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  1. If he does well then probably 2 years. Not a problem if sold for a big fee and then replaced well.
  2. I'd rather he didn't! Stephens and Danso are not remotely suited to right back in Hasenhuttl's system.
  3. Bednarek is our current best centre back. Salisu if signed should be partnering Bednarek, not replacing him! Danso doesn't need to be 'dumped' as he is automatically due to leave at the end of his loan.
  4. Hasenhuttl has said Valery, Djenepo & Boufal are potentially out for the rest of the season.
  5. His FM potential is very high! 😉😎
  6. Ditch? Obafemi only turned 20 a couple of weeks ago, if he hadn't played a first team game and was still with the under 23s people wouldn't be calling for him to be sold. How many 19/20 year old strikers are getting gametime in the Premier League? He is already ahead of many of his age group peers in that regard.
  7. That doesn't make it a 'fluke'. It was a deliberate attempt to score in exactly the way he intended. By definition that is not a fluke! An example of a fluke is when a winger puts in a cross and mishits it so it scores.
  8. All three were Ross Wilson/Les Reed signings. Odd they don't get credit for those...! 😉😃
  9. Can you talk us through how it was a fluke? It was clearly his intention to do exactly what he did.
  10. A minutes per goal comparison would be fairer.
  11. Obafemi is still only 20 years old, compared to Adams at 24. Not many 20 year old strikers get gametime in the Premier League.
  12. That is essentially a description of Harrison Reed. He may be very suited to what Hasenhuttl wants.
  13. A lot of pundits see Southampton have a lot of points away from home and wrongly assume they sit deep and counter-attack. No... they counter-press high up the pitch and force errors in the final third. Saints had more passes at Old Trafford than Manchester United!
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