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  1. Yet another game goes by where the headless chicken runs around a lot, running into dead ends, losing the ball etc. I really wish we had a fully fit Djenepo & Boufal available to give him a bit of competition.....or, even better, 2 Armstrong's! And don't give me "He was POTY last year"....Brexit has already proven the masses are stupid.
  2. Orde Wingate....oh wait, you said pundits, not Chindits!
  3. Attitude.... Cedric - Wants away....how much effort is he going to be putting in for a team he no longer wants to be a part of. KWP - Wants to either impress us and get a perm deal, or impress Spurs to take him back, or impress other clubs to get a perm move somewhere.
  4. Why is it always the same posters?
  5. Initially, I thought I could change the tyre over for the spare....but the wrench that came with the car was of such poor quality that it bent when I tried to loosen the wheel, and eventually snapped! That then resulted in me ringing my breakdown service....it was whilst we were waiting that we noticed the whole motorway had been shut. 15 mins later, Highway Maint. turn up with their rolling road block of saints fans, to tell me my recovery vehicle is on its way. Recovery vehicle told me to (slowly) drive on my shredded tyre to the next recovery bay about 100m away, where they used their proper wrench to get the wheel off!
  6. I had a blown tyre on the M3 on our way to the semi final at Wembley a couple of seasons ago. Managed to get over to the smart lane, and thats where the fun started...trying to change a rear drivers side tyre, when lorries are flying past you only inches away, is quite the experience! Eventually, they shut the left hand lane down as they must have seen us risking our lives on CCTV...they then shut the whole of M3 northbound with a rolling road block, so the recovery vehicle could get to me, and get me away safely.... So, if you were held up in traffic getting to Wembley a couple of years ago, it was my cars fault! I did feel bad looking at all the waiting traffic queueing behind the road block, loads of saints fans! Sorry !
  7. People that make up nicknames for players...."Redders", "Bertie" etc.
  8. Marsdinho


    Or not, in the case of Fraser Forster
  9. I'm sure they said during Comms that we have only lost at palace once in 10 prem meetings.
  10. Equally - if anyone wants to lose some of that Christmas flab, go to India....a bout of amoebic dysentry and I was down to 8 stone!
  11. The last few summers would suggest otherwise!
  12. The Reeperbahn will be the death of me....
  13. Maybe we were interested before the bone break and have switched to Bakker? Ill see if my Hamburg colleagues can provide any links. Maybe we were interested before the bone break? Maybe its one for the summer?
  14. I work out in Hamburg quite a bit, have got to know quite a few of the local lads in the office over there. A few of them are Hamburg fans and have messaged me to say that we are interested in Josh Vagnoman. None of them can provide any firm reports etc so could be rubbish. Dont know anything about him, but he is a defender!
  15. Marsdinho

    Fans Event

    I filled in the application form to attend, but they wanted examples of 3 questions I wanted ask.....I knew that if I entered the actual questions I wanted to ask, there would be a high chance I wouldn't get chosen to attend. It then dawned on me that they are going to pick people that ask the less complicated questions. Like that woman who had a chance to grill the board and asked Ralf "If you had £100m, who would you buy" as opposed to "What happened in pre season that meant Ralf didnt have a clue what his preferred formation or starting XI was when the season started"
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