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  1. Poor boy, when I saw his knee bend sideways in the challenge Ii feared something bad. Makes you wonder why the physios thought he could run it off?
  2. TBF the little rat has the ability to sweep past a lot of big defenders on a sodden pitch.
  3. Ref Stephens, I like him, always have done. I accept he’s not world class, but by comparison I think Walcott had an absolute stinker last night, the difference is mistakes in the defensive 1/3 and the attacking 1/3 are viewed very differently. I’m not digging out Theo, I just find it strange someone like Jack, who is the closest we currently have to a Benalli, ie will run through walls for the team, gets some pretty awful abuse.
  4. To be fair to McCarthy I’m struggling to recall someone smashing it into the roof of the net from that angle and distance, I’m not sure if it was brilliance or good fortune, nevertheless it was unexpected
  5. I think it’s an avoidance tactic, keeping minds off the Tyro league bench
  6. I’m not going to be the one to break it to him that you never get used to the weather. Poor lad
  7. Toussaint

    FA Cup Draw

    It’s only a bit of fun, nothing wrong with that 😀
  8. Toussaint

    FA Cup Draw

    I think this is one of those P-doh stings, I just can't work out who's stinging who. Look forward to seeing the video posted on Facebook though!
  9. Poor old Brighton, they don’t look a bad side, but they can’t buy a result.
  10. Just scrolled through online statements, my last refund was around then, but even then it didn't tally. I have sent an email on advice from other posters. Update 34 minute response time, thank James.
  11. Strong case for changing the name from Saintsweb to Saintsrejectsweb (copyright Toussaint).
  12. My career didn’t take off, possibly because I was not very good, but I cannot be certain.
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