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  1. I agree that he has the quality, leadership, flexibility to add to our team. He was in the England squad just 3 years ago so is of decent quality. But if his wages are £100k per week for the next 2 years that equates to £10m (ish) - of course he may be prepared to take cut or Man U might subsidise like Theo. But his injury record is horrendous - over a longer period worse than Danny Ings when he joined. Based on his record even in a "good" season he would only be available 20+ games per season and who knows if the most recent injuries have caused long term impact to his capabilities.
  2. I think it is a fair argument. Where I do think that there is some shafting going on, is where a player on their last year has been tapped up and insists on only joining a single club - it means the negotiation abilities of the selling club is virtually zero. This seemed to be the case last year where Hojberg rejected the overtures of Everton and was only interested in going to Tottenham. I am assuming this is why there appears to remain some bad blood between the clubs. It wouldn't surprise me that something similar happens with Vestergaard, although I hope that Ings can aim highe
  3. It was a good achievement to get to the final, we shouldn't diminish it. However, I remain in the camp that it was despite Southgate rather than because of it. I agree with your point that we have weaknesses in the squad/team - midfield being the obvious one, but player for player I feel with compare with the likes of Italy and Belgium (although I still think France are a step ahead). Look at Belgium's defence - are you telling me that the aging Vertonghen & Alderweirld compare to Maguire & Stones ? All teams need to adapt - I just feel that people like Roberto Mancini who manag
  4. Che's video of his last championship season with Birmingham had plenty of shots from the edge of the box i.e. not tap-ins. The issue was that every goal was scored with his right foot. He didn't seem to have the ability to score with his head or left foot. This has continued with Saints. Armstrong's video shows someone who has pace and can finish with both feet and contribute a few headers too. One of the other posters noted a resemblance with Ings' style which I can also see. Of course, looking good in the Championship is very different from the premiership (or even the French Lig
  5. Unlike some of the more optimistic posters on here I don't believe that if he isn't going to sign an extension that there is a chance in hell that he will stay for 12 months until his contract runs down. I'm pretty sure it is us stating our negotiating position so that other teams don't think that they can get him for a give away price, but the reality of the situation is that £20m+ is a huge sum of money for a club like Saints and we'll accept what we can get - I think the question will be whether he leaves soon, or right at the end of this window when other teams (plus us) become more desper
  6. Totally agree. I think that the only bargaining power that we may have is that there does appear to be a number of clubs interested in him which could drive the price up. Hojberg went cheap because it seems that he made it clear that he only wanted to go to Spurs - hopefully that can be avoided this time. I'd certainly bite the hand of anyone offering close to £25m.
  7. As someone else pointed out this may just be a Twitter "rumour", so shouldn't be given too much credibility. But if there are crumbs of truth in it, I don't think it is so absurd. Both Forster and McCarthy contracts are up in 1 year, and assuming that we don't replace Gunn this summer that would mean we would have to recruit two new keepers next year. I don't rate either keeper but actually keeping one as a backup would make sense as we probably don't have the cash for buying two keepers. Maybe Forster has already told Saints he is off or won't reduce his current salary. There i
  8. Brady is very good with free kicks, but not a role that we are lacking in .....
  9. Brian Clough used to refer to them as "thugs" as referenced in the link below. I don't believe he was completely clueless, and certainly saw them play. Quote unquote: Clough, Leeds, dustbins and cheats - Football365 BTW - I actually agree with your general comment that we need stronger leaders/winners in the current team. There is certainly a lack of mental strength regularly displayed.
  10. I think our only advantage this year is that Hoedt, Lemina Forster are all on their last year. They may be more willing to compromise on their salary - for example, if they get offered a 3-4 year contract it would be worth more security than hanging around Saints and perhaps picking up a big injury. Of course, they will become even more attractive in 12 months time when they will be essentially free and will anticipate a decent signing on fee. Its not going to be fun.
  11. Really surprised by the line-up. There are a number of very odd selections which are hard to explain. Could we have decided to strengthen our midfield by playing a proper 3-5-2 ? Redmond LWB and the middle three of JWP, Armstrong & Diallo. This would leave Minamino and Ings up front. I think that I am just clutching at straws here ...... The Minamino situation is beyond weird; if Harry Rednapp were still Manager I know what people would bee insinuating about his continued appearances.
  12. Excuse me, I didn't explain myself well enough. I wasn't suggesting that they drop JWP, just that we find the right partner for him when he plays at central midfield. However, my main point is that were we to spend money on another centre midfielder, then we might not buy a deputy for KWP because we would have extra cover in midfield so JWP could play RB if KWP was injured. I have no insight on our budget, but I suspect it isn't substantial so we will probably make compromises and having players covering multiple positions might be one way of balancing the books. And yes, I don't lik
  13. I think we write off Romeu too quickly. We have missed him in his recent absence, so dropping to 4th choice to quickly could be a mistake. He is 29, so not too old and he has never had any pace, so won't decline as quickly as some. I think the key will be to get the right combination. JWP & Diallo just don't seem to work as well together and maybe Diallo needs a bit of physical muscle to complement his pace. If we were to get Thomas Delaney it wouldn't surprise me that JWP just became the new Right Back cover ......
  14. Earlier I suggested that we keep this topic to another place on the forum. People seemed to agree (8 likes so far), but some keep insisting on repeating their views ("my mate in Waitrose" is one of the sillier ones though 🙂 ) Please use the Lounge or a specific thread for exchanging opinions on this topic. It is ruining the run up to the game and the arguments are routine and really only tells us who reads The Daily Mail and who reads the Guardian.
  15. Isn't there somewhere else on this forum for discussions such as this ? Happy for people to state their views, but this is the pre-match thread for a game tomorrow night. In team news, Romeu may be back on the bench and Bednarek has recovered from his heel injury so is also available.
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