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  1. I've never worked out if Walcott has ever actually been a good footballer. Burst on the scene, lightening quick in his youth, some good finishes......but equally you watch him run with the ball and pass it like he's never kicked a ball in his life....
  2. I’m going to renew as I’ve had that seat since day 1 and don’t want to lose it, but I’d almost rather they continued behind closed doors until we can all go safely. Form with zero crowds has been exceptional too, and this whole business seems like it’s going to be a minefield. I got quite used to not travelling to games every week or so, with no FOMO because it was the same for us all. Also enjoyed hearing manager and player interaction.
  3. I bumped into Saints players in 2011 (possibly late 2010) whilst at David Lloyd in Southampton. Passed Richard Chaplow and Lee Barnard on their way out of the changing room. Barnard looked at me like he wanted a scrap, and Chaplow said hello and held the door open. Rather embarrassingly I also got into the apartment block that Kevin Davies lived in at Ocean village, and met him and James Beattie after drunkenly knocking on their door. Not my finest moment. Both humoured me in my bevvied up state.
  4. One we’re less tentative about?
  5. I’d say ITV have finally learned from history, probably following much re-examining of his work. Cheerio Clive Tyldesley.
  6. All very well having some of the best ball winning stat’s, but he’s probably up there with best ball losing ones too.
  7. I think you can download the app' (Amazon Prime) on iPads etc and it'll be shown FOC on there.
  8. Anyone not understanding how roundabouts work, and then abusing you when you’re right. Anyone joining a motorway etc and not adjusting their speed to join.....just maintaining speed and expecting people to change lanes for them. Anyone who doesn’t thank or acknowledge it when you stop to let their car through when it’s not their right of way. So, basically car stuff.....apart from people urinating hard against a urinal and causing spray to go everywhere, especially my hands.
  9. For me personally, i'd be able to understand the huge backlash in the UK and the protests if i'd actually seen or heard any racism at all in the last 35 years (I'm 44). From school, to Liverpool Poly for 3 years, to Doncaster for 5 years, and then back to my roots.....nothing. I have worked in recruitment since 1999, and one of the first people i placed was a design engineer (automotive) who was black. Since then, there's been people of all ethnic origins placed in roles from warehouse to senior management and not a hint of racism or white favouritism. None. At Uni in the 1990s i had a black housemate (still one of my best friends) and he as with all other BAME students were just students like the rest of us. The same at school in late 80s and early 90s, and my daughter now (6) has friends from almost all backgrounds and they simply don't see skin colour as anything other than normal. I look at St Mary's now, and as a Northam ST holder, can't imagine anything offensive being said without all those sitting around that person jumping on them and giving them a stern "talking to". This country is unbelievably inclusive, and while i'm not saying racism doesn't exist (of course it does), i just don't see it. Where are the black population at a disadvantage? Do they have access to the same education system? I know there are poor black areas across the UK, but so are there poor white areas with gang crime. Maybe i'm being naive - i think that any one of us on here would be appalled and extremely surprised to hear anyone with any racist views or use any offensive language.
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