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  1. As I understand it, the reason we got him is that he has this issue and that put off bigger clubs. We took a punt that we could sort it because the reward would be a top quality player. If it doesn't work out then those are the breaks, £10m isn't the biggest fee in the world
  2. I'm baffled by this reaction. We've been told by an ITK that there is something pretty serious in his life which means he came to the club seriously unfit and which appears to be causing ongoing problems. We're not going to be told what the issue is, we can only assume it is ongoing, so just be patient and move on!
  3. https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/1240911/Southampton-news-Danny-Ings-Shane-Long-new-contract-Premier-League
  4. Were expectations high when we signed him? He wasn't setting the world alight at Norwich. He turned out to be a first team player which was pretty good
  5. I agree that the UK is one of the most tolerant countries in the world. But that doesn't mean there aren't problems. Why do you think so many people of colour think there is a problem? Are they making it up? Deluded? Why does BLM exist as a movement in the UK if the UK is so perfect? Do you really think it really been cooked up by Marxist lefties in order to overthrow capitalism? And that they've been so successful they've managed to hoodwink the entire football establishment and many of the players? The movement has clearly hit on something real and powerful
  6. I assume you are white? Maybe you didn't see division and injustice but black and other communities certainly felt it
  7. I'm on the "woke" side but i think we have to say there's a fair chance this was a misunderstanding, and we won't know the truth until there's a proper inquiry
  8. Calling people "coloured" hasn't been acceptable for at least 20 years. Someone in Greg Clarke's position, with a degree of responsibility for overseeing policies on race, really has to do better. It's not that hard to keep up if you take the time to learn
  9. It may well have just been a big misunderstanding but I do think officials have a responsibility to understand the nuances of language and how they might be interpreted. They all probably ought to receive training. Similar to Greg Clark, on the face of it he just made a mistake but he has a responsibility to understand this stuff and get his terms right.
  10. People have been very quick to jump in with their views on this one but this footage suggested he called him a negro, not just a black guy Even if you take the quote that Reuters reported, it's racist if you all me: “The black one over there. Go and check who he is. The black one over there, it’s not possible to act like that."
  11. Hypo told us players are just going through the motions when taking the knee, so I guess these players did so after scoring against Millwall because they were told to by the authorities
  12. I used to find the brass band they always had at halftime at the Dell extremely tedious. But I didn't boo them because really, who cares that much? Just let them get on with it
  13. The only reason BLM has increased racial tension is that white people are being forced to face up to things that people of colour have always known to be true
  14. That's like saying we haven't cured cancer so all research thus far has been meaningless. This is a process of changing and opening people's minds through discussion
  15. Going back to stop and search, because it is an important part of this issue, here's an example of why it is causing such resentment: https://www.equalityhumanrights.com/en/race-britain/stop-and-think For anyone willing to learn rather than stay in entrenched positions, the report also looked at whether people of colour really get stop and searched more because their is more crime in their communities (P54). It is very hard to get definitive evidence so we'll never be able to solve the issue, but ‘self-report’ studies have shown consistently that rates of involvement in offending
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