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  1. Sums it up well for me. We looked like a side happy with a narrow loss, and for Ralph to suggest the players left it all out there insults our intelligence. I can accept the difference in class between the two sides but the lack of intensity and desperation on show was hard to take. Probably wrong to single one player out but the poor touch and control by Redmond highlighted our problems... he should have been replaced at half time. A deflating performance...adding to what looks like a meek, limp end to the season.
  2. Well said. It’s a Cup Semi-Final , it’s a 50/50 game...anything is possible.
  3. That would be my starting line up too. Wouldn’t be concerned if McCarthy replaced FF as well.
  4. We’re you? Expecting a comfortable win. On what basis... is that now 12 losses from the last 14 Prem games? The weak capitulation from the off was the most disappointing part; and surely Ralph should have made changes at half time. Bednarek, Walcott and either CM needed to be replaced. Jankewitz must really be on the nose with Ralph. On that showing it seems crazy we will limp over the safety line and the Baggies will go down. They will be odds on to return immediately.
  5. Ok, he’s a Pool product; effectively KWP is a Tottenham “junior”. Roughly the same age.. one has been hyped out of sight .. the other is showing his class at little old Southampton flying under the radar after being ignored by the failed one, Mourinho. Perhaps Southgate should be looking down south for his RB.
  6. What did they pay for him? I’ll take KWP at 12 million every day of the week.
  7. Yep. Quite uncanny how he straightens up the attack with speed and finds pockets of space. He complements Ings, Armstrong, Redmond and Djenepo very well. If his wage demands are reasonable he has to stay.
  8. Have to agree. He certainly uses that big frame of his to block the close range threats... Wood’s late header being a case in point; even if he (FF) did get a bit of help from Bednarek. Getting down to the low, wide shots still looks his weakness.. but he’s deserved his continuing opportunity.
  9. Thought KWP had a much improved second half, tightened up defensively and provided run and width against a narrow Burnley set up. Bertrand has morphed into a battling, stay at home LB, can’t remember the last overlapping run he made. I thought our two poorest today were clearly Walcott and Bednarek.
  10. Apparently it was 5 years ago since we came from 2-0 down, against Liverpool.. Mane and Wanyama came on at half time and turned it around.
  11. Very good assessment Clarkey. I am one of those posters who up until 18 months ago couldn't see the fuss that was made about JWP outside of his corners and free kicks. Through a succession of Managers he never seemed to find a position nor a consistent quality in his general play - at least in my eyes he couldn't. But I have reassessed my opinion, and it is wrong to compare the pre-Ralph version of JWP with the current player. I would still argue that his outfield game is way below the quality of his dead ball delivery - he has however narrowed the gap by making the CM position h
  12. Agree . If someone stumps up 50 million we should be selling, pronto.
  13. I think we will, (give them a tough game). Pray for Chelsea, and book the double-decker bus!
  14. Armstrong was outstanding - he is such a good mover. I'd like to see him run for a medal in Tokyo later this year. The 400m would suit him perfectly. KWP (I'm ready to declare him better than Clyne was in his pomp) Redmond, JWP and Diallo also very good. Adams unlucky. Good confidence boosting win.
  15. Good call. Frustrating though he is the assist and goal were classy contributions. Nicely taken opportunity from Djenepo too. Game over?
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