016. Still convinced I'm "lying"? https://www.androidcentral.com/threes-feel-home-inclusive-roaming-expands-24-more-countries
  5. My point was that three mobile didn't have roaming charges before the agreement so I don't see why they would suddenly introduce them now.
  6. I'm pretty sure they will probably just introduce any additional costs via stealth by raising the cost of contracts slightly. I can't see any roaming charges being tacked back on like you said.
  7. Three mobiles usp was that "feel at home" meant they didn't charge in a number of countries before roaming charges were abolished. They've said they won't be changing it whatever happens so I can't imagine they would do. Anyway, it's not really worth complaining about until it actually happens. Seems a strange thing for someone who voted leave to get annoyed about when nothing has actually happened and it looks more likely than not that charges won't be coming.
  8. I don't know. He did go through a period where he was terribly poor and slow. I think it was natural to think he'd lost something that he wasn't getting back.
  9. I had free roaming abroad with three mobile anyway before any agreements so I'd hope that would continue. Edit: just checked and three have no plans to change. Seems like every network that has been asked has said similar. Bit of a non story really.
  10. I think you're confused about what a fluke is.
  11. hypochondriac

    Hong Kong

    In some ways potentially more dangerous considering the modern technology and the numbers they possess.
  12. All I ever wanted was us to show application and effort. I'll happily take wherever we end up as long as we play with the heart, desire and fitness levels we have shown since the restart.
  13. The fluke against City?
  14. It's just so nice to know that some players still possess that ability. Romeu for example has been superb since the restart (if we ignore the challenge from today). He hasn't performed consistently well for ages.
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