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  1. SNSUN

    Mohammed Salisu

    Weirdly it's not like we've needed Salisu or Diallo to step in straight away, unlike Walker-Peters and Walcott, both whom we needed to play straight away following their signings. Vestergaard has done OK this season since Stephens was dropped alongside Bednarek (who had a pretty rare poor game last weekend) and Romeu has stepped up and formed a decent partnership with JWP in midfield. As long as the CBs and the DMs play OK, we've been lucky not to have to force and unfit/unready Salisu into the side before he's ready. It would be nice to see Salisu on the bench though, at least the
  2. Were we ever actually linked with Del Piero or was that a SaintsWeb pipedream?
  3. Exactly. Listening to Talksport earlier and they were discussing Villa winning the title. If that happens, I'm a baboon's butt. Even Cundy last night was listing half the Premier League that could win it. (Saints were not one of them). Far too many people jumping the gun this early into the season.
  4. Looks so far as if that will be today....
  5. Palace getting what they deserved for defending the entire game. I bet their fans are glad they aren't at the stadium to watch that crap. Speaking of ultra defensive, here come West Ham with a 5-4-1 formation against Spuds. 😖 So much dross in the Premier League this season. Glad to be a Saints fan right now. We have a great manager in charge.
  6. United 2-1 now against Newcastle. 1 more goal for United and we go above Newcastle back into the top half of the table. #littlevictories EDIT: Done.
  7. https://streamable.com/04imq9 Link to the Vestergaard goal (Don't watch if you're waiting for MOTD and haven't seen it). Nicked from REDCAFE https://www.redcafe.net/threads/pl-weekend-fixtures-17-10-20-19-10-20.458226/page-26
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