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  1. Exactly this imo. The club have budgeted for it for the season. So we aren't suddenly making an unexpected £3m a month loss with no way to afford it.
  2. An unbudgeted £3m loss per month makes no sense and would be very alarming. I also doubt it is something we would leak during takeover talks. Hence querying it rather than taking it as a "face value" gospel truth. If saints are actually making an unbudgeted loss of £3M per month specifically due to something that was foreseeable this season (and obviously would have been budgeted for) then something has gone very wrong. Given our summer transfer activity, i find that outcome to be highly unlikely - hence calling it a speculative take on what was said and querying it. As Vectis says,
  3. I don't know who Toby Steele is, but this seems highly speculative take, and to describe it as a loss is disingenuous as well. We have lost a portion of our income this season because there are no gate receipts and that can be estimated for sure. But equally, the club knew that was coming and may well have restructured the business to accommodate it - Removing significant sums from the wage bill over the transfer window being a significant example. To put it another way. outright calling it a loss implies the club sanctioned our summer transfer window spend on the assumption we'd have ful
  4. That is all there is to it really - hard for some to understand though.
  5. Basically, once again Liverpool have fooked us over...
  6. Imagine Redmond and Walcott will play on the wings. We don't have any other obvious choices with Armstrong and Djenpo out. Its that or we have smallbone starting in the AMR spot? Or He plays central and JWP plays AMR? Or Ralph really pushes the boat out and puts Valery as AMR?
  7. So.... Ay suggestions for good streaming sites these days? 😆
  8. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8631227/15m-China-shirt-crisis-hits-Southampton-main-sponsor-LD-Sports-set-pull-plug-deal.html I can't say i'm surprised by this. What a car crash of a sponsor from start to finish! Does this mean we can get shirts without a sponsor on for the coming season? Or, failing that, we can get a different sponsor on the shirt in time? Assume this is political as well given its impacting several clubs. On that note, it is an interesting one to be honest, the Chinese are withholding the TV money funds and calling the league's bluff
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