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  1. Is there any good news, anywhere, every development so far in 2020 seems to suck a bit more joy out of life.
  2. Does any of the money get back to the clubs to offset absence of gate receipts? If so, what percentage? I am really unclear on this whole thing
  3. Anything from this game is a bonus, Everton regularly beat us when they are poor, now they are quite good.
  4. Vey good as usual, but i feel i must allude to the fact that the verb allude was overly used to the point it was setting my teeth on edge. Your alluudingly, Touusaint.
  5. Is it a rip off? On the face of it I don't like it, and I don't like the way top level football is going, but will it not provide some revenue to slightly offset the lack of gate receipts? I don't think I will pay for it, I'd prefer to be at the game, but in the absence of being able to do that I'm ok with the old fashioned way of listening to Solent, just as exciting in its way.
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