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  1. The swamp draining continues. Blimey even Julian Lewis is considered to be a pinko these days. At least Failing Grayling has been put back into his place.
  2. I agree 100% with this. I have every respect for those fans who watched them through thick and thin in the lower divisions. The plastics who have latched onto them and are, perhaps, the more vocal of their supporters can go and do one.
  3. Boris Johnson indicates at PMQs he has not read winter coronavirus report https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/jul/15/boris-johnson-indicates-at-pmqs-he-has-not-read-winter-coronavirus-report?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Copy_to_clipboard What has this country done so wrong to be led by this buffoon? You would have thought, during the current situation, that he could have bothered to read a report about a possible second covid spike. Perhaps Johnson is trying to match Trump. I never thought that I would say it but. come back Theresa. All is forgiven.
  4. I know that you shouldn't say it on this board but ... Didn't Les and the recruitment team do well in getting him for £8 million?
  5. Lol. Shows how easy it is to confuse the simple minded like you.
  6. If I were you I wouldnt go around calling anyone dim. Remind us again how Japan is just a small island or how many zlotys there are to the pound. Why do you think you are known as the village idiot?
  7. "We got our country back". What more do we need ??
  8. Tamesaint


    Yes. We are alright until then. Its a well known fact that covid gets more virulent on the 24 th of July. Until then no need to mask up.
  9. I am sure that at the moment they "have no plans to reintroduce charges". Lets see what happens.
  10. A couple who are friends of my wife and proud Brexiteers are now rather cross after the announcement that data roaming charges could well be re introduced in January. Abolition of data roaming had "nothing to do with the EU" and fears about their re introduction were just "examples of Project Fear" in their eyes.Unfortunately you reap what you sow.
  11. 9 to 1 for us to win on Bet 365. I am having some of that.
  12. Tamesaint


    Japan. A small island!! You are priceless. Japan's total area is 50% larger than the UK. Its largest island, Honshu is 10% larger than Britain. Why don't you try to base your opinions on facts? You then wouldn't look so much like a village idiot.
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