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  1. Sir Patrick Vallance has backed calls for a "very powerful" science minister in Cabinet as a damning report into the national response to Covid is published. The Government's Chief Scientific Adviser, in an interview with BBC Radio 4, said science needs to shape policy, especially as world leaders gear up to tackle climate change. He said that integrating science and politics "has got to be the primary aim", and added: "Science needs to be everywhere, it can't sit as if it's one thing off to the side. I've got nothing against the idea of a very powerful science minister, what could be wrong
  2. Made glorious summer by this sun of York; And all the clouds, that lour'd upon our house, In the deep bosom of the ocean buried. Walking around the garden, I noticed a lot of pine cones which, to people that count tree rings, mean a cold winter to follow. I cast my mind back to the end of 1978 and events that heralded the career of the greatest British politician of our generation and the end of the worst. So many parallels to current events and a cold winter could have a similar seismic effect. In 1978, a mild autumn turned cold on the morning of 25 November when temperature
  3. Britain did not lock down sooner because ministers failed to challenge poor scientific advice, the first major report into the Government’s pandemic response has concluded. The error led to "one of the most important public health failures the UK has ever experienced" and resulted in a higher death toll, MPs said. The most successful part of Britain’s Covid-19 response was the vaccine programme, which is estimated to have saved 112,000 lives in England alone and protected nearly 50 million people in the UK.
  4. Congratulations on setting a new record for ad hominem attacks in one thread. As this getting boring now, I will no longer humiliate you. You must have a motorway to block, somewhere.
  5. Actually, if you'd read the paper, you would have seen that my extract cites not only the McKitrick and Christy study, but these: Pielke, R.A., Sr.; Wilby, R.; Niyogi, D.; Hossain, F.; Dairuku, K.; Adegoke, J.; Kallos, G.; Seastedt, T.; Suding, K. Dealing with Complexity and Extreme Events Using A Bottom-Up, Resource-Based Vulnerability Perspective. In Extreme Events and Natural Hazards: The Complexity Perspective; Sharma, A.S., Bunde, A., Dimri, V.P., Baker, D.N., Eds.; Copyright by the American Geophysical Union, Geophysical Monograph Series; American Geophysical Union: Washington, DC,
  6. You said: Bold type added. You linked it, I have Badgerx16 on ignore. The wanker emoji was directed at whoever is behind the website you linked. I think there is a general misunderstanding of the term ad hominem. Calling you a total fraud is fair comment, as Michael Mann discovered when he sued Timothy Ball for libel when Ball suggested Mann should be jailed for fraud. Mann failed to prove that was untrue, because he was unable to provide data that supported his "hockey stick" graph, much like you have been unable to supply data to support your assertion that an
  7. Listen mate, if you read that website, you'll be able to discern that the paper it refers to,had not even been published, at the time the author had been ripping it's authors to bits. Like I said, you're not as clever as you think, are you?
  8. Despite a relatively recent publication, the R. McKitrick, J. Christy paper (2020) has so far been cited an impressive 6 times. Michiya Hayashi, Hideo Shiogama, Seita Emori, Tomoo Ogura, Nagio Hirota, The Northwestern Pacific Warming Record in August 2020 Occurred Under Anthropogenic Forcing, Geophysical Research Letters, (2021). Stephen Po-Chedley, Benjamin D. Santer, Stephan Fueglistaler, Mark D. Zelinka, Philip J. Cameron-Smith, Jeffrey F. Painter, Qiang Fu, Natural variability contributes to model–satellite differences in tropical tropospheric warming, Proceedings o
  9. Where do I start: Nice to see you've accepted a review of a paper the author hasn't even read. Classy...
  10. Ssourced, validated information? Yeah....
  11. Red, green & blue, really??? Impressive publication, mate. You are really brainwashed, aren't you? I was looking for the peer review of the paper you referenced, but the website you quoted didn't even review it. Talk about your professional credibility being shot to hell. You thought Dr. Christy was an economist, then, after it is obvious you've never heard of him, you desperately try and shit on his reputation. Mate, you're a total fraud.
  12. I see our resident climate expert has fled this thread after leaving the above rabbit dropping. It's one thing patronising a village idiot like me, but it appears that he doesn't much like the opinion of experts in his field. The paper (McKitrick and Christy (2020), which was referenced in my post above, found a significant warming bias globally in the newest climate models and has been cited by the American Geophysical Union (AGU) as among the top 10% most downloaded papers in 2020 from its journal Earth and Space Science. “Pervasive Warming Bias in CMIP6 Tropospheric Layers” was co-auth
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