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  1. Not just bummed….but I’d say it’s a lube-free bumming too…
  2. Ings lived in a very secluded gaff near Oliver’s Battery in Winchester. Seen S. Armstrong in and around Winchester a few times. PEH, Mane, Davis, Van Dijk all lived/ had/have gaffs here.
  3. Redderz! Get in! All I need now is for Clive Tyldesley to be sat next to me this pm and it’ll be the perfect afternoon of live football.
  4. Better now than on 92 minutes. I can relax now.
  5. Tuchel has a really slappable face.
  6. ****ing Redmond. He must have some proper dirt on someone.
  7. While I think most of us feel cheated out of the penalty - knowing Saints, had we been given it and scored, Citeh would have consequently smashed 3 past us in the last 10 minutes. So maybe it panned out for the best.
  8. I’m guessing RH has his reasons for not playing KWP and pushing TL further up but I’m at a loss to understand why he felt Redmond (NR) was the better option. Surely that’s the biggest no brainer of any of them?!
  9. Just **** off Redmond. Here ends the lesson.
  10. Just seen Solskjaer’s post match interview…..moaning about how we’ve kicked them all over the park (essentially)….what a bell. Rich coming from a team of divers.
  11. Livramento. What a player. I think that’s all.
  12. Certainly haven’t missed walking past waves of bevvied up Man U fans walking past. Not sure it’s going to be pretty this afternoon in any aspect…
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