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  1. If KWP has been offered regular first team football by Saints (playing under RH and pushing for a top half finish next season) then I personally think he'd be mad to go to Fulham 🤣
  2. Saint86


    This ties in with what I've heard as well 😏
  3. And he's a lot less offensive than most of the BBC's pay roll 🤷‍♂️
  4. I mean. Do you need me to say, "Welcome to saintsweb"?
  5. Saint86

    Adam Lallana

    Really? Fonte wanted a contract extension to see him through to retirement at the club. He also asked for a pay rise to match his expectations as a European champion. Its been made clear by several parties that he wasn't demanding the earth, or even near the club's top earners. In response, the club (Les Read et al) falsely leaked that he had handed in a transfer request and forced him out of the club. He didn't want to leave the club but he even ended up on a reduced wage at a club he didn't want to be at. Yeah, he could have handled himself a bit better and obviously regrets it now. But the bloke should frankly be a club hero. You are living in a parallel universe to me if you think someone who could arguably have gone on the banner should be held in the same disdain as Llama boy and Lovren. At the end of the day, Rickie Lambert is loved by the fans despite being one of the first ones out the door to join Liverpool and get some more Wonga for his retirement. Fonte wanted to stay at the club and asked for a pay rise (to match his perceived ability) and a contract extension to see out his career at the club.... I mean, who doesn't ask for a payrise when they've done well at work... he didn't ask to leave but he was deceitfully forced out of the club anyway. At the very least, those two players should be viewed in a very similar way by the fans.... and none of us begrudge Rickie do we? Its sad that some of our fans have this level of disdain towards Fonte. He was a pivotal club servant who moved down a division to join saints, scored the crucial winning goal at Brighton, and who stayed with us for years becoming club captain. He was a player who lived and breathed Saints whilst he was here and obviously still cares for the club.
  6. Feel sorry for Bournemouth but villa will get something out of West ham no matter what they do to Everton. That's the classic West ham MO. Shit when they should do well, upset the odds when they really should do crap.
  7. Surely one of the defensive signings is a right back?!?!
  8. Well i sit firmly on the Puel should have been sacked side of the fence - so I absolutely agree. We hired a terrible manager afterwards, but I have no doubts Puel would have been sacked with us in a relegation fight eitherway had he stayed.
  9. Predicted 11th-15th with a chance of top 8 push if we had a good season (we didn't, but at least we've ended superbly given where we were in November!!). Would be delighted if we finished above Everton.
  10. Yeah right. Would be amazing
  11. I'd give them the points frankly. They are a local team and I don't wish them ill (just don't want them doing better than us in a major way). If they win it increases the chance of west ham or watford going down. Two teams that I'd far rather see relegated. Or Villa ofc. Last game of the season is villa vs west ham, and I've got 2 close mates that follow those two teams respectively... Several of us will be revelling in the banter we can give if both villa and west ham are at risk of relegation on the final day. So, purely for my merriment, lets lose to Bournemouth?
  12. Agreed. Of the current top 4, man city are my preferred team - but that's not saying much 😆 Have a lot of respect for Ole's United revolution so will be the two manchester clubs by the end of the season i suspect. As for the rest of the established clubs... Really can't stand Leicester, everton, Liverpool or chelsea. Arsenal and tottenham are a bit meh. Hopefully are free to air performances have been improving our "2nd club" popularity and will lead to more TV money / merchandising next year etc. FFP is responsible for our best team in 30 years being dismantled and clubs like United, Liverpool and Tottenham being able to poach are players at leisure.
  13. I fully support any action that harms FFP. The system does the exact opposite of enforcing fair play, Another article in the mail on it today. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8523111/MARTIN-SAMUEL-Hateful-eight-step-war-against-Manchester-City-FFP-saga.html
  14. Saint86

    Nathan Redmond

    He put in a hell of a shift vs city and was tracking back doing a very good job defending.
  15. Saint86


    JWP is the best penalty taker we have currently. He hit the bar yesterday, if it had been an inch and a half lower then people would queuing up with praise. If he misses again then its different as that starts to become a mental issue.
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