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  1. SKD

    Interest in JWP

    Ward Prowse wouldnt fetch as much as Ben White. No chance. FWIW, white was criminally over priced.
  2. It’s the same argument with Ings / Everton and West Ham. Other than to be the main man, why would they want to stay at us? Villa with the backing they have, are a much better prospect than us at the moment. I can’t see a club higher in which JWP would get in, to be honest.
  3. They wouldn’t have made an offer if they didn’t think they had a chance. The way these things work is clubs speak to agents to gage an interest first. I wonder what our price is? 35-40m and I think he’d go.
  4. I agree. He’s actually the perfect owner in terms of lack of involvement and allowing the ‘football men’ running the club day to day. However, he lacks the most fundamental part you want from an owner… ability to spend.
  5. Hang on. Aren’t they all about 16….
  6. I think this highlights how bad the Theo deal was. Just another big standard attacking midfielder. From that above list, Armstrong is competent enough and Tella is looking promising, but raw, the others are way off the pace.
  7. Probably the last thing I’d be worried about if we had to put up with him at Left Back for a sustained period of time. He’s good at pressing the ball and winning it high but 1-1 defending he is atrocious. I’d bet on a penalty a game against him. And I don’t think he has the intelligence to play there. Absolutely laughable If we are seriously considering him as an option at LB.
  8. If you look at the squad that Puel had, other than maybe Ings, KWP and JWP (improving), across the board we are weaker than that. Over the past season our recruitment has certainly improved, I agree with that, but that wasn’t very hard given the dross we signed under the latter les Reed years. However, given we’re hamstrung with our lack of budget, the players were bringing in are going to keep our head above the water, at best. Imo (it’s a game of opinions), other than KWP & Salisu (early days for him, I’ve seen him play well and I’ve seen him play not so well), most of our re
  9. Agree. I like the look of Tangaga
  10. We’re told this every window and every window an excuse comes out. We’ll likely replace what we lose (but with less quality).
  11. Some fair points in there, let me expand; We’ve progressively reduced the quality within our squad for a number of years now' - Have we? So like the signings of Ings, Armstrong, KWP, Vestergaard, Salisu, to a lesser extent Diallo, Djenepo done that have they? Not IMO. We've also seen several players improve a lot under the current manager. With even a young player like Tella coming through. Most of our transfer duds, if not all were signed in a period before the current manager and board, for big fees and big wages, that have hamstrung the club financially. Also your sta
  12. It was to be expected from people like Lemina. Ings is 10x the professional that idiot is. It’s all relative, shall I say disinterested for him. To me it seemed like he coasted through a few games and his attitude / body language left a lot to be desired. I suspect it was a combination of his desire to leave for a bigger club, frustration about lack of opportunities and us being utter garbage. Plus perhaps not being 100% fit.
  13. Clearly, if he got a serious injury, we’d take the contract away or at the very least amend the terms. the club, need to make a decision. If it’s not signed by x date, which it won’t be, do we sale at a reduced cost in January or take the hit and keep him until the end of the season.
  14. He was offered a contract in January, which he hasn’t signed. Why do you think giving him a hard deadline of end of August will make any difference 😂
  15. We’ve progressively reduced the quality within our squad for a number of years now, we’re riddled with debt and losing money season upon season, to the point where we can’t even spend £20m on a player to improve said squad. Last season we won about 3 games in 20, it was that bad I’ve forgotten how many. Those around us are improving and we’re getting worse. We’re heading towards relegation. No leadership from the owner. An owner who wants out; but no one wants to buy us. A number of highly paid players who we’ve had to loan out season upon season and/or get rid for next t
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