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  1. Surely ings to keep him in the hunt for the golden Boot?
  2. Why would they bother making any statements if it's such an unimportant and irrelevant minority of thick people? Really odd way for multi millionaire companies to behave- pandering to a tiny minority of dummies. Really makes you think.
  3. I'm saying there's enough ambiguity there to be a cause for concern. It's also clear that "black lives matter" has been synonymous with the black lives matter organisation virtually since its inception. One of the founders is a self described Marxist who has described how the organisation has an ideological foundation. To pretend that black lives matter is actually nothing to do with the organisation of the same name that has been operating almost since it started is dishonest.
  4. And like I already explained to you, having the exact same name as an extremist group that's been around for over a decade means that the confusion will persist all the time that they use the exact same name. There will be a sizable percentage of people who won't have viewed this clarifications. My guess is they will quietly drop it in a few weeks like I said. It was obviously a bad idea to call it the same thing in the first place. Your desperate to downplay it, can't think why.
  5. And yet the Premier league and all over subsequent sporting organisations who have started using it have felt it necessary to issue clarifications and caveats to their support for black lives matter, there's reports that the Premier league captains want to issue a statement about it and some F1 drivers did not want to kneel for fear that they would be confused for another organisation. How curious that they would consider it necessary to do those things if there was no confusion.
  6. Was it? I certainly hadn't heard it in common parlance before the formation of the organisation. By contrast, I doubt there's many people alive who doesn't understand what the okay symbol means. If the okay sign becomes a commonly accepted racist gesture for the next decade and not just a 4chan joke devised last year (and before that something completely inoffensive for decades) then maybe you'll have a point.
  7. Agreed. Like someone else mentioned, they had a perfectly good existing organisation with kick it out. I think everyone would agree with it had they gone down that route in the first place.
  8. It's not a bullshit analogy at all. I chose it to highlight the fact that there's clearly going to be some confusion for however long the black lives matter organisations in sport continue to use the same name as a far left organisation that was created a decade ago. Clarifying statements won't cut it I'm afraid and I expect they will start dropping the black lives matter part once the fad has passed in a few weeks.
  9. Yeah and we play four four fucking two!
  10. I would do if there were two drinks with very similar or identical packaging called coca cola. I think that would still be very difficult to distinguish between. Clearly that's not something that coca cola would allow though because they would be worried that there wouldn't be a clear enough distinction between the two no matter how many clarifying statements were made.
  11. I think you'll find that they don't sell their own version of Coca Cola. They might sell tesco own brand cola or similar.
  12. I've created a soda called coca cola but it's actually dish water in a can. Coca cola shouldn't have a problem though because I've released a statement beforehand to let people know I'm nothing to do with coca cola so it should be clear to everyone.
  13. Do you think if I were to start selling coca cola that coca cola would think it's clear that I wasn't them if I made a statement distancing myself from them?
  14. I wasn't referring to myself as I obviously haven't donated to any black lives matter organisation. Learn to read.
  15. Do you think that among the thousands of people that have thrown over a million at the BLM fundraiser, there will be people who have supported them because they believe the organisation is the same as the ones supported by the Premier league and other sporting organisations? I'd say that was a pretty irresponsible thing for a multi million pound business to get themselves entangled in, hence the speedy clarification statement.
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