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  1. They have a monumental task turning their squad into Champions League challengers. They have already wasted hundreds of millions on players and still finished below Hojbjerg's current team in 2019/20.
  2. He was effectively unavailable due to the transfer situation, so was replaced with the 3rd choice central midfielder. Which question do you think I haven't answered?
  3. Matthew Le God

    20/21 Kit

    I'd say this is our best ever away kit... I'm hoping Under Armour use this for next season as a template.
  4. If you are that bothered... you can add me to your ignored users list. https://www.saintsweb.co.uk/ignore/
  5. Romeu starting games this season is irrelevant to him being a back-up. Back-ups start games when the Ward-Prowse and Hojbjerg aren't available. 3rd choice players = back up players. Romeu this season was 3rd choice for the two roles. That does not mean he wouldn't start games.
  6. All that does is support my point that he was below both of them in the pecking order for the two central midfield roles. Hence... 'back-up'. Romeu is the 3rd choice for those two roles.... 3rd choice = back-up
  7. Romeu has been fine filling in. Wouldn't say he was one of the best performers since the restart and certainly not 'one of our best players'. In 2019/20 season he was below Ward-Prowse and Hojbjerg in the pecking order. Hence calling him... 'back-up'.
  8. So you'd be happy with him first choice and no replacement signed (if Reed isn't used)? Yes he is a 'back up option' as he has been for most of his time at the club. Even this season he is below Ward-Prowse and Hojbjerg in the pecking order.
  9. I'm intrigued to know how old you thought Hojbjerg is if you think he "probably only has a few years left"? Hojbjerg is only 24 years old! 😁 He also isn't really "covered by Romeu". Romeu is fine as a backup option, but I doubt Hasenhuttl will view him as a first choice player. A replacement will be needed, either with Harrison Reed joining the first team or a new signing like the rumoured target Weston McKennie.
  10. Why would a business with hundreds of millions of turnover think a newspaper rumour would influence a multi million pound business transaction? They'd need to be extremely gullible to fall for that.
  11. The religious books of the major religions claim they know about afterlives. Any evidence presented for afterlives can be reviewed now. None has been able to withstand scrutiny.
  12. It being mentioned previously on the thread is irrelevant to it happening or if it would surprise me or not.
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