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  1. austsaint

    Josh Sims

    More like a long run of poor opportunity! JS strikes me as a player good enough to make an impact at Prem level (he has already) but hasn't been able to back it up consistently enough.
  2. austsaint

    Josh Sims

    I saw more than enough from Sims at Saints to know he's better than a L1 player.
  3. It was surprising that Tella, JWP and co didn't take those late opportunities to put crosses in to pressure the shaky defence and goalkeeper. Such an enjoyable game though and it was great in the last 20 minutes or so watching Saints taking the game to Chelsea. I thought Romeu was our best - all over the pitch, harassing, intercepting and I counted at least 6 incisive attacking passes as well as the pass which turned Zouma around and led to Adam's goal. Ings and Adams both good, JWP, KWP and Bertrand very solid and fair play to Vesterguard in keeping his nerve after that whirlwind Chelse
  4. austsaint

    Josh Sims

    Smallbone is the player who should be going out on loan.
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