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  1. Surely Ole should do the honourable thing and resign?
  2. This is a complex subject and it isn't as simple as pointing to suicide statistics and telling people to be kind. Firstly gender dysphoria is a mental health condition like any other and anyone with it deserves support and treatment in order to reduce the distress they would probably feel. There isn't some assigned gender though, there's simply male and female and it's obvious which one of those you are based on your genitalia when you are born bar a tiny minority who have a physical disorder. I believe that anyone is free to identify and to present in any manner that they choose and wou
  3. What I don't understand about gender self ID is that surely even those who support it would agree that a law like that could increase the chances that some sicko could simply self identify as female and then gain access to any number of women only spaces and be legally entitled to do so. That doesn't mean that all those with gender dysphoria are like that but it does mean that the system is open to abuse.
  4. I suspect its people looking at things in the longer term. Whatever happens, tino will probably move on and quite possibly next season. Kwp was possibly our best player last year so to tick him off in order to accommodate someone who is here most likely for a season is a bit of a shame. Personally I'd have tino rm anyway.
  5. I already explained. Because there's a spate of footballers employing pr agencies to tweet on their behalf. It was a point highlighted by Gary Neville a few weeks ago and there was a BBC article about it if you were actually interested.
  6. It is a nice tweet but I'm always a bit wary of sporting tweets now given they all have pr agencies tweeting on their behalf. Quite possible that he had nothing to do with that message.
  7. Yep and when last asked for proof on this forum one comment was found after his second game.
  8. Well that is just delicious. I'm very much a Paul Cook fan now.
  9. I agree and I said it was a minority earlier in this thread. The fact there is a really serious problem with Islamic extremism that is a massively bigger problem than any other religion or type of terrorism really is something that needs a public airing though. That would include the links you allude to but also about mosques and their role in fermenting some of these backwards views. It does appear that some in the media but also in the wider public are very happy to openly discuss the problem of white supremacy after a killing but baulk at discussing the real problems after a killing inspire
  10. Quite right soggy. Following the appaling death of Jo Cox there was quite rightly a focus on the evil ideology of white supremacy which I can presume we all agree was the correct response. Now following this equally appaling death we should quite rightly have a similar focus on the evil ideology that caused this which appears to be findamentalist Islam. This is particularly important given the stats I have already highlighted above. Agreed?
  11. I haven't seen a smiley face from him since they were made public though...
  12. Yes but the point is that the religious mentalists are overwhelmingly from one religion according to the stats.
  13. Important to point out it's still a minority, albeit a minority that is vastly bigger than from other groups. It's clear there's an issue but political correctness or apologism means it won't be addressed.
  14. I know you're joking but it is a good point. You're claiming to use your own judgement in order to know that people are racist for opposing the taking of the knee yet you would prefer it to stop as well. Could I not use my own judgement about you and call you racist using the same logic that you are using?
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