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  1. We should be able to virtually field the same team (or better) on Saturday that we used against Liverpool (who even in current form are better than Arsenal). McCarthy and Adams who were missing would both be able to play, I'm assuming Danny will be back and there is a chance that Djenepo and/or Romeu could be close. I'm not under estimating it, and I agree that the priority should be the league, but let's not write it off just yet. I'm worried about tonight's match - Shrewsbury have got good recent form and we may play a number of youngsters tonight, so depending on how much youth is i
  2. Perhaps we learned from our mistake and realised giving older players longer contracts wasn't such a good idea. Also, Bertrand is younger than Long so his wage demands are likely to be significantly higher meaning that a 3 year contract carries a much higher risk in the event that Bertrand loses form/sustains a major injury. I'd like him to stay, but we need to be disciplined and keep to our wage structure; it also sends a message to other players about our approach.
  3. Top idea. Bertrand has played as part of a back 3 in the past, so think that he could adapt. With Vestergaard and Salisu seemly out for a while it could also serve as a little bit of practice in the event of Stephens or Bednarek picking up an injury .....
  4. Maybe this was one of the reasons that Saints were so amenable to postponing the game

    FA Cup Draw

    If we beat Arsenal, we will then do the same with Wolves; play them twice in a matter of a few days both away in the cup and then in the league. Of course, if we don't beat Shrewsbury ................................
  6. Che brings lots of good physicality and hold up play to our team, but even his mother would say that he is underwhelming in heading the ball. If we need plan B we could use Vestergaard (when he returns) as an emergency centre forward.
  7. I share your concerns, but with Redmond & Djenepo both likely to be out, we are on our bare bones. So if we get an injury or need to shake things up I think that it is worth considering ..... I would be worried that it could have a negative impact on JWP - being shuffled around from position to position again, he may be less effective further forward etc etc, but sometimes you have to make difficult decisions. I don't see Diallo playing further forward though. I see him more as someone who retrieves the ball and gives it to one of our players (similar to Romeu rather than JWP who p
  8. I agree. Demarai Gray is the right age and with Premiership experience. His goals/assists ratio is similar (slightly worse) to Redmond's and Leicester fans don't seem too disappointed that he is leaving, with lots of comments about his lack of delivery and poor decision making. However, there is also a feeling that he has never realised his full potential even though he possesses the right attributes (pace/physically strong), so maybe this is something that Ralph could develop. If we can get him on a free (preferably with a short term loan from Jan), then other than a very large signing
  9. I thought that Diallo was tidy and competent on Saturday, but understandably he will lose his place to Romeu tomorrow. He doesn't appear to have exceptional creativity or passing range, and is probably best suited as a defensive midfielder. With Redmond injured, Armstrong not in great form and Walcott possibly partnering Che up front, perhaps one option would be to play JWP further forward (right attacking midfielder) and allow Diallo & Romeu to play as the defensive pair. I recognise breaking up JWP/Romeu is a risk; they have been the foundation of much of our achievements this
  10. They also played well against Liverpool a few games back when two penalty decisions went against them so that they had to make do with a draw. We will be probably be without two of our best players (Romeo & Ings). Of course we can win but I am with Toussaint, play our best available team - it's going to be tougher than it would have been a month ago.
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if the outstanding issues preventing Bertrand from signing a new contract is the length of the extension. Understandably at his age he wants as long as possible, while Saints don't want to have an excessive commitment to a player who will start to decline and/or pick up more injuries as he gets older. It could explain why Bertrand says that he is waiting on the club; maybe he wants to see if they'll offer a decent 3 year extension. It could mean that the perceived positivity in Bertrand's statements this morning may not bear fruition. I'm a little puzzled why he w
  12. Interesting stats. To back up your theory, I'd add Pompey away in the League cup when he scored the 4th in the 4-0 victory. I'd also highlight that the majority of the examples are away (exception being Sheff U). I've always felt that he is less effective at home (possibly because he lacks a real spark to unlock deeply packed defensive cover). He was truly awful on Saturday, but I'm still a fan and I'd always pick him for away games where he does a great deal of covering and support work which is needed when we have less possession. For the same reasons, I'd consider him for home g
  13. With Saints attacking presence diminished in the last 15 minutes, deploying Vestergaard as an emergency Centre forward wasn't the most stupid idea in the world. We'd tried 85 minutes of our usual approach without success and sometimes trying something unconventional can work. Vestergaard's mere size and presence can create for others - not something I'd recommend outside of the last 5-10 minutes, but when you're desperate for an equalizer, try anything ........
  14. I have mixed feelings about Theo. Like you, I've noticed the number of times that he gives the ball away cheaply, but I also recognise he always seems to offer a goal threat (Chelsea (assist), Villa (strong chance), Newcastle (assist), Wolves (goal, missed chance), Brighton (strong chance). He may be one of those players that doesn't look great, but somehow is always involved in the "business end" of the game. On the whole, I'd keep with him for a few games more games to see how it goes, but I understand the frustrations. Djenepo is best with the ball (rather than chasing back all the ti
  15. Saints - 0.50 v Man U 2.48 EPL xG Table and Scorers for the 2020/2021 season | Understat.com
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