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  1. On the bench for the Young Boyz tonight in their win over United (how bad is that for Ronaldo and co 😅). It would appear that Young Boyz were aware of his last outing vs United as they sensibly chose to leave him on the bench for the full game. The result, this time it was united getting the red card and humiliatingly losing the game 👌🏼
  2. At this point, he should not be keeping players like Tella, Adams, Livramento/KWP etc out of the team. Even Djenpo should be above him. There are times where Redmond can be very effective, but his standard is consistently that of a bottom 3rd player - and we have better on the bench,
  3. Brighton are not getting relegated!! Not unless Potter is poached pronto. Saints aren't getting relegated. We've not been involved in and end of season/final game scrap with Ralph so far - and having us clear before the final game of the season that first season was a miracle tbh - i thought we were done under Hughes. Regardless, its certainly not going to happen this year.
  4. Prior to the defensive performance vs west ham game, i would have said this was a case of letting the molestation begin... but now I am not so sure. I could see this going two ways, one being where go full yolo and get hit for 5 (regardless of however many we score), or we try to follow the mould of the 1-0 win, take our chances and keep it tight whilst strangling their midfield. They don't really have a striker so i would say we can get a point if we setup right. Think we should definitely be playing livramento and KWP on the same side for this one! Their pace plus perraud and salisu
  5. I read that as him just saying that as a criticism of other clubs that have the luxury to build their squads unsustainably / have owners that can put money in regardless, whereas we are building our team on a tighter budget. The alternative take that fits certain fans' narratives (but is not something the manager would do) is he is openly criticising the current owners.
  6. Based on the photo the club have continued to use, I'd say they weren't keeping an eye on the scoreboard...
  7. Think a lot of saints fans got into it when it was Anka and they were giving out silly offers. Now its Sheldon and the reality is that he isn't good enough for people to bother paying for it.
  8. circa 3min 50seconds 👌🏼
  9. I'm sure i remember being told it was Cortese that was spending money we didn't have as well. Yet it would seem financial ruin has only really been a threat after he was ousted and Les got his hands firmly on the wheel 🙄
  10. Yeah i know what you mean. I don't want to be too harsh on the guy so give him the benefit of the doubt and assume its because he started out at the echo. But it could equally be the case that he's simply happy to print the easy stories he gets from the club and just doesn't really give that much of a toss re doing more in depth pieces/research. I suspect you could give quite a few people the press contacts he's got and you'd get at least the same level of output 🤷‍♂️.
  11. Well, lets just be grateful we survived (barely) and hope that shit never happens again 😅
  12. For reference: https://theathletic.com/1941621/2020/08/11/mohammed-salisu-southampton-transfer/ Its not so much the fault of The Athletic in general. Carl was tapped up to be the united journalist and poached accordingly - it was always his dream to cover the hallowed goings on at Old Trafford . But he's one of the best sports journalists out there imo and his articles and level ability to ingratiate himself with club figures when he was here really helped - as did the fact that he wasn't actually a saints fan jsut pumping out biased fan articles. Dan replaced him coming from the
  13. Nice breakdown, I'd group them as follows - looking at it from a general blur of value for money perspective / money lost etc perspective. Good value signings (total = £86m) PEH (12m), Bednarek (5m), Redmond (10m), McCarthy (5m), Armstrong (7m), Adams (15m), Ings (£20m), KWP (12m). Reasonable signings (or perhaps too early to tell - total 70.2m) Gabbi (14.5m), Djenpo (14m), Salisu (11m), Diallo (12.7m), Vestergard (18m - almost put him below as we could have spent this elsewhere with today's recruitment) Bad signings: (including carillo/hoedt/lemina below = 97.5m) Boufal (16m
  14. Carl Anka (used to be the saints writer but was poached by United and is sorely missed) has contributed to a piece in the Athletic regarding terrible transfer windows by premier league clubs. He's put southampton forward for summer 2017 - and in fairness it does highlight some of (because sadly we all know it wasn't just that window) the absolute car crash that was presided over by our previous board, and how they hamstrung us at a time where we had a lot of potential, and instead almost ruined the club. I know i've made the point previously, and although Ralph and Gao are far from unive
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