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  1. He’s been pretty average this season. If they have aspersions of competing in Europe and finishing top 4 again next season, they need a new striker.
  2. I know for certain They are / were sniffing about. I think Edouard is their preferred option though.
  3. The issue is that it’s too high risk. When shopping in the market of the cost of championship players, more often than not, you’re gonna get a championship player. My only gripe is reluctance to spend a bit more and shop in that next bracket. Not only will they likely be better players, but they’ll have a higher re-sale value. Look at Leicester as an example. Don’t spend a fortune and are a selling club. The difference is they’re willing to spend £50 on Telimans (what’s his value now? 80m+ probably) or £30 on forfana. That being said, I don’t blame Gao when looking at the shite bro
  4. Darcy Short signed for the blast. A good signing.
  5. Ahhhhh it’s on an advert, so it of course must be true. Silly me.
  6. We do have a strategy. It’s not one we like, but we do have one. Our strategy is to spend what we earn and remain a sustainable club, that’s pretty clear. Gao let’s others run the day to day running of the club, which is good.
  7. How is booing something that has hard left wing links and blatant racism by not allowing a black man on a train, related in the slightest.
  8. Plenty of black players refuse to take the knee. Are they racists as well?
  9. it’s always the same crowd. This time it’s Brilliant isn’t it. Turkeys voting for Christmas springs to mind. These fools really aren’t that intelligent, are they.
  10. The boo will be for the Marxist intentions behind taking the knee, buddy.
  11. To be fair, they’ll use any excuse to get on the streets with a banner.
  12. As things currently stand, I’m a pro brexit, pro Israel, anti lockdown, Tory voter. So about as far from being a lefty as you can get, really. It was a joke and you’ve fallen hook, line and sinker, so we’ll done pal. Who’s the loser here....
  13. Yet when we went on our winning run at the start of the season, he wasn’t playing...
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