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  1. Vardy doesn't need replacing this summer. They could persuade Ings to see out his contract and get him for free next summer.
  2. If Newcastle win both games and Saints draw both... we'd be level on 45 points and Saints currently have the better GD.
  3. Technically Barnsley aren't new to the Premier League... 😉
  4. Barnsley... because they will likely be the weakest of the four in the playoffs.
  5. Perhaps you shouldn't label an entire fanbase because of the decision of one person in a club's media department.
  6. Liebherr was not a Saints fan when he bought the club. He became one afterwards. The vast majority of current Premier League owners were not a fan of their club before their takeovers.
  7. Saints can still finish 17th to 12th (technically 11th is also possible)... so there is a lot of money riding on it... circa £10m in prize money. That could make a big difference for us in the summer.
  8. If that is supposed to be 'funny'... it isn't funny and it is moronic. If it isn't supposed to be funny it is moronic. Grow up and join the 21st century 🙄
  9. Varying the comment depending on gender is what makes it sexist. Using shopping to her was highlighting a stereotype you are surely aware of and should know the connotations.
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