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  1. Fear not. Nobody will even try to get past Mike Tindall at the back unless they want their leg broken . With him at the centre of defence the Queen in goal won't be troubled.
  2. Lets give the black passport a good kicking. 😀
  3. Lol. I knee that would wind Ducky up. His view of the world and desire to live in the 1970s clearly hasn't been influenced by reading the Express or Mail.
  4. Its the shadow that is offside. Seems fair to me.... if we live in a mad world.
  5. Agree. Labour is in danger of becoming a political cult / movement rather than a party. It us Starmer's job to change that.
  6. I have just got off the phone to Saint David. He has no idea what is happening
  7. A few months ago I was delighted by our performance at home to Man Utd. At half time we were leading 2 nil. We eventually lost 3 2 but at least we had been 2 nil up. I sent congratulations to the lads at the end of the game for being 2 nil up at one stage. I am sure that SDR did the same.
  8. I am just annoyed that after yesterday they have overtaken us in the race for the "most points dropped from winning positions" title. (19 v 18). Fulham (16) and Spurs (15) are also catching us fast. At this rate we will struggle to finish in a Champions League place.
  9. Page 6. lol. I think that some of our fans should read the dictionary definition of the word "supporter". Does this result mean that Ralph is employed for another week?🤔
  10. I can't see that Jankewitz has a future here. This may be bollocks and is based on nothing more than conjecture but I think that Ralph has a very strong sense of doing things "correctly." He believes in what I would call an almost "old fashioned" sense of "right and wrong" and wants people to operate to a high code. Team spirit and togetherness are important to him. For example compare his treatment of Cedric and Long . Cedric played infrequently for Ralph and left the club not long after after his arrival whilst Long's contract was extended. Long is generally considered to be "good f
  11. Tamesaint


    Have you ever thought that perhaps she gets the enhancements and works so many unsocial hours to get away from her husband? 🤭
  12. Tamesaint


    Shows what can be done when you use a public body like the NHS to run things. A pity that local authorities who have track and tracing services in place weren't given that gig. Instead we had / have private companies costing a fortune and not providing a very good service.
  13. 6% of the American population had been vaccinated when Biden took over on January 20. Just over 2 months later this figure is 38%. A pity that Trump never put his weight behind the vaccination process. It has taken his replacement to get things moving.
  14. I would just like to point out that San Marino have a better off field set up than us. They may not have the likes of Eisner bankrolling them but they must be doing something right. Every 4 years they get into the World Cup qualifiers. 😄
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