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  1. Apparently it was denial of a goal scoring opportunity. It wasn’t even a foul. he won the ball. I am getting to the stage where football isn’t worth watching or following any more.
  2. Well, both those who called for an unchanged team and those who called for our first team to be rested before the semi final should be happy. We have the same team and they have all taken the evening off.
  3. Perhaps Forster is talking more to his defence and they are better organised. I don’t think it is a negative if we face less shots on target.
  4. Fraser seemed much better coming off his line today than he used to be and saved the only shot on target
  5. I agree it was a nailed on penalty and arguably a straight red for preventing a goal. VAR is fundamentally flawed for close offside decisions due to the limitations of the technology. The resolution of the picture makes it difficult to determine exactly when the ball leaves the foot. Playing of the ball will always always fall between two frames, which I assume are at 60Hz. That means there is a margin of error depending upon the speed of the ball, the players involved and of their arms and legs. Even with a 20 mph closing speed there is an average error of 3 inches, but we are likely to
  6. We don’t need to buy Theo. He is out of contract at the end of the season, so we can get him on a free transfer.
  7. We definitely need a stronger bench now that we have nine subs sitting on it.
  8. I am thoroughly fed up with the number of adverts for gambling on tv, especially during sports coverage. Gambling companies are just leaches sucking money from the public and causing significant harm to the vulnerable while bringing zero benefit. It has got worse in recent years, both with the volume of betting companies and adverts and with the tone of the adverts implying that gamblers are making investments. They have also invented ever more ways of parting the unwary from their hard earned cash, with in play betting being particularly dangerous. Unfortunately, advertising does have an effe
  9. https://www.nhs.uk/news/neurology/dementia-fears-for-former-footballers/ A discussion on the study and what it means can be found here. While it was true that professional footballers had a 3.5 times risk of neurodegenerative disease, only a small proportion were affected. There was no difference observed between goalkeepers and outfield players. Ex-footballers were 5 times as likely to be prescribed medication for Alzheimer’s as non-footballers, but goalkeepers had a lower incidence than outfield players.
  10. I remember being at that game in a period when it was difficult to be a Saints fan, especially if you were going to games. If I remember it correctly, Rod Wallace was brought down needlessly by the goalkeeper when he was well on the way to racing out of the area at full speed. Neil Ruddock then blasted in the penalty and we managed to save the season from there.
  11. That type of weather counts as a fine summer day up here
  12. Perhaps we should get rid off Danny Ings now then, as he is obviously well past his best.
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