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  1. Relegation looks just about sorted after yesterday’s results, Watford and West Ham winning.
  2. looks like a homemade effort. Not a fan of Underarmour football shirts, not a fan of hieroglyphics on the shirts... meh!
  3. I like him, always have. It must be difficult for him making odd appearances here and there. I don't have any strong opinions regarding Hojbjerg , but the whole midfield seems to function better without him.
  4. Disagree, he is so small and quick he gets in between the attacker and the ball when it looks impossible, he also plays his way out of tight corners, I like what I have seen of him so far..
  5. As legend has it , (if memory serves) , we were looking at Drogba as a centre half.
  6. Two things, tell us more about your sister? and Spill the beans on the weird players!
  7. I'm not sure Obafemi will ever cut the mustard as a professional footballer, Ralph has called his attitude into question on more than one occasion. He looked the most unfit player on the pitch since the lockdowm, unless there is a dramatic change in attitude I see him slipping down the leagues. Adams for me.
  8. Toussaint

    BLM & Football

    I feel that everything that has happened in the last few months is part of of a malevolent agenda.
  9. Toussaint

    BLM & Football

    I am so so virtuous, I have a black friend and a brown friend. We spend a lot of time together. They love their grub, chasing balls, sleeping, all sorts of things really. The brown one needs re programming though because he clearly doesn't believe cats lives matter, CLM bro, CLM!
  10. Toussaint

    BLM & Football

    Taking a knee in itself is an act of oppression as no one would dare not to. The Kaprenik example is really poor, by your own admission it has had no effect in four years, its just caused further division as he is widely seen as subversive. If BLM was just about equality I wouldn't have an issue, its clearly not, it has been weaponised by the far left who are using to destabilise democracy.
  11. Promoted - I like a good atmosphere at SMS, and we have to rely on away fans to produce this, so Leeds and Cardiff for atmosphere, happy with Brentford for a local away day or Notts Forest for nostalgia's sake. Relegation - I've really grown to dislike Bournemouth now, WHU would just be hilarious, I don't like Watford fans or their style of play. But Norwich looked cooked, as do Villa, who I would like to stay up at the expense of one of my first three choices, look to have absolutely nothing at all and I don't get the Grealish hype.
  12. Did previously make a really good save though
  13. Because he is absolutely dreadful
  14. The knee needs to stop, good intentions but very misguided.
  15. I heard that all crowd noise are being provided courtesy of EA sports from their Fifa console games. Apparently they have a huge library of actual crowd recordings from something like 150 grounds. Hopefully they made some recordings in the Koeman era when we had some good atmospheres.
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