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  1. I don't think many of the current issues are on Gao, he let's the club get on with running itself by and large. The issues like with the awful transfer policy that saw us destroy our team, saddle us with debts, and sign players like lemina, hoedt, Ely, carillo, etc. For tens of millions and on long contracts. Not only that, but offering long high wage contracts to players like forster, and appointing awful managers like puel and mope. As far as I am concerned, gao's tenureship got rid of the cancer that was Les Reed, Krueger etc, and has somehow kept us in the prem. We were an utter
  2. Any word on the away kit? I was looking at the store and noticed this on the infant / baby page: https://www.southamptonfc.com/store/clothing/baby-infant/saints-away-kit-babygrow/c-1/c-266/p-1592 Fairly sure there was no yellow / blue kit babygrow there for last season 🤔
  3. You'd need all of those signings to pay off immediately or be staring at relegation.
  4. He'd be a steal at £15m and I'd bite their hand off for a player of his level for that much. Sod the contract situation.... If he is available for £15m we should just pay it and run before someone else comes in! There aren't many players like him in that price bracket, miss him and who else are we signing.
  5. Don't forget Smallbone who Ralph has mentioned in numerous pressers as someone he's missing!
  6. If anything he is too tall - which will impact negatively on his balance and agility. Fortunately our forum's black spot experts have already demonstrated 5'10 is the required height for top class full backs.
  7. Seriously poor decision. We have Macca and Forster who are a similar standard and certainly not much better than Gunn - both of which are getting on and will need replacing.
  8. BLM is significantly divisive. And people behaving like this is point in case.
  9. She isn't a nice bit of work lets be honest 🤷‍♂️, but then she's also not unique in that regard when it comes to extreme political activists. Who knows, maybe she'll be lucky enough to make a fully recovery, adjust her outlook to become less angry and intolerant. What was a good gesture was all the clubs etc boycotting social media to make a point about social networks harbouring racists. That wasn't politically aligned, it was stronger communal action by the football community, and its didn't draw any negative fan pressures. Funny that. Like it or not, the issue here is BLM UK percei
  10. I agree. But to add to the recruitment at older ages part - this doesn't change the fact that a given 12year old player would have been recruited into a poorer youth setup re coaching quality, facilities, and youth player quality/ability wise. There is no way an 12year old coached at a poorer level for the first few years has the same chance of reaching an equivalent level as one who gets top quality coaching since the get go. This is where we have been coming from in all reality. And yes, the club don't openly say that, but there have been signs that they know it an acknowledge it for a
  11. Saint86

    Romain Perraud

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hpaOEA-4l0-37iiJjt3DXpgkTel6VGOU/view Ranks in the lowest 10% of full backs (from the big 5 leagues) with regards to attackers dribbling past him. Quality. Although he is good at dispossessing players during a pressing action and comes top 6% for tackles per game. I guess this is fine provided we are always attacking and pressing the opposition and he never has a skilful winger running at him in a defensive position..... ^_^ Weakest 8% of full backs for aerial duels - no surprise there. Dribble success rate in the bottom 35%, but does gets a lot of
  12. A lot of the academy set up got poached or wasn't as well supported. Kids join the club at 8years old, so 12 years on that's the 20year olds - of which fans oft like to remind us "they aren't very good". But we got back to the prem about 10years ago now, which will have given us the draw, funding and stability to both recruit better prospects and train them better - so i personally would expect to start seeing some good 18year olds coming through soon.
  13. No we couldn't. And in a summer where we stand a good chance to lose Vestergard and Ings, we don't go and sell our club captain who happens to be one of our best and most consistent performers.
  14. Current market is fairly irrelevant to saints unless the owner decides to try and force a sale. He's on a 5year contract so we've got a year or two unless JWP himself kicks off🤷‍♀️ - which i think is unlikely.
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