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  1. Judging by the responses on here I am in a minority, but I'm still not convinced that Tino should be dropped. I acknowledge that his performances have dipped from early season, KWP is better on the right and Perraud has been solid, but I still think that we miss Tino's height and physicality if he wasn't there. And even when he isn't playing great, he still looks dangerous or creates a half chance. I can't recall Perraud making a single chance when he has played, KWP has had good performances at left back and Tino still has good moments in every game. We've started letting goals in fro
  2. Agreed , but would be good to have him on the bench just in case Lyanco or Salisu pick up an injury during the game. Otherwise I suspect Romeu will need to drop to centre half.
  3. We said the same during the game last night; the lack of vision/execution in slipping players through has been an issue for a while. I actually feel a little sorry for Armstrong as he does make good runs but is very rarely seen (or seen too late) so his runs are in vain and probably add to his overall frustration. After a new goalie, a creative number 10 would be high on my shopping list.
  4. I agree with the vast majority on here, McCarthy should have done better. However in the rush to condemn him, I haven't seen any comments about the abysmal clearing header from Salisu which didn't clear the penalty area and dropped fairly central to the goal; a half decent clearance at that point would have meant that we wouldn't now be debating McCarthy's inadequacies. Salisu is a good player and I suspect that he won't be with us for long. He is young and still improving. However, like any young player he makes mistakes and isn't the finished article yet. I hope for both Saints sa
  5. I'm a little more optimistic than that; Leicester weren't that great yesterday, the main difference was they took their half chances; hopefully Vardy won't be playing on Wednesday as he will be rested and him and Maddison were the difference. Tieleman is also out. Saints didn't play well in the 2nd half at Norwich but would still have got a point or three if the goalie had done his job. Liverpool was just a bad day at the office where a combination of a superb team on the top of their game, key absences for Saints and our poor tactical formation contributed to a disappointing delay. Wr
  6. There is a strong chance that their best goal-scorer in Vardy will be rested for our game. He played 90 minutes yesterday and with them being 2 up I was surprised he wasn't taken off if he was also going to play on Wednesday. However, his likely replacement Daka has been scoring so maybe it won't be as much benefit as previously. Would be good not to have to face Vardy though - he is still a top striker.
  7. I think it is fair to say that nobody was expecting Tino to make the impact that he has and he has earned his place. Perraud has been sound, but no more, no less. He will get further chances as the games pile on; I think that we have 8 games coming up in 37 days, so injuries will occur and the squad will be used more. While I'd rather KWP was playing on his natural right side, he has put in some good performances on the left and offers different capabilities than Perraud (he is really good at keeping the ball, which will be needed against Liverpool). Can't disagree too much about y
  8. This is a good summary; a couple of comments: We were totally dominant when Mo was on and played the match in the final third. I agree that Broja didn't do much, but we really didn't have any sustained pressure and were chasing the game so not a totally fair comparison, plus they are different styles of player so contribute different capabilities. Agree with your comments on JWP, but I did think that he was a little more ambitious with his long passing yesterday, and did a few (not every one !) excellent cross field passes, I hope that he continues to try those, as we've missed tha
  9. It isn't a good comparison between FF and Ings. There was a contract offer on the table for Ings and there appeared to be (mistaken) confidence in the club that he would sign. It wasn't until July that it was confirmed that he had rejected the offer, so no possibility to drop Ings.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if he plays all three centre halfs at Liverpool next week.
  11. Do you think that if we got a big enough offer (including sell on % to Chelsea) and with potentially ready made replacements that we could sell sooner ? (i.e. next summer). For example, Man U need an attacking right back/RWB.
  12. You're right that we need to carefully consider promoting young players into the first team, but ............. I remember my reaction before the Everton game when I heard that KWP had been replaced by a complete novice in Tino. I thought Ralph had lost his marbles or that Chelsea had inserted a strange clause in the contract. Three months later and Tino is one of our best players and has deservedly kept his place. If they're good enough, then play them. The biggest challenge has is that full back is probably the area of our team with the most depth so less likely to be opportuniti
  13. Against Saints, Buendia was anonymous in the first half, but was excellent in Villa's 20 minute hot spell after half time on Friday and was at the root of their onslaught. Many have said that Ralph's formation was the major factor in us defending the lead, but Buendia going off with cramp could also be considered a turning point. I know Villa fans thought the same. Clearly, a 15 minute spell isn't good enough for a £33m player and he needs to deliver more regularly, but he is still in the settling in stage so I wouldn't be too quick to write him off. He may yet come good.
  14. Lyanco was outstanding at Chelsea but even then I thought as the game wore on he did start to dive in more - almost as though he was believing his own hype. Last night he helped to provide an extra physicality in the centre of defence which had been missing, but did make a few mistakes when he dived in. Very interesting footballer though with loads of potential ; physicality, some pace, ball playing skills and a wonderful spirit. It's that spirit that we somehow need to bottle so that it is used as a positive but balanced out when the situation needs calm. The great thing is that he has
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