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  1. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in the Telegraph this morning: Let's face it Remainers, your boys took a hell of a beating.
  2. Latest from the CEO of Airbus, Guillaume Faury Looking forward to the negative spin the Remainers will put on this news, as they emerge from the shadows, like Japanese soldiers after WWII.
  3. The UK currently has the fourth most successful national vaccination programme in the world, having delivered 45 doses per 100 people. But the US is in fifth place and closing, with 38 doses injected per 100 people. The US's is the largest vaccine rollout in the world, having delivered 130 million doses, about a quarter of the global total. It is already soaring ahead of the UK on full vaccinations, with 14 per cent of the US population inoculated compared to 3.6 per cent in the UK. That is partly due to 45 million Americans having received Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose vaccine. The
  4. Mmm...a slice of cheddar, a shot of whiskey, or a shot of vaccine?
  5. As the EU shows it's true colours, how about another survey, mods, as follows: Saints Web Definitely Not Official Third Referendum Leave Before - Rejoin Now Leave Before - Leave Now Leave Before - Not Bothered Now Remain Before - Rejoin Now Remain Before - Leave Now Remain Before - Not Bothered Now Not Bothered Before - Leave Now Not Bothered Before - Rejoin Now
  6. Contrast the response to the BLM protests:
  7. Pushing their luck? They were the weaker sex holding a vigil for a young woman who was murdered, allegedly, by a male Met police officer. Nothing, but nothing, justified the Met's response. I didn't see any female officers handling the situation, as would have made sense to anyone before the vigil was held. This is not going to end well for Dick and the Met. She will be told to resign and the Met will take years to regain the trust of any female living in London. We only have to see how the Met. dealt with Leon Brittan and his poor widow to realise they have an institutional problem, just like
  8. Her force hired the nutter charged with murder and then use male officers to manhandle women, peacefully holding a vigil and you say she's not responsible. Mate, you're a crackpot. Luckily, Priti Patel isn't.
  9. As in "Bad shit and mistakes happen"?
  10. She's going to resign next week, mate and your post is a steaming dog turd.
  11. The force she runs hired that loon and failed to act when he flashed his todger in a fast food restaurant. She was gold commander when De Menezez was killed. I think you'll find I'm far from the only dog barking up this particular tree.
  12. The thread is about how useless Dick is in regard to doing her job, which is preventing crime and protecting the public, who pay her inflated and undeserved salary. She seems to think the police force is about policing the public to make sure we are all obeying the law by the use of force in that regard. Her decision to deploy the Met in the way she did to attempt the dispersal of a peaceful vigil, in respect to a young women, allegedly killed by one of her own force, just shows why her judgement led to the killing of de Menezes, as the officer directly in charge that morning. She's toast
  13. The latest medical update on Sleepy Joe, here: Sad to watch.
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