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  1. He’ll have to refine his tackling style, he was lucky to stay on the pitch at times last season.
  2. https://footyon.com/trivia/played-for-both-southampton-and-man-utd Just found this when I was wracking my brain re the name of ...Danny Higginbotham, not a direct transfer as I thought.
  3. Taking the knee already!
  4. Interestingly we have never signed anyone from Tajikistan.
  5. more importantly, because he's jolly good egg.
  6. Fun thread just beginning to deteriorate into a squabble. Ho hum
  7. Anything other than a move to Bayern, Barca, Real Madrid, PSG, MAN City etc etc is a sideways move and what's the point?
  8. Unfortunately I think the strategy unitil sold, will be to do just enough / spend enough, not to get relegated. It's not all the clubs fault, a lot of it is down to the monster the premier league has become.
  9. Maybe not dicey, maybe just financially constrained. It wouldn't look too clever having effectively taken a hardship loan, to then spend what you don't have "in the banks". Pure speculation on my part, I'm no business guru.
  10. Sorry, my mistake, he's pure shite, thank you for setting me straight, silly old me.
  11. Didn't realise that, i feel the same way about Lemina
  12. No problem with that, he is better than some of the players we fielded last year.
  13. Might be a bit of an ask to re stage a final, what about sudden death (golden goal)? Kill off the defensive boresville and the tactical substitutions, bit of the old gung ho!
  14. Some good points you make there, you should consider a career writing for the Guardian.
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