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  1. Forum gold reading this thread, feel sorry for all the people that stopped watching after 20 minutes to cry in their wet beds. Here's me thinking football matches are 90+ minutes. 😆
  2. Did the job, played well and stood up strong. Tuesday will be different. Need to get three goals against wolves in the first half because they'll score two in the second.
  3. A couple I know who have had Covid tested positive for 3 months even though they felt well again after four or five weeks. Let's hope this isn't the case for Ings.
  4. Expunging Poopy's points would have us sitting proudly at the top of the table by two points. We'd have 1 point removed, West Ham 6 and Cardiff 4. So 2 points in the lead with Cardiff 4 points behind. That would be a result!
  5. If Lawrence and Kitson are on 40k a week why did the football league sanction it? Surely they knew it would be financially unviable for Poopy to sustain that kind of debt and pay off the creditors? Maybe they allowed it so they could screw up!
  6. If it was a proper business Pompey would've been put down a long time ago, how anyone can owe the taxman 30m and get away with it is unbelievable. The judge is a bottler, obviously the whining, crying and begging from the defence worked on him the soft bottler! Sickening. Can't wait to hear why the judge favours the cheats!
  7. The masses have spoken!! http://www.talksport.co.uk/radio/sports-breakfast/polls
  8. Well funny, I come on here to mock the idiots and find out it's you lot saying it all, I can't tell the real thickos from the fake ones. You all blend in so well. I tried to post from Harry Redknapp wishing them luck and to beat the tax man for him but it wasn't posted!
  9. Blinding move by the HMRC! The pompey side must be shyting it, trying to look over the Judges shoulder wondering "What's that, what is it, show us..." Keeping them on their toes! Like it!
  10. AA will come out spouting "What are they doing? Where's their love for Pompy? This will see the club liquidated and destroyed! How dare they!"
  11. Android is just trying to put pressure on the Creditors with this new manager rubbish "Say yes to the CVA and we can appoint a new manager, say no and the club and fans will be disappointed and we look like a laughing stock" I really hope they have to suspend naming their manager and look like fecking idiots!
  12. Why should this be the case, Android should have put together the best possible package for the Creditors already, if he rejigs the figures after it's refused so they get more p to the £ then it proves he was never working in the best interest of the creditors to start with. I'm looking forward to the conclusion of all this.
  13. It blatantly looks here that Android and his crooks have their best interestings in poopy instead of the Creditors. I've been waiting for this match to start, lets sit back and enjoy!
  14. So this Griffin proposal is just showing what the offer to the creditors COULD be just to stop the creditors voting for the Android offer? As Griffin aren't the administrators for the club then these are just figures that they're saying Android should be working out? He'll obviously come out and say they're unworkable and maybe up his figure to 30p in the £ or something? Anyway, can the Android and his crooks be thrown out as administrators and Griffin be installed? Who has the authority?
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