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  1. 8)8) "Stand up if you love the Saints"
  2. We tried it at Palace away. The look of disgust from some of our bingo bus lot was ****ing brilliant
  3. We would never make a game if that was the case
  4. VVD and Mane were not products of our academy.
  5. The Armstrong song does not work singing it in a Southampton or Hampshire accent So are the Northam going to pretend to be Glaswegian?
  6. We going to try and get that going tomorrow night?
  7. Is that on the list? Can't say anything these days mate
  8. Tune: The La's - There She Goes (Credit to Turkish) Djeneppo, Djeneppo again Racing just like Paine And I just can't contain This feeling that remains Tune: Sam Cooke - Another Saturday night Another Saturday (monday/tuesday/wednesday/sunday, sing as appropriate) night on the p*ss for the scum army, Saints are winning (or losing) and we just got paid. We'll be drinking your bars dry and snorting all your charlie. That's the Southampton way (and repeat). Tune: Eddy Grant - Electric Avenue We're going to chase you through. Goldsmith avenue. And then we're taking Fratton. A re-write of the old Guy Whittingham song Mason Mount is illegitimate, he ain't got no birth certificate, he's got AIDs and can't get rid of it, dirty pompey c*nt. Tune; Otis Redding - Dock of the Bay I left my home in Hampshire and I headed for the Weston Bay I've got nothing to live for Looks like nothings gonna come my way, so I'm just sitting on the dock of the bay watching the tide roll away I'm sitting on the dock of the bay, wasting time
  9. On Wednesday night we used that tune for three players :lol:
  10. Agree. Happy to see the back of the Saints Voice Panel. Bunch of grasses.
  11. Thought it was that famous United fan Mr Chorley who was Branfoot's nemesis or was that more Lowe? You still on for hosting the party we have planned for when Redknapp dies? Wolfie is sorting out the strippers and I think my name is still down to bring the Co-op ice cream and jelly.
  12. In real life the number of people who regularly go to away games is small so people do 'know' each other. I have drank and chatted to a couple of the lads behind the Committee account and on their politics you could not be any further from the truth - one of them made Scargill sound sane. Spoke to one of them at Arsenal away and from the horses mouth they were being watched by the club from the beginning due to their suggestions of Sammy Saint's extracurricular activities As the OP says I was also told they disbanded as the Saints Voice Panel complained to the club about the account. I have also spoken to the lad behind the @saintsawaybloc1 account who had a meeting with the club to try and get them to support his ideas to improve the atmosphere at away games and he confirmed that the motioning of that account was discussed in his meeting. As the OP says its the 'grassing' up and 'silencing of fans voices' that disturbs me especially by a so called Supporters Voice panel Regarding your point about the OB and Twitter accounts sorry mate but that is a bit naive This in the minutes of the last Saints Voice Panel meeting held on Monday 16th September 2019 (the minutes are publicly available via the clubs main website) Dedicated Football Officer for Southampton - Do the panel have any questions? Saints Voice – do you have people who monitor social media? There are a lot of groups attempting to stir supporters up. On Twitter individual people hiding behind false names... Dedicated Football Officer – discussion around how police monitor social media and current supporters/groups using platforms such as Twitter that are a cause for concern. Talked about the thresholds for prosecution. Anyone on Twitter or here not using your real name better be careful as our own supporter panel will have you sent to the Fanzone 'Gulag'
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