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  1. While I think most of us feel cheated out of the penalty - knowing Saints, had we been given it and scored, Citeh would have consequently smashed 3 past us in the last 10 minutes. So maybe it panned out for the best.
  2. I’m guessing RH has his reasons for not playing KWP and pushing TL further up but I’m at a loss to understand why he felt Redmond (NR) was the better option. Surely that’s the biggest no brainer of any of them?!
  3. Just **** off Redmond. Here ends the lesson.
  4. Just seen Solskjaer’s post match interview…..moaning about how we’ve kicked them all over the park (essentially)….what a bell. Rich coming from a team of divers.
  5. Livramento. What a player. I think that’s all.
  6. Certainly haven’t missed walking past waves of bevvied up Man U fans walking past. Not sure it’s going to be pretty this afternoon in any aspect…
  7. It's great that your Dad has got to Devon safe and sound, but what's that got to do with Season Tickets! On a more serious note, nothing here today and if it's not here tomorrow i'm not going to endure god knows how long in the ticket office queue on Sunday for it.
  8. I know we’re used to it, but it’s so infuriating. The amount of goals we concede from piss poor play or mistakes is ridiculous. Unsurprising that the pundits always go on about how many points we’ve lost from winning positions.
  9. Just piss poor, Walcott needs to get off the pitch as much as anything. Becoming a liability. Fresh legs required. Typical
  10. Livramento looks ridiculously good, and only 18. That’s some proper talent right there.
  11. Pet hate of mine…..footballers pulling their socks right up like that. One of the many things I hated about John Terry for years.
  12. No. I wouldn’t have said that I know it’s a ridiculous idea…..a forum is a great sounding board.
  13. Andy Carroll on a pay as you play deal. Clearly the only deal you’d ever want to sign someone who can’t play more than 10 games a season. Good foil for Ings, bit of target man action….. Yes, I know it’s a ridiculous idea but we all know he’s someone you don’t want to play against you.
  14. He was definitely at the end of his career but I remember being shocked at how well he played and the plaudits that followed. Was too old for England obviously but put in a real quality shift. Again from what I remember.
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