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  1. It does feel like more than a loan. MSD with their involvement in Sunderland and Derby have clearly been sniffing around English football clubs but we will be the first ones to actually receive some cash from them. I am sure that if they just wanted to lend money to a business they could have found some other company in these covid ridden times. In a normal year this would have been the middle of the close season. The players would not yet have returned to training, Wimbledon would be on and Premier League football would not be at the centre of attention. Perfect timing to announce new investment.
  2. Liverpool - the only team to have both a guard of honour and a walk of shame in the same match.
  3. I know Weston well - the Dolphin in Uphill has good beer.
  4. I know. I was planning on a trip to the south coast … before nipping over to Weston Super Mud.
  5. Do me a favour. Can you tell us the name of this establishment? I would hate to walk in by mistake and encounter you and the other gammon pontificating about the state of the world.
  6. Tamesaint


    So Priti's quarantine plan which came in 3 months too late is now discarded for half of the world after a couple of weeks. That woman is really vacant. Has there ever been a more inept Home Secretary? At least though with her knowledge of numbers we should be grateful she is not the Chancellor.
  7. Very good. I am sure that it is just "fake news".
  8. Saw him once in our local Waitrose. He spoke quite highly of you.
  9. The last round of matches sees West Ham home to Villa. That could be an interesting relegation decider.
  10. For those of us of a certain age, who can remember the Leeds of the '70's , it has been fantastic to see them languish in the lower divisions over the last 10 / 15 years. They used to represent everything that was wrong with football. A couple of times I have sat with Leeds supporting mates in the home end at Elland Road and have just been bemused by the behaviour and savagery of some of their fans. The 1 nil victory we achieved there in our promotion season when Kelvin had a blinder was one of my most memorable matches i don't want them to come up. However an away trip to Leeds would be a good day out … and watching them struggle in the Premier League would be great fun.
  11. Ducky disagrees with him. Pollsters disagree with him. The people who commission the polls disagree with him.... but then it is Les that we are talking about.
  12. After leaving St Marys with the chant of the "south coast is ours" in my ears back in September, I think it would be lovely if Bournemouth went down. That would sort out the ungrateful, scrounging JCLs. Also want West Ham to go down. Brentford coming up would be nice... not sure why . Perhaps its the red and white stripes
  13. I like this ref. Penalizing Watfprd for their niggedly fouls.
  14. 7 minutes before the commentator mentioned the 9 nil
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