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  1. Tamesaint


    Nah. I prefer South Korea. Few cases there but more freedom.
  2. I won't knock his connection with his family and attention to his son but.... WHAT A WANKER!!
  3. Blimey. GM is right. Pritti's hair is bright blue!
  4. Covid cost just £300m ????? Do us a favour. I think somebody has had too much loopy juice.
  5. Duck speak is certainly a funny old language. Irish people are " Micks." Scottish people are "Sweaties". Anybody to the left of Genghis Khan is a "pinko". If Nicola Sturgeon is "Krankie" why is Johnson "Boris" ? Why isn't he "Fat Blond Liar" or FBL for short? 😁
  6. When a country borrows £270 billion in 9 months I think that it needs all the tax revenue that it can get.
  7. From the initial reports it seems that people are adapting. They are deciding to set up overseas - with the inevitable loss of jobs and tax revenues in this country.
  8. But don't forget. If people travel to their company's new EU offices to hand over job details, before they lose their own, they could well be travelling on blue passports.
  9. Not very good in Barbados. 8.15am kick off. I have never watched a Saints match before breakfast before.
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/jan/23/cheshire-cheesemaker-says-business-left-with-250000-brexit-hole?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Other Ah well. Some businesses will fail and this clever one is adapting just as the original village idiot said. A pity about the lost jobs in the UK and the tax revenue now going to the French government. As long as there is a cafe with a floor to sweep somewhere in Weston Super Mare the original village idiot will be OK.
  11. It makes you wonder why he posts. He comes on here copying the latest weirdo nonsense thar he has picked up. He then has everybody on ignore so he cannot see the reaction to his post. I wonder if he is suffering from syphilis.
  12. Blimey. The OP has some serious mental health issues. Trump's eviction from office has tipped him over the edge. Go easy on him.
  13. Tamesaint


    Having a £1,000 per day charge out rate for each of their 900 consultants - I bet the Deloitte partners don't want the pandemic to end.
  14. GM is cracking one out over Boris these days now that Trump is a goner.
  15. I wonder who is in a bad mood because his poster boy is today on his last day in office. 😁
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