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  1. If KWP moves on next summer then we'll need them and if he doesn't then we can sell. It's not ridiculous to invest in a youngster with potential - it's our whole business model. And with injuries I'm sure there will be opportunities. Unless you want Cuco Martina playing for half a season because someone has got a serious injury
  2. I think that would be totally fine to be honest. It's a much different position to GK
  3. You might say the same about Smith-Rowe, who is surely even less likely to join?
  4. He's doing a great job for Italy but I thought City should have got rid of him sooner to be honest
  5. The thing is, most international managers aren't from the elite anymore. Southgate is an ok manager doing an ok job, which is enough. Roberto Martinez ffs https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:UEFA_Euro_2020_managers
  6. As Crocker put it: "We have to be strategic and stick to our principles. We have made mistakes with signings that do not fit within our principles so a big part of my job is to make sure that we stick to the plan." https://www.hampshirelive.news/sport/football/transfer-news/southampton-ralph-hasenhuttl-summer-transfer-5499976
  7. We got to the semis in 2018 by beating a tough-ish team early (Colombia) then having the draw open up. We were crap tonight but there's a good team in there somewhere. I'm not writing this tournament off yet.
  8. No matter how bad we were, I'd still be aiming to win rather than settling for second so we can say we got the quarters.
  9. If we have any ambition then we need to win the group. If we finish second then we end up with France in the quarters. Finish first then we get the beatable Portugal/Germany and then the beatable Spain
  10. Not to deny your point at all, but that one against England in the 2012 Euros was good. Shortly followed by the friendly when Ibra scored that ridiculous overhead kick
  11. Or they know more about football than you? 🤔🤔 🤔😃
  12. You didn't rate Long so for you it would have been logical to let him go. But Ralph did rate him and started him in every game so it would have been weird if he didn't give him a new contract in the hope that he could hold back the years a while longer, at least as a useful squad player
  13. If you look at the managers Levy has hired over the years, there's some real stinkers. It's like he's throwing a dart blindfolded and then it's pure luck when he hits the target
  14. Again hindsight. There was no knowing that Adams would kick on this season and get over his goal drought. With the Adams we had then, your list of strikers is very weak. I'd have rather given a one year contract at the time, but if two was the only option and the wage was reasonable, it was a decent way to hedge our bets. Also, Ings was absolutely not under any obligation to be that effusive in his quote, and the fact that Long was a regular starter speaks for itself
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