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  1. Dont worry. Sir Major Tom earned a fifth of the money that the Government's inefficiency wasted. If he could have walked a bit further he would have paid for the entire spaff.
  2. Did Boris also ennoble Lord Duckhunter for his Brexit views? 😂
  3. Tamesaint


    Never mind. I am sure that his eyes will need testing so he will be able to break any quarantine rules.
  4. Wait until Batman sees that!! I reckon that Batman's first prediction of our relegation will come in the first week of October.
  5. Tamesaint


    When you are in a hole, why don't you just stop digging ?. Man up for once, admit that you were wrong and move on.
  6. Interesting. I remember meeting Hughes when he was a player after the Great Escape match at Wimbledon. He signed quite happily then - much to my nipper's delight.
  7. Tamesaint


    Stop being such a precious tart. You made a statement supposedly based on apparent facts and then got a hissy when it was pointed out that one of your "facts" was wrong. Most people in life base their opinions on facts. You seem to prefer opinions, don't like your "facts" being corrected and don't care if the facts don't support your opinions.
  8. September 1977/78 - saints had just been thumped away by Millwall. I had travelled down from Brum for the match (where my parents lived at the time) and was returning home by train afterwards when I saw our centre half Chris Nicholl on the train. He had just signed from Villa and was still living in Brum. I asked him to sign my programme and he invited me to sit with him for the rest of the journey. When the train stopped at Coventry 2 Middlesborough fans got on the train. They had been playing at Coventry that day. The 2 Boro fans had been detained by the police after the game for "misdemeanours" and had missed their coach home. They joined our conversation and we had a great laugh for the rest of the journey. When I left them all at New Street to catch my bus home, Chris was helping the 2 reprobates to get back home. He was a lovely bloke and a real gent.
  9. Tamesaint


    That may well be the case and I agree it will take time to assess the true impact of the virus. Duckie however was justifying a change of policy due to the "lack of mayhem" in Sweden and Japan when in fact these countries have suffered a great deal from their apparently lax lockdown measures.
  10. Tamesaint


    You need to re consider the evidence. Sweden's deaths per capita from Covid is one of the worst in the world - worse than covid hotspots like Brazil and USA. Swedish opinion is that their government got it wrong. Japan has certainly had its own regional lockdowns. It also has the benefit of a public health system enabling track and trace that this country can only dream about. Your thought processes are seriously flawed if you have based your opinions on these countries.
  11. Tamesaint


    I watched Who wants to be a Millionaire last night with Jeremy Clarkson as the host. In true Clarkson style he made a few contentious statements - partly to obtain a reaction. Duckie is very similar. He says things for effect to get a reaction. Dont take him seriously, laugh at his provocative comments and dont spend too long in spotting his inconsistencies.
  12. The counter argument to this is that towns like Fleetwood and Accrington are right shitholes and that no right minded person would want to live there. Portsmouth on the other hand is .... Sorry, I see the flaw in my argument.
  13. or we hadn't conceded that last minute equaliser at the Emirates.
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