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  1. This would be the most satisfying win in ages... if we can get it. A draw would be tolerable, but lose now and result wise this would be worse than the Wolves game. Staying positive for the last 15.
  2. Howe! Fucking hell some of you need to get a grip. There are better options than Howe if we were to get rid. Redmond has been one of better players last few games. Not saying much but still...
  3. Simply needs a win or two in the next few games no excuses. Wolves was a winnable game and we lost poorly. We've had tough fixtures and had we won early doors, some of the draws we've had are decent. We just need to start scoring goals from open play. I think our strike force has potential, I just feel we're lacking in the attacking midfield department without SArmstrong. Go balls out... Livramento further up and Broja starting alongside AArmstrong.
  4. Broja has scored for Albania... again. What a goal too
  5. Oof if that was in a penalty shoot out... but it wasn't so YAY!
  6. I like Che but he'd be the man I'd be dropping right now, to try and get a win against Leeds, so perhaps a tweaked hammy isn't the worst thing. He did play well though for Scotland, worked hard. Glad I caught the second half of that game. JWP up next. I know it's Andorra and we'll probably struggle to a 2-0 win or something but I hope he comes out of the game with some credit. He has a point to prove after not making the Euros. Also, he needs some form to take back to us, even if he's out for a few games.
  7. Seems like the VAR monitor had a meltdown before it was even used.
  8. To me VAR is using infallible video evidence (it's right there on camera) by fallible human beings. Until you remove the human element, somehow, there will always be mistakes, even by those watching replays. What can be done the change it? Improve the technology somehow? Sure. Improve the standard of refereeing? Sure. VAR is still in it's infancy so we probably have a few more seasons of annoyance to go yet before it's anywhere close to perfection. Other ideas? Foreign refs in our league to stopped bias? Lines drawn on the pitch by grounds staff as a guideline? Refs are
  9. Absolutely hate myself for saying this, as he's so ruddy frustrating, but right now I'd pick Redmond. Then Djenepo. @nta786's idea above sounds good for me. This has been an issue for me for seasons though - we have quantity over quality in attacking midfield.
  10. If we could score goals from open play, we'd have a chance of a decent points haul. Need a LOT of players to step up over the next few games or we really will be in the shit.
  11. So I've waited until now to write my thoughts on the game, partly because I had a busy weekend and partly because my daughter has been ill. Anyway, result aside, I thoroughly enjoyed my first trip to SMS on Saturday in nearly 2 years and really hope to go again soon if shift work allows. I thought the band were decent and the pre-match buzz around the stadium meant that many thought we could win that. Then the game started. We weren't terrible, we were just dull and without ideas. We did have chances just not really clear cut ones. Wolves, like us, seemed to be low
  12. Cheers JRM. Will try again for fuel in the morning otherwise train it is.
  13. Hey all, for those in the know, are the buses from Southampton Central still running to SMS? I don't mind the walk but won't have a lot of time. Been years since I used public transport but my car has no petrol as all the idiots are panic buying so looks like train is my best option.
  14. SNSUN


    Currently available on a free transfer...
  15. Papa Waigo in the last minute. Then Bialkowski saved 3 pens. I was in the Kingsland taking the piss out the wife (who thought they'd won) and it was frigging freezing.
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