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  1. Let's hope the Cornet doesn't play properly; the Cork gets stuck and crumbles and Wood gets nailed by Salisu.
  2. Redmond did play well - so did Elynoussi, and Djenepo had his moments. Broja was outstanding. Someone is going to be unlucky in the front four with both Armstrongs pushing for a place, a fit again Adams and Tella and Walcott on the fringes. Maybe Redmond will be shifted to Djenepo's spot allowing Armstrong A. to partner Broja leaving Moi and Armstrong S to vie for a wide right spot. Then there's the problem of KWP sitting on the bench. I thought Ralph could have replaced Livramento with twenty minutes left - Perraud did well enough; just lacks that bit of acceleration which Bertra
  3. I know your question wasn't directed at me, but I'd argue Armstrong A. and Broja is our best striking combination....and that will be increasingly apparent as the season draws on. As an atheist, I'm already praying the Club gets at least another season beyond this one from Broja. He's going to be some player!
  4. Harsh on Moi and Redmond, but I'd do the same. Redmond rarely backs up a good performance like yesterday and Elynoussi, to his credit, while proving he has improved should still be behind Armstrong S. in the pecking order. Broja is just the man to bring Armstrong into the game with is aerial ability, strength and hold up play.
  5. What can't be argued is we didn't miss JWP yesterday - perhaps the free kick Redmond hit the wall with. The big difference with the Romeu/Diallo combination yesterday was the speed of ball movement both showed; less sideways and backwards passing and both, particularly Diallo showed a willingness to drive forward with ball at feet. It made for a different pattern of midfield, irrespective of Leeds limitations.
  6. Indeed. The good news is that young people have excellent prospects of treatment and cure with that particular cancer. Good luck to the lad.
  7. Or looked at a different way, more media coverage creates more interest, increasing the proportionality. Is that fair?
  8. I'm not offended; but aren't mens' and womens' games already separate? ie played in separate games, often at different venues, in different competitions. Are you saying you'd like the womens' games to get less media coverage?
  9. I see; so your assessment of the International round up is our JWP is a super player but our Broja is an impact sub at League 2 level. Hmmm.
  10. Hey, well done TWar.....plenty of time for sleep; you've got a great experience to look forward to - how's your nappy changing technique? No doubt she will dote on her Dad completely.....until she turns 12 or 13 at which point the peer group takes over and you'll be relegated to dropping her off at the corner and paying for the Nike Air Force Ones!
  11. You couldn't/shouldn't possibly select JWP for England based on his form this season.
  12. I'm not reading the suggestion as TL to CM role, and if it is, I disagree. I'm pushing for Romeu and Diallo in CM, with Armstrong S. and Livramento as wide attacking roles....KWP at RB and Perraud at LB.
  13. Livramento might end up being the best right back in the UK one day, but at present KWP is a high quality RB; less effective at LB, while Perraud is a specialist LB who needs the chance to prove himself. Livramento gives every indication he could handle a wide attacking role, and it's worth seeing if the dominoes can fall into place.
  14. Good call - Diallo the one other for me....keen to see him get at least a three game run alongside Romeu.
  15. I'm weighing in late. Ward-Prowse would have been lucky to get away with a yellow for that botched attempt at a tackle. Have a look at the distance the Chelsea players foot moves after the studs up contact with the ankle; there is substantial contact and force - it did remind me of Bertrand's red v Leicester. As for Dean - he strikes me as an official who likes a bit of spotlight and drama. He would be well suited as a Rugby Union referee - but accusations of singling out Saints? Nah.
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