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  1. It's like being stuck in a lift for 90 minutes with the thickest kid at school
  2. Was just about to say the same. Who is this fuckwit?
  3. Anyone know how much the upturn in form is linked to Smallbone's return to fitness?
  4. I was at a BBQ in the summer and there's this Villa fan absolutely full of it saying what a massive club they are going to become. How it was "obvious" that they were going to keep Grealish & how they were "definitely" going to get JWP because he was bound to want to join a massive club like Villa. Please Saints, smash 'em tonight so I can imagine his cross little face weeping into his sparklers
  5. As well as the northern Irish Steven Davis we had another Steve Davis in the late 80's. And there was Kevin Davies as well as Kelvin Davis Plus Andrew Davies!
  6. Because he left Cornet unmarked for their first goal or because he fired wide from 2 yards when he had an open goal?
  7. Because a West Ham side that finished 6th last season and started brightly this season, scoring 10 goals in their 3 matches prior to the Saints game, (including smashing Leicester 4-1) would seem a tougher proposition than a post-Nuno Wolves that had lost 4 of their first 5 league games. Because Leeds have struggled so far this season, have a bunch of injuries and were missing 3 of their key players in Phillips, Raphinha & Bamford. Do we 'make up' our opinions? I guess we do in a way. I'm just taking a positive view on our season so far and looking on the bright side. If you'd p
  8. Amen. Not trying to be "scientific" (not talking about anything like XG or any of that sort of stuff!) Just thinking what most 'reasonable' Saints fans might(?) have expected from each game
  9. Yep - agree with all of this too. I wasn't clear that meant that the Wolves result was a stinker, rather than the performance.
  10. After 8 games we really only have 1 point less than could have been reasonably expected: EVE - points 0 - expected points 0 MNU - points 1 - expected points 0 NEW - points 1 - expected points 1 WHU - points 1 - expected points 1 MNC - points 1 - expected points 0 WOL - points 0 - expected points 3 CHE - points 0 - expected points 0 LEE - points 3 - expected points 3 TOTAL POINTS 7 vs EXPECTED POINTS 8 Yes - Wolves was a *stinker, but in amongst the rest of that lot there have been some decent performances. Some of our direct competitors will
  11. Redmond fully justified selection today. A candidate for man of the match.
  12. Andrew Davies was terrific for us. (Got player of the year iirc?) Went to Stoke and just vanished
  13. Thought he was decent in Thundercats
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