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  1. How Sterling is still on I will never know. Southgate has a hard on for him that's for sure. Woo Armstrong...
  2. To be fair this match is crying out for Jordan Henderson to work his magic.
  3. Wesley WHO-dt? A player that will soon be stricken from our memories. He'll be the player that nobody remembers in ten years that someone mentions in conversation and we respond "Oh shit yeah, I'd forgotten about him!" Good riddance and, more importantly, we now have his wages to spend on someone else. Let's just hope we don't get another Billy Big Bollocks like him and, to a point, Lemina. Bit by bit we offload the deadwood... ...then probably replace it with more deadwood....😁
  4. Agree they look impressive and they have that winning mentality about them. To be fair though there are some impressive looking line ups in the tournament for teams that could win it. I wrote Portugal off pre-tournament but then saw their attacking line up of Jota/Bruno Fernandes/Bernardo Silva/Ronaldo backed up by Pepe and Ruben Dias at the back, and a solid keeper in Rui Patricio, and they must be considered possibilities. The Belgium line up also looks great, and that's even before you add in favourites France. Even Germany and Spain could be classed as outside bets despite their opening re
  5. SNSUN


    Are you for or against the idea of eScooters being made legal for public use (privately owned not one of the current hire schemes)? Pros/Cons? Lazy person's bicycle or clean transport solution to get people out of cars?
  6. As usual my eyes will go straight to the last few fixtures of the season. If we have the likes of Norwich, Brentford, Burnley, Palace, etc we may be in with a shot of survival again! 😋 Seriously an opening day win would be nice, but seeing as we presently have one senior full back, we need to get a shift on in the transfer window.
  7. Winners: France Runners Up: Italy Scotland get knocked out at: Last 16 Wales get knocked out at: Group Stage England get knocked out at: Quarter Finals, after jammily getting through games in the most boring manner imaginable. We get embarrassingly spanked to ultimate winners France. Dark Horse (Furthest a team gets excluding England, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Portugal): Switzerland Top Goalscorer: Griezmann UEFA Best Player: De Bruyne UEFA Best Young Player: Ferran Torres (Spain)
  8. Blimey, McCarthy might make a penalty save in training then! Get him on the bus/train/boat/pedalo/scooter/whatever term we use currently...
  9. SNSUN

    Romain Perraud

    So, who is the third player we will be signing from Brest? 😁
  10. SNSUN

    Romain Perraud

    I look forward to watching him play in 8 months after he's finally adjusted to the Premier League and we've had to rotate between Vokins, Salisu and Diallo at left back. 😜 It's good news that the club is also looking for another full back as well, so the mistakes of last season aren't repeated. Another right back that can play left back, or right back with KWP slotting across to left back if needed, would be the best solution, but I wonder whether we would bring in two left backs in case one of them isn't very good/doesn't adjust/doesn't live up to expectations? Unless Vokins is fi
  11. Absolute bargain if true. But seems very low... Thankfully Bournemouth aren’t in the Prem anymore! 🤪 Just turned on the internet for the first time all evening and I see Villa have had a bid for Buendia accepted. How nice would it be if, just once, we could make headlines for a surprise expensive signing! Buendia is class though. I’ll miss him at Norwich. (Wife’s team that I loosely follow.)
  12. If Southgate plays two defensive midfielders or 3 centre backs, especially against so-called lesser teams, then there is no hope for him. But he will. Pickford, Walker, Stones, Mings, Chilwell, Rice, Mount, Foden, Grealish, Sterling, Kane or something similar to that would get other teams shitting their kecks. But I can't see him going so attacking. Usually unless I happen to be in front of the TV anyway, I don't watch England friendlies, but I'm on a stag do tomorrow and I stupidly mentioned there was an England game, so we're going to watch it. Pray GOD for some enter
  13. I reckon Smallbone might have had a chance were it not for his injury.
  14. Neither are Barcelona, with Aguero, Garcia and potentially Wijnaldum signing on for nowt. Shows there is good value to be had if you’re a big enough name! Not breaking the £20 million limit doesn’t bother me because there are relative bargains to be had, you just have to scout well.
  15. ...because he would cost more than a bag of magic beans. We don't seem to have a vessel to wee-wee in. That is until we flog Ings and Vestergaard, but even they'll not fetch much more than £35 million and that money would probably cover the cost of replacements anyway. How nice would it be to wake up one morning soon and find out we've been sold to an Arab trillionaire...
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