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  1. My hope that Salisu isn't another Forren is based on reported good performances in La Liga against quality attacking players. Surely he would have been found out.
  2. Yes, more physical, more involved and he showed a touch and a passing range I hadn't seen before. I'd doubted him from the 6 or 7 appearances I had seen but happy to admit my error. His knee did seem to buckle during the injury incident - let's hope it's a ligament strain and not a major problem.
  3. Jury no longer out on Smallbone. Had a really good game tonight (v Leicester) - good range of passing; pressing, tackling and an excellent first time shot on goal. Hope his injury is not serious.
  4. Good summary. Thought Walcott did quite well though and when switched wide was able to provide several good crosses. Armstrong, probably our best player tonight was also guilty of coughing up possession. A very good first half fell away in the second - Leicester looked one of the better sides played this season which was compounded by the absence of Ings. Smallbone put in a good first half shift and young N'lundulu showed he should be ahead of Long in the pecking order. Diallo again impressive though the yellow card slowed his influence.
  5. Based on the first half of the Leicester game, Smallbone looks a better player than Slattery anyway.
  6. Unlucky to be behind. Very impressed with Diallo and fair play to young Smallbone tonight so far. Ings is a big miss of course.
  7. I don't think Long would be a starter for many Championship teams these days. Agree though that the likes of N'lundulu, Vokins and Valery are definitely beyond League 1 level. Jury is out on Smallbone; when/if he gets his next opportunity he needs to demonstrate something more than we've seen.
  8. Aaron "Doc" Martin comes to mind.
  9. Hate to be pedantic but the 32 yo rapidly diminishing striker who doesn't score many goals turns 34 in a couple of days time. The two year contract extension was a baffling decision.
  10. I find myself agreeing with MLG quite a bit recently? Adams definitely gives us a physical and hold up presence.
  11. Diallo has to keep his place - JWP keeps his. Where does that leave Romeu?
  12. While I agree with this - two other things are obvious. Diallo is too good a player not to be on the park regularly, and Romeu's form puts him in the "first picked" category. It's a problem, but a good one for Ralph to sort out.
  13. Just for the record, most Saint's supporters like Sadio Mane and loved his time at St Marys. Calling him an animal seems way out of line to me - KWP did play well and his battle with Mane was one of the highlights of the game.
  14. Having just watched the game again, several things stood out. Diallo's game was just great- his work rate, positioning, tackling and intercepting, range of passing and time on t Yep, Diallo and KWP could/should be in that team of the week. I don't think I can remember a better full game debut by an "under the radar" player than the one played by Diallo. Whoever scouted him deserves a pay rise.
  15. Very hard to watch that final 45 minutes, but what a win - made all the sweeter with the replacement Saints and subs all playing their part in keeping out such an expensively assembled opposition. Diallo confirmed what a lot of people could see from his cameos; he's going to be a very good player and once again KWP showed he is right up in the top echelon of right backs.
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