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  1. I like to think it will be different if we're struggling in the relegation zone
  2. He probably had help but "gentle" is such an odd choice that it feels like a genuine sentiment
  3. Semmens just said on a podcast that we have money to spend in Jan
  4. He was definitely getting pelters on here but it's hard to dig out the exact threads
  5. A lot depends on how much Moi is earning and what he'll accept to stay. I'd keep him if he takes the right wage
  6. It would be AP Saints, for Amazon Prime
  7. Not going well for Claude at St Etienne https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/oct/18/claude-puel-clinging-on-job-ligue-1-saint-etienne
  8. Yeah but apart from that, why hasn't Ralph been starting him?
  9. Yep, surprised it has passed without more comment really (or maybe I just missed it). It feels good to break the managerial merry-go-round we've been on, even if results have been up and down (to say the least)
  10. 2 more games and Ralph will have overtaken Adkins for number of games managed. 6 more games and he'll overtake Branfoot, becoming our longest serving manager since Chris Nicholl
  11. I just came on here to say what a brilliant pass that was. Perfect weighting
  12. Good stuff. Once again our opponents have had an off day, funny that
  13. Why not? I mean, I don't think you can confidently predict it will happen, but I don't see why it can't either. If you get girls playing in schools then the rest will follow
  14. Graeme Jones must have been slacking off this season because they're back in the relegation zone
  15. There was also the dodgy sponsorship deal. But I basically agree with you. Imagine if Gao gave Alan Pardew an eight-year contract! Or tried to rename the stadium. Or got us relegated twice. Or hired Joe Kinnear. Etc etc
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