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  1. https://www.dailyecho.co.uk/sport/19654694.southampton-give-former-west-ham-starlet-kai-corbett-trial/
  2. Liverpool benefitting from benevolent referees and VAR even over in Spain
  3. Pompey… Tee hee hee 😝
  4. Such a shame. Seemed harsh as Griezman didn’t have a clue he was there. I can’t recall Waltons exact words but the implication was it was deliberate, reckless maybe, deliberate definitely not.
  5. Liverpool Atletico …What a cracking game! Skill levels superb
  6. Glad the game's Saturday, I've heard he works really well on a Sundae.
  7. Really? I had Elyonoussi as one of our best players on the day.
  8. Heard he’s a bit of a melt, may well be too hot for him Saturday.
  9. I've heard he's a bit of a big head, you know the sort, likes to blow is own trumpet!
  10. What we desperately need is a "yawn" emoji option! Maybe only then will those who are boring the rest of us shitless realise we are not sitting here with baited breath waiting for them to pass judgement on obscure technicalities.
  11. It’s not unreasonable to expect Ralph to exceed the three points a game mark. Just settling for maximum points shows a lack of ambition.
  12. It’s be really harsh to drop Elyonoussi after yesterday’s fantastic effort.
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