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  1. What about that post do you think is incorrect and why?
  2. He said... "We deserve relegation" Based on 2 league games. 1) The Palace game wasn't terrible, we just couldn't finish. It wasn't a bad performance and it wasn't a good performance. Palace made only 150 passes as the home team! 2) The entire Brentford game was terrible 3) The 2nd half of the Spurs game was terrible due to the defensive line being far too high So 2020/21 season has seen 45 terrible minutes of Premier League football.
  3. Spurs have their one and only shot of the 1st half in the 45+2 minute and score!
  4. Spurs have technically only had one shot in the game.
  5. Newcastle made no major signing this summer before the takeover collapsed at the end of July. Hendrick, Fraser, Wilson and Lewis all joined long after the collapse of the takeover.
  6. It only took 35 seconds in the Palace game last week.
  7. The potential new owner doesn't own the club. Spending often stops during the process of a change of ownership.
  8. Mourinho was not the manager for the first league game.
  9. What is that based on? Having some injuries doesn't automatically make someone 'fragile', we'd need to know a lot more about the nature of the injuries to determine that.
  10. That wasn't a problem when we played them last season.
  11. That is not true. Rohl leaving and his replacement joining both happened in August 2019. 6th August Rohl announced as leaving... 23rd August, Richard Kitzbilcher announced as his replacement...
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