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  1. Well we’re not going to score through N’Lundulu and Long, that’s for sure. Donkeys. 🐴
  2. Bench looks weak so this useless bunch of twats in the First XI will have to do. 🤫
  3. I don’t have BT Sport, so the wife has me watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Which is just as well because Saints are a bunch of useless bastards and Adams couldn’t hit a barn door with a banjo. 😄 I had cheeseburgers and chips for dinner by the way, but we didn’t have buns so used Warburton’s Thins.
  4. I think that's what Ralph will plump for, however from what I've seen of Diallo, I reckon he could play an Armstrong role if needed. So it would be possible to see a front four of Diallo, Armstrong, Walcott, Adams. Not that I think that will happen, though it will be a shame to drop Diallo after a great performance. We didn't concede against the best attack in the division last match, so hopefully we can keep it tight against Vardy and co. The biggest questions are over our ability to score goals without Ings. I'd be tempted to take a draw.
  5. It was originally scheduled for BT Sport so I'd assume they still have the rights to show it. But I bet BBC wouldn't mind getting their hands on it. Potential upset and all that. Surely if they can't fulfil the fixture next week we'd get a bye. It definitely feels like Villa and Derby have been punished for their COVID situation and not Shrewsbury.
  6. I think a lot depends on injuries, who we can keep fit and who doesn't get sidelined with Covid, and whether we have adequate stand ins. We lost Ings, we suffered for a few games with not scoring. But we lost Vestergaard and, worried as we were, Stephens stepped in and has been very good. A lot of those games 'could go either way' and 7 points (while it's a point-a-game relegation form) wouldn't be a bad haul. 9-12 would be more my guess but then I thought we'd lose heavily to Liverpool! Leicester - X, Leeds - X, Arsenal - L, Villa - W, United - L, Newcastle - W or possibly X if th
  7. SNSUN

    FA Cup Draw

    So to win the cup we probably have to beat one of the toughest teams left in the cup. And Arsenal. 🤪
  8. I bet he’s better than our last Zambian. If he’s as good as our last purchase from RB Salzburg they will have a real coup. On the Beeb Gossip... Real Betis interested in Dan N’Lundulu.
  9. If memory serves, I think Blackpool's Premier League season started with a huge win and then they got relegated, so without checking they may have been top and bottom in the same season.
  10. I miss Barry Venison. 😀 I reckon Ward-Prowse would be a decent co-commentator when his career is up but I have a feeling he'd go into coaching/management.
  11. Brandon Williams is playing at right back for United, so if we did sign him, he'd be cup-tied. (Their fans aren't impressed with his perfomance so far on Twitter)
  12. No Balogun in the Arsenal squad today... 😉 Not ITK, but if it comes off I'd look like one. 😀
  13. There is the crux. Nobody knows what is going on in his personal life or in his head. I fail to believe an experienced, top flight manager like Ralph would cry purely because we beat an off-form Liverpool, we're not that crap, so I can only assume he has something else going on in his life that culminated in the victory. Brits by tradition have a stiff upper lip (for better or worse, maybe it's why we struggle to open about our mental health...) but Ralph is Austrian so maybe it doesn't apply to him.
  14. While I agree in principal to not playing a weakened side in the cup to make sure we progress, at the same time this time it’s Shrewsbury not, say Brentford. Mourinho yesterday said that getting to the League Cup final is a victory for taking the competition seriously, but we played a full team against Brentford and lost. Shrewsbury are no Brentford however, and it is a perfect time to include some squad players, even if we only rest two or three of the big boys. If those players can’t win a game against a lower League One side, they probably shouldn’t be playing for us. That said I do think R
  15. One Thread to rule them all, One thread to find them, One thread to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. Professional performance please. They're seemingly not pulling up any trees but their results in December have been very good and now they have Cotterill as manager who is no mug. It's always nice to get one over a former Skate though. I'd be going with: Forster, Valery, Stephens, Salisu, Vokins, JWP, Diallo, Tella, Armstong, Long, N'Lundulu if everyone is fit. That should be enough to progress and give squad players some game time, while resting KWP, Bednarek, Wal
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