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  1. Yes, even if Ings stays, (and as you suggest, he is likely to put effort in given his ambitions) the Club surely needs to pursue a player like Armstrong so that he can both settle in and give the Club the best chance of staying afloat in the event of a late Ings departure or injury. Even if it stretches the budget and increases the overdraft by 5 million or so - it has to be done. Three strikers of the calibre of Ings, Adams and Armstrong is a bare minimum. Trying to plug gaps with the likes of Tella or Obafemi is not going to cut it.
  2. 35k and counting. Hilarious.
  3. austsaint

    Sam McQueen

    Sam McQueen deserves every bit of luck and good fortune after such a horrendous run with injury. And well done to SFC for giving him the chance of a rehab/pre-season.
  4. Being ignored would get right up your nose wouldn't it. The great parody, sitting somewhere between David Brent and Nigel Farage....sitting on your computer or phone...day after day, month after month, with your half baked cat scratches at any progressive or liberal points of view. Never mind, you'll soon have your 35k posts up while the rest of us get on with having a life.
  5. I've got a new found respect for you "sad old". Don't burn yourself out trying to contest all the muck flying around.
  6. Bit of an own goal. May qualify for one of your deletions! The fanning of the flames has been done by several prominent politicians and media outlets who haven't said it's terrible and haven't said it has to stop.
  7. Have to agree. England players, Manager and staff were full of class throughout though. Cruel way to fall short.
  8. I'd add Luke Shaw to your played well list. Very impressed with England's game management in the last 10 minutes. Sunday's a huge day....especially for those under 55!
  9. Very deflating news, given Ralph and Semmens seemed so confident he'd stay. Yes, two strikers like Armstrong and Edouard are needed - huge loss is Ings.
  10. He's (Djenepo) shown enough skill - especially early in his Saints days - to justify sticking with him. The worry in my mind is that he ends up like Boufal.....all the talent and skill but not the game suited to the unforgiving Prem arena.
  11. Makes Mourhino look like an even bigger prat doesn't it. Great game, Luke Shaw.
  12. Don't worry too much about Gingeletiss. For years he accused me of "hating" JWP, when my consistent argument was that up to a point after Ralph arrived, JWP really had been an underwhelming player who had been lucky to be handed so many opportunities. In the last season or two he has lifted his outfield game; sustained his work rate; got stuck in a bit more, and tackled and harassed when once he seemed to mark space. His dead ball game is outstanding - the rest of his game still strikes me as middle-of-the road Prem level. The stats quoted by many still really just reflect his superior
  13. Maehle looks a player. Carillo and Hoedt combined cost was around 33 million - and what, haggling over 2 million for Maehle?
  14. He did actually say that....."JWP would have quickened the pace and passing in midfield, he would have upped the tempo". I don't think he would have; do you?
  15. Have to agree. The oddball who writes the Ugly Inside stuff maintains if only Prowsey was playing, England would be playing teams off the park.
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