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  1. It would seem that Penny Pompey Mordaunt is descending even lower in the Tory pecking order. A couple of years ago she was fairly short odds to be the next party leader. I guess that she has been out gunned in the "Tory MP that the gammons would most like to shag stakes" by Liz Truss.
  2. Wow! A Brexit benefit!! This, along with the blue passport, must make the gammons so happy https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1489841/brexit-news-european-commission-pint-glasses-eu-latest
  3. So not "all the polls" either. Good old piggy. #absolute mess.
  4. Ah great. Another post from the anti Nostradamus. I always enjoy laughing at what Pompey Poly's finest has to say.
  5. Naive or what? Stop wriggling. Just admit that you have been wrong and move on. 😘
  6. I haven't quoted any post of yours. Just admit that you have been wrong on this subject and move on. The more you wriggle the funnier you become.
  7. .... and she wears the colours of the Romanian flag when she plays in New York.
  8. What do you expect from one of Pompey Poly's thickest graduates?
  9. Weston - what are your views on our chances this season? Did you see the result at Newcastle as 2 points dropped or a point gained at the last minute? You have a view on every subject under the sun - but never comment on Saints. Very strange for a football forum. 😉😃😄
  10. Tamesaint


    Weston - you have a lot of views on political matters whether it is Afghanistan, Coronavirus , Brexit, Johnson etc etc. Did you catch the match yesterday? What did you think of our performance?
  11. Any ideas of Callum Chambers's stats in the same match?
  12. Amazing . 2 and a half matches ago you reckoned that we were destined for relegation. Now we are in the bottom 6. At this rate we will be top by Christmas.
  13. I watched this match and do you know we lost 7-1 in our previous match ? The commentary only mentioned it 3 times in the first few minutes. Thank God we hadn't lost 9 nil.
  14. He probably thought it was a chance to shag the victim... or one of the "oiks. " He wouldn't be fussy - either / or.
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