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  1. I think cash could quite easily replace Valery. 5 million should do it.
  2. No it isn't. There's loads to criticise Boris over but nothing about him is authoritarian. If anything he's been too scared of public opinion to do anything revolutionary or new and his whole nanny state idea on obesity is the antithesis of conservatism. Boris just wants to be popular.
  3. TBD that's positive tests so it sprobably more like 120 people but I take your point.
  4. Surely the issue isn't necessarily whether those 4200 need NHS care, it's more about if they pass it onto someone who passes it onto someone that then needs NHS care.
  5. I don't think I've ever seen people claim that brexit would make them richer. Not in the short term at least.
  6. If there's no trade deal then things will be more expensive and it will be more hassle so less people will go and they will spend less money. That seems obvious doesn't it?
  7. Maybe. You would just think the chance to play in the biggest league in the world would be a pretty big draw. I get if he preferred to go elsewhere but to be so against it is unusual for a player to come out and state in public. For that reason maybe better we moved on.
  8. Weird that you would be so against joining.
  9. An injury to kwp and we put our trust in Valery, an injury to Bertrand and we put our trust in vokins, an injury to romeu and we put our trust in smallbone. We are fine for a striker for definite. A club like ours with a smaller budget has to take proportionate risks. We can't really afford to have top quality players sat on the bench.
  10. I don't think Stephens and bednarek are quality. They are competent CBs but I'd say its our weakest position currently.
  11. We have a small budget. We've spaffed loads in the attacking area of the last few years. We've been woefully weak in defence for about three years now. That's the priority and where we should be spending the majority of our budget along with cm. We will look to continue to develop obafemi and Adams.
  12. I expect us to get all three.
  13. I've found things a lot slower quite a few times.
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