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  1. A further upside to this result is that getting rid of our owner must be far more likely. What are we worth today?
  2. Talking of refugees and xenophobic Tory brexiteers: My only problem with this is that in a few years of enjoying the benefits of this wonderful country, they will turn into Gavyn Davies, that well known Rhodesian refugee and turncoat and won't stop moaning about the country, its government and those born here. Get ready for YLM demonstrations. It won't be long before they are pulling down statues of Chris Patten.
  3. The police do indeed enforce law passed by Parliament. I assume you realise that Parliament is not the "government of the day". On second thoughts I don't think you do. Your next lessons will be on Royal Assent and the House of Lords....
  4. ....and when is Sir Lenny Henry and the BBC going to apologise for the Black & White Minstrel Show?
  5. If Black Lives Matter to the majority of the African-American community, why are 67% of black children raised by their mothers, alone?
  6. This new site is the b0ll0x...
  7. Let's face it, it's full of lefties, anti-democratic and it's programs are woke cr@p. Time to de- criminalise non-payment of the license fee.
  8. ...you forgot about Bunter...
  9. The good thing about this concocted bulsh!t with Cummings is that it is now vital, to hold onto the support of the white van driver and Northern monkeys, that Johnson will have to reject any extension to the transition period and on July 1st, the Remainers are finally toast.
  10. Not really behind the curve, mate. Just gave you lefties a chance to level the same criticism against Kinnock. Please point me in the direction of a post from you lot about that ginger pr!ck. Personally, I think Kinnock should resign as Member of Parliament (MP) for Aberavon and his Dad and Mum made to pay back the millions they siphoned off the EU for breaking the law. Oh...and Cummings should resign and be elevated to the Lords.
  11. Been following the posts on this thread, but I've yet to see one from the lefties that expressed the degree of pearl clutching horror to Dominic Cummings trip up t'north, when the below story broke: South Wales Police | #StayHomeSaveLives @swpolice Replying to @SKinnock
  12. So...you wanted the UK to remain in the EU, so that you could move to Greece?
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