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  1. All three were Ross Wilson/Les Reed signings. Odd they don't get credit for those...! 😉😃
  2. Can you talk us through how it was a fluke? It was clearly his intention to do exactly what he did.
  3. A minutes per goal comparison would be fairer.
  4. Obafemi is still only 20 years old, compared to Adams at 24. Not many 20 year old strikers get gametime in the Premier League.
  5. That is essentially a description of Harrison Reed. He may be very suited to what Hasenhuttl wants.
  6. A lot of pundits see Southampton have a lot of points away from home and wrongly assume they sit deep and counter-attack. No... they counter-press high up the pitch and force errors in the final third. Saints had more passes at Old Trafford than Manchester United!
  7. What high profile foreign players do they have? 🤔
  8. I'm not saying it is nonsense that Mings claims that is the reason. I'm saying that the claim is nonsense. There is a difference!
  9. This is nonsense. He was in the same cohort as a number of tiny players that the club kept, so height was clearly not the reason.
  10. Harrison Reed might get a chance at 25 years old
  11. Which point are you disagreeing with? Because the key part of my post is that players like Ake would cost too much. He would be upwards of £40m! A more sensible approach would be to buy someone like Salisu and develop him.
  12. The few Norwich, Bournemouth, Villa, Watford, West Ham players that are good enough to improve us would also likely be too expensive in transfer fee. Better value to be had looking abroad.
  13. I haven't really seen enough of Reed recently to know if he has improved to the level we need. But in the Fulham games I have seen on TV recently he has performed extremely well for one of the best teams in that league. Signing another player blocks pathways for Jankewitz and Smallbone. If Reed is considered good enough we can use Ward-Prowse, Reed & Romeu and develop Smallbone and Jankewitz. That gives a good mix of experience and youth.
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