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  1. Read the statement he made again and stop conflating it with things he didn't say, or study's he didn't refer to. It was a statement of fact about something that may happen in the future. I still say that stating "British businesses will spend £7.5 billion a year handling customs declarations " is total bollox.
  2. If it's all the same to you, I'll quote the Office for National Statistics: Pretty much sums it up for me. Not "The Chief Executive of HMRC told MPs yesterday that British businesses will spend £7.5 billion a year handling customs declarations " How the hell can he make a statement like that? Total bollox...
  3. They are not findings, evidence, nor data. They are forecasts based on what they calculate it costs for a company to fill in a customs form. I don't know what they pay tax inspectors (a sorry bunch) but I can't imagine is costing over £30 to fill a form in. Still the HMRC and the Treasury have been so accurate with their forecasts in the past, who am I to argue. Still total bollox, though, but you latch onto it. I'll stick with the CEO of Nissan who dismissed disruption in the ports as "peanuts".
  4. You and I know it's total bollox, but let's not spoil a good Remainer whine.
  5. Last nail in the Remainer's arguments. This article signals it's time to move on, losers: Boris plays another blinder.
  6. We're all going to be dead in 100 years, so I say get the memorial threads in early. No fun for the subject if they can't read them....
  7. A senile President, mumbling in front of a teleprompter, with no sign of the puppet master yet. That string pulling power broker will emerge from the shadows sometime, as America descends into leftist, wokeist and divisive chaos. Biden's words of unity lasted less that a day, when the lefties took to the streets; No chance of blaming Trump for that one. Biden won't last his term and the erosion of US civilisation, typified by the Democrat controlled cities I have been to, will continue. More human excrement on the streets of LA, tents under bridges and uncontrolled crime will sign
  8. Boris played a blinder with Brexit and comes up Trumps with the vaccine: Ball by ball commentary here.
  9. What were the main drivers for the vaccine development? Like most things in life, money and commitment. Operation Warp Speed (OWS) is a public–private partnership initiated by President Donald J Trump and the U.S. government to facilitate and accelerate the development, manufacturing, and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics. All I can say is God bless America. The money was spent as follows:
  10. Meanwhile, back on planet Earth, it is interesting to look back to last year, May 14th to be exact: And how did the experts and MSM respond? Like this:
  11. Retard makes his case even weaker and also think there is an EU magic money tree.
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