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  1. Arsenal are a huge club. They’re going’s through a rebuilding process at the moment, but they have a young team who have significantly more chance of winning something in the next 3/4 years than we do, and ultimately what looks better on your CV at the end of your career..? Arsenal and a couple of FA cups or Southampton. I think he’ll go to tottenham though. Kane isn’t fit enough to play every game and they need a solid back up if they’re looking to challenge for the PL.
  2. Keep your eyes on the north London clubs.
  3. It’s got nothing to do with the salary, that’s been agreed. Bumper pay rise and will be our highest paid player, understandably so. it’s a release clause they cannot agree on. Danny’s side want it to be sub 20m we want it to be plus 35m. Or at least was the case a couple of months back. Only my opinion, but I suspect, he’ll sign and will leave in the summer for somewhere in the middle. That being said, I expected it to have been signed by now though, so who knows. At 28 with 2 dodgy knees, He basically sees it as a final chance to play in the champions league. It’s no
  4. Any premier league squad that fielded the bench we did on Saturday could do with whatever experience they can get. And before you say ‘blocking pathway etc.’ It’s only blocking it if they’re good enough, which as things stand, they’re not yet.
  5. 1. How do you know they haven’t. As I understand it, he’s looking for regular game time rather than a big pay package. 2. if they haven’t, you’d have to ask them why not Ron, I can’t help on that one I’m afraid.
  6. can’t wait to see the reaction on here about this 😂 but I agree, I think he could have done a job, especially in one of the 10 roles, add a bit of creativity. if he stays fit, could be a great signing by Bournemouth
  7. He practically handed West Ham a goal had it not been a fantastic save. Fulham and Liverpool were toothless. He makes a mistake a game and in the PL you cannot afford that. No other PL teams would take him. He’s a championship player. whilst we’re at it, another highly overrated player, Walcott. Terrible in front of goal.
  8. He’s not been solid though. Every game he’s made a mistake or 2. Luckily they haven’t lead to a goal. tonight is more of what we’ve become used to. He cannot defend, which for a CB is a bit of an issue. Had that been Vestergaard, he’d have had pelters. a couple of last ditch blocks won’t convince me otherwise. Terrible defender.
  9. No, but it’s his fault he can’t defend leading to said shot. As said before, not premier league quality.
  10. I tend to agree. Personally, I don’t think ings will ever replicate the form he has had for the past year / 18 months. I think the club are conscious of that as well, which is why they’ll offer him a bumper contract with a get out clause to protect his value. The only issue is if his form drops off a cliff or if he gets a serious injury, we’ll be stuck with a player on for our standard, very high salary with little return. Due to the above that you’ve highlight he’s never going to be worth any more than 30-40m maximum really.
  11. Yeah missed. But you can never tell on this place... RE the 9% loan, it could be worse. Burnley have taken a similar Loan on (apparently) similar terms, just to buy the club.
  12. Okay mate, you believe that if it’s makes you feel better.... (FWIW, I think he is happy and enjoys playing here, but he will leave if the right opportunity arises. Which at the value his side are pushing for, it will).
  13. I highly suspect in the summer, yes (unless we get into champions league.. unrealistic). Wether we get 20m or 40m will depend on if he signs a contract. It could be that he signs and we still only get 20m. As I understand it, currently playing hard ball on release clause which is all that’s outstanding for him to sign it. Only my opinion, but can’t see him sticking around if he’s pushing so hard for a get out clause. I could easily see this coming summer being similar to that of 2013 when our squad was decimated.
  14. Without Salisu and Vestergarrd we look very short at CB. The difference being Tomori would add some much needed pace to the back line. Never really understood this agenda you seem to have with depth of position (you say it every single time someone mentions a transfer), if someone is better than what you have, get them in (I’m not saying tomori is, although I do like him, but I’d rather have something a bit different, I.e pace than the same old).
  15. Jankewitz will be the next big one to break through and be sold on.
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