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  1. Fat fingers and predictive text. Nice insult though, really hurt that one.
  2. Has any other club had a bid accepted? No. Does that mean, that currently, we’re his only concrete option..? Yes. if palace, who apparently, were his preferred option, match the bid, then it comes down to the players choice.
  3. I said we’re currently his only option. Given we’re the only club to have a bud successful, that’s true, no?
  4. Well clearly it does. He’s not got the option to go to these clubs if they don’t have a bud accepted. Alas, ings to villa.
  5. I agree with this. Whilst the first 11 may be weaker, we have added more depth overall, which was a big issue last season. Ox and an upgrade for Bednerak at CB, I’d say our first team is then stronger.
  6. Yes I am. As things stand, we’re the only club to have had a bud accepted.
  7. At this moment in time, I still think we’re weaker than we were last season I.e I think ings is better than Armstrong.
  8. Yep, you’re right. Sorry was reading the wrong thread.. thought he referring to Armstrong.
  9. Until we improve our defence, personally, I still think we’ll struggle.
  10. Given we’re currently his only option, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.
  11. Always is an old poster, who similar to Chapel end, was unable to engage in a discussion without throwing insults about. Always got banned, Chapel emerged. Basically, chapel_end is an old, banned, poster who’s back to his old tricks.
  12. Yes, I was talking about ownership and potential for return on investment. Wouldn’t expect you to understand. 1 day without being obsessed with certain posters is all we ask for Always. You wouldn’t want a second account banned now, would you.
  13. SKD

    James Ward-Prowse

    You’re probably not wrong. However, it does highlight the point that Villa were given signs that they could sign him. Slightly different in this case as unless we’re going to give him another new deal (unlikely), there’s no reason to play the club.
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