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  1. Looks like the net is closing, guys. The first rat deserts the sinking ship: Over 3.5 million dead. China has to pay for this.
  2. Err.... Previously, that well known billionaire, philanderer and Epstein chum, Bill Gates stated in October, 2020: Sir Simon Stevens, head of the NHS obviously disagrees with Bonking Bill Gates, asking yesterday that the health services to get ready to administer the antibody cocktails, aka, the "Trump Treatment"
  3. Cheerio, cheerio, cheerio....
  4. I know the lefties on this site hate my capitalist guts, but no one can deny I'm the absolute king of the threads. So, here's the thing. Steve does a great job on maintaining this site. In return, I provide all the clickbait he needs. For the sake of a small football related ad on one of my threads, by signing up to Google Adsense, I could make Steve a very rich man. You see, every click on a thread could generate $0.5 - $5 per click. My recent threads have generated over 2 million clicks. So folks, that's a potential of $1 - 10 million in revenue from yours truly directly into Steve's numbere
  5. They were unable to have their research peer reviewed as Nature and other "scientific" journals, refused to publish them. It's behind a paywall, but this article in this mornings Telegraph sums up what I have thought since the virus was first identified: Luckily for the West, MI6 are going to assist the US Intelligence agencies:
  6. The Chinese are the only people that know for certain, whether or not the virus escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. If they thought it jumped species in a wet market, it would be in their interests to continue to investigate how exactly that happened. They don't want to, because they have something to hide. So, all the other conclusions are so unlikely, that, together with the behaviour of the CCP, it makes the lab escape conclusion the only one left standing. My guess is that Biden has received intelligence that proves it and will be making it public, soon. That and the impending de
  7. Looks like Trump will be proved right about the origins of the covid virus, escaping from the Wuhan Institute of Virology: Always the most likely explanation and when proven, it will be very expensive for China: Meanwhile : It's worth repeating "China...would not participate or support a second phase of the World Health Organization’s investigation into the origins of COVID-19. " and then ask yourself the question, why not? Looks like Trump was playing a blinder all along, but people lost their objectivity, blinded by their hatred of the man's personality.
  8. Three researchers from China's Wuhan Institute of Virology sought hospital care in November 2019, months before China disclosed the Covid-19 pandemic, the Wall Street Journal has reported in relation to a previously undisclosed US intelligence report. According to a State Department fact sheet issued in the final days of Donald Trump's presidency, three researchers at China's Wuhan Institute of Virology, a lab for the research of coronaviruses and other pathogens, fell ill and sought hospitalisation in autumn 2019. Their symptoms "were consistent with both Covid-19 and other seasonal illne
  9. The government are licking their lips at the prospect of defunding the BBC and saving the taxpayers a bob or two. My advice to you is to keep up with the news, read my OP from a year ago and the writing on the wall. You might learn something: Reform can't come soon enough.
  10. Why am I not surprised the Remainers on this site are fans of the fucking Eurovision song contest, as if it is related in any way to music and Britain's contribution to world music. Just for some balance and in reverse order, below is a list and explains more than you ever need to know about British music. Nul points? Yeah, that's right:
  11. I should have 10 votes at every general election, for each vote the thick leftie twats on this forum have. Oh and 2x for each vote women have, whatever their politics. That was how Britain ruled the world. The current system is why the woke, knee-bending, Taliban surrendering, terrorist forgiving, multi-cultural western world is going to the dogs and why China is the next superpower. Democracy? It's overrated and wasted on 90% of the morons that vote. The thing is, at the moment, the opportunity to give BJ a BJ explains why some women don't need a vote, to influence politics. Don't get me
  12. Lord Mandelson, the former Labour MP for Hartlepool and reported adviser to Sir Keir’s leadership team, said he would have a “meltdown” if his party lost. 🤣
  13. Absolutely hammered Labour, with clueless Starmer choosing a Remainer as his candidate. Time to hang the monkey.
  14. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in the Telegraph this morning: Let's face it Remainers, your boys took a hell of a beating.
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