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  1. Thank you Keef. Noticed and acted on.😀
  2. Biden to win by over 100 electoral votes - maybe more. Trump has been toast for a long time and it is only the knowledge of what happened last time that prevents the polls that put Biden ahead from being taken even more seriously. Nate Silver's website below gives a great way of estimating the likely outcome. https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/trump-biden-election-map/?cid=abcnews
  3. He only played the second half but in that time managed to get himself booked.
  4. Thanks for your many posts on this subject Duckie. I think that you have proved conclusively that football supporters are biased towards their own team and see things through rose tinted glasses. Who would believe it?? Perhaps your next mission might be to discover the religion of the Pope or perhaps to discover what bears do in the woods.
  5. Biden ? The left ? Do us a favour. I appreciate that things are different in America compared with Europe but the view that Biden is a left winger is just weird.
  6. The Jackett Out campaign must be gutted.
  7. Tamesaint


    I would disagree. The Conservatives are much more right wing these days. Remember that the likes of Heseltine, Prior, Hurd, Clarke etc etc all played large roles in her Government. I am not even sure that Heseltine and Clarke are Conservatives nowadays! The likes of Patel, Rudd and Williamson are light years to the right of them. Thatcher had Whitelaw next to her for much of her leadership. She was dependent upon his old fashioned one nation Toryism advice. Remember her phrase that "everyone needs a willie"? We all know that Johnson has a willie (😁)but perhaps he could do with advice from
  8. Tamesaint


    Its what happens when the country elects Commies like Johnson to run the country and he gets advisors like that Trot Cummings.
  9. Tamesaint


    I think Batman has more important matters on his mind at the moment. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-54598489😃
  10. Presumably Richarlison will be suspended .😁 But no Theo. 😒
  11. That could well end up as one of my favourite Southampton video clips. The player celebrations are fantastic. At the time I thought Theo had scored and was so delighted for him.
  12. Yes. Many thanks for posting that but again we saw the big team plastic bias. From how many angles can they show the Chelsea goals? After watching those "highlights" I am surprised to find that we had more shots and more shots on target than Chelsea. Don't get me wrong. I am grateful to you for posting these highlights and thanks very much for posting them. After listening to the NBC commentary all afternoon , however, I am probably a bit tired of the media pandering to the plastic big team mentality.
  13. More fuel for the Jackett out campaign. 😄
  14. We all knew that .... and also that Boris is actually Deirdre.
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