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  1. We had a decent first half against spurs and then a terrible second half.
  2. There's partisan stuff on both sides but it's not really the point I was making. Absolutely no idea why the Democrats chose someone like Joe Biden regardless of what the opponent is like. Absolutely crazy.
  3. I'd say that Biden is even worse in many ways. Absolutely incredible that they've even given him a chance. If you'd picked someone half normal and relatively competent (and male tbh) then they'd have won. The fact its still up in the air is a damming indictment of the Democrat party regardless of the result.
  4. I think that was actually a really good move. Vestergaard was decent which he has a tendency to be from time to time.
  5. I think the positives are that it's really clear what we are missing. Surely surely we will get in a dm as a minimum and then hopefully a bit of quickness and speed in midfield. Defence looked OK today and attack did their job with the goal. We badly need more options in midfield.
  6. We wrre rubbish but you can't argue with three points. Pressure on the next game would have been massive if we hadn't won so good to be up and running. Badly need some reinforcements now to put some pressure on the midfield in particular.
  7. Can djenepo do it on a cold September night in Burnley? Answer so far is no...
  8. I think one of the worries is that this game looks pretty even but Burnley have a ton of injuries and we have one who is an underperforming redmond.
  9. I remember that first goal he scored for us and he looked full of running and a livewire. We haven't seen much since then sadly.
  10. Yes you can't say it wasn't deserved.
  11. Think it was more than about how he expressed his disappointment. Shame he got booted as he contributed a fair bit and has been on here for ages.
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