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  1. Tamesaint


    Japan. A small island!! You are priceless. Japan's total area is 50% larger than the UK. Its largest island, Honshu is 10% larger than Britain. Why don't you try to base your opinions on facts? You then wouldn't look so much like a village idiot.
  2. Tamesaint


    I don't know how you have come to this conclusion. If the policy is to allow the virus to spread why wasn't lockdown finished a lot earlier? That would have allowed the virus to spread and the NHS could have coped. It had all those Nightingale hospitals which weren't being used. Tokyo has a population 3 times greater than London. Japan has suffered 8 deaths per 1 million population. UK 657 per million. Can you explain ? You were a lot funnier when you posted as Heiselberg and pretended to have winning bets all the time. Playing this role of village idiot doesn't really suit you. How is the weather in Glasgow?
  3. Tamesaint


    I don't really think you are. Every time something gets mentioned you argue inanely against it.
  4. Have you been on the Pompey team coach before?
  5. This has become a truly awful game of football.
  6. Tamesaint


    According to Johnson before the epidemic took hold we had "world class" systems so I would have thought so.
  7. Tamesaint


    Although it would be nice it would be difficult to find anything "absolutely perfect." Perhaps instead we could have followed the same roadmap as Germany .. or Korea … or anyone of the many countries which are recording fewer covid deaths per capita than us.
  8. Great performance and great result. So nice to see that Che has broken his duck. OK, City did rest some of their key players but it was mentioned on the radio before the match that the City bench cost £280 million. Their team cost over £400 million. Any team put out by a club with those resources has to be taken seriously ….. and we bloody beat them!!!
  9. I dreamt last night that we were 3 nil down at halftime. Woke up before the second half started... luckily.
  10. It does feel like more than a loan. MSD with their involvement in Sunderland and Derby have clearly been sniffing around English football clubs but we will be the first ones to actually receive some cash from them. I am sure that if they just wanted to lend money to a business they could have found some other company in these covid ridden times. In a normal year this would have been the middle of the close season. The players would not yet have returned to training, Wimbledon would be on and Premier League football would not be at the centre of attention. Perfect timing to announce new investment.
  11. Liverpool - the only team to have both a guard of honour and a walk of shame in the same match.
  12. I know Weston well - the Dolphin in Uphill has good beer.
  13. I know. I was planning on a trip to the south coast … before nipping over to Weston Super Mud.
  14. Do me a favour. Can you tell us the name of this establishment? I would hate to walk in by mistake and encounter you and the other gammon pontificating about the state of the world.
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