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    I wouldn't use the term back-up, more "squad player", it's less harsh. It's a long season, all our senior players will get game time at some point and may even become first choice at some point. Maybe we sign McKennie and he's not good enough, Romeu would be first choice. I do agree that I wouldn't have Romeu as first choice for the 2 positions though, to start the season. Hojbjerg does need replacing, either with another signing or, if Ralph thinks he's now good enough, Reed. I hate it when we do business with Levy, it always seems to drag on. Everton have genuine Champions League aspirations (hence the managerial appointment) so I'm surprised Hojbjerg is digging his heels in so much to join non-Champions League team Spurs. Maybe commutable distance from home has something to do with it. Personally I think if we didn't want (or need) KWP, we'd have the upper hand, but maybe that's why we've leaked rumours of Matty Cash.
  2. True, but if Reed wants out and is determined to stay at Fulham, then it fairs better for us that Fulham go up, if we get more for selling him to Premier League Fulham than Championship Fulham. That said I would love to see him back at Southampton, I really think he's progressed well, but if he wants first team football and we get McKennie, he's probably going to have to leave. I'd love to see Brentford go up, but I think Premiership experience will see Fulham do it IF they have Mitrovic back for the final. My mate supports Fulham so I'm easy either way. Brentford would be some story though.
  3. Wijnaldum and Sissoko were too good to go down with Newcastle. They got good money for those two too.
  4. No foreign tours for the big boys - that's a few quid that will be missing from their coffers for the usual pre-season nonsense tournaments not going ahead. As all pre-season friendlies will be behind closed doors, will the club even announce them much in advance?
  5. Weren't we linked with him on a free before he went to West Ham? I believe West Ham's top target is Matty Cash from Forest, who we were linked with earlier in the year. (And who would be a decent right back signing.) I'd be surprised if we went for anyone other than KWP though, unless Ralph feels Valery isn't the answer at RB and we end up going for 2 new ones! I see we're still being linked with Zeefuik too but he really doesn't want to come here!
  6. Bump... any others now the season is over? Also, when are the real awards?
  7. Great end to the season and very much a season of three thirds. Spanked by Burnley in the first game didn’t look good, and bar a 3 match unbeaten spell we were poor, culminating in the Leicester defeat which was rock bottom. In the second third we improved as Ralph made changes, players improved and we had a great Christmas, but still tailed off until March and we were potentially on the beach already, Then COVID came along, we had time to reset, and in the last ‘third’ since the restart we have been immense. As shown today, the team spirit is excellent. I thought we were poor in the first half but great in the second half. Ings was so selfless today, at one point he had a chance for a header but knew there was a better placed player Behind him. Great saves from McCarthy too but he needs to irradiate the brain farts. A good win today and a great end to the season. I won a couple of Fantasy Leagues too. With the quick turnaround time between seasons, I hope we get our business done quick and I hope the players return as fit as they returned from lockdown. This has been the best season since Koeman’s last, bar a few blips along the way. Long may Ralph reign.
  8. The Che, the Che, the Che is on fire! Feel for Ings but as long as someone is getting the goals. Adams will be decent next season.
  9. I know little of Salisu, but one benefit of strengthening centre back is whether he’s hit or miss long term, we now have two decent, improved centre backs to fall back on in Stephens and Bednarek. If Salisu is first choice, I actually feel for the one that misses out as post-Leicester, Stephens improved and formed a good bond with Bednarek. Unless Leicester come back in for Vestergaard, surely he’s good enough as fourth choice? I’d say those four centre backs puts us in a strong position in that department.
  10. Normally I’m an advocate of tough fixtures early in the season, so that when we find our groove, we have some easier fixtures to follow. But I’d hope with the tight turnaround that we already have our groove and good form, with a first team almost identical to now, so I’d like some easier teams to start with to get some morale boosting points on the board. Palace away then WBA at home or something like that would be a decent start.
  11. My initial thoughts for loanees that did well were Reed and Forster. (Jones at Gillingham did well at DM but that’s probably closer to his level.) Lemina did OK from what I gather at Galatasaray but I can’t see him in our colours again. Sims could be a cheapo 4th choice if Boufal leaves but I’d worry about strength in depth if that were the case. I’m glad it’s this summer that we aren’t fannying around looking for a manager as the turnaround is so tight, and early signings will make it even better. For once we are in a good position going into a summer break. (What there is of it!) Hopefully it also will help us take our good form into the new season and, as we were nice and fit coming back from the COVID shutdown, the same should apply in September.
  12. And yet if Wigan do win their appeal against the points deduction, Barnsley are in fact relegated. Imagine how that would make Barnsley fans feel, after celebrating like nutcases over survival. Surely another court case. We haven’t heard the end of Championship relegation, that’s for sure.
  13. I’d be surprised if Boufal was still here next season too so ideally another AM too unless someone like Tella is ready. We have Armstrong, Redmond and Djenepo but I still feel that would leave us light by one in the squad in a 4222 system. I look forward to seeing more from Djenepo and Redmond and Armstrong are first choice currently but I think we lack match winners that can turn a game. However I understand it isn’t a priority position to strengthen. Bar a sale, I think our current crop of strikers will remain our choices next season. But Lallana? Good grief no. I’d rather we signed Ryan Fraser on a free, even with his inflated wage demands.
  14. Big games in the Championship tonight. I really want Brentford to go up automatically but it seems they blew that in the last game. West Brom have QPR to play who have nothing to play for, and you’d think with their west London rivals Fulham and Brentford having something to play for, they’re hardly going to bust a gut to win that. I’d like Brentford and Fulham up but WBA will come up automatically. Hopefully one of the other two will come up via the playoffs. (Brentford really deserve it so cruel fate being what it is, it probably won’t be them. Shame as their new stadium is nearly ready and close to my workplace.) At the bottom there are many permutations. I have no allegiance to them but I do hope Wigan stay up despite their 12 point deduction. They’ve been on a great run. I think Charlton will drop with Barnsley and Hull. Oh, and as for Utd vs West Ham, I hope Utd smash them by a few goals. West Ham are probably safe because of their goal difference but a good smashing will at least make them feel uncomfortable going in to the last day. I will not be watching the gushing going on at the Liverpool match...
  15. Klose is only playing because of injuries to Hanley and Zimmerman. He’s not good enough for them and he’s nowhere near good enough for us. Personally I wouldn’t touch any Norwich youngster, they’ve shown they’re not up to it... yet. We were linked with Lewis but I’d rather see how Vokins gets on as back up to Bertrand. Buendia would be the only one I’d be interested in signing from Norwich, and he hardly set the world alight consistently, and there would be issues as he is their set piece taker and we already have a very good one. From Villa? McGinn was on fire before his injury, so him. Grealish is unrealistic. Otherwise they’re another team whose players I wouldn’t go near which is amazing considering how much they spent. Maybe Mings could be OK in a better team but we already have our left footed centre back now in Salisu. From Bompey? They’re a different kettle of fish as their players have proven their worth in the last few years. Ake is unrealistic, but Brooks, Cook, Maybe Callum Wilson (Although he’s seemingly regressed he knows where the goal is), and possibly Harry Wilson From Pool on a cheapy as a punt. From Watford? Pereyra, Hughes, Sarr (unrealistic through price), maybe Foster short term.
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