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  1. If he had long covid in any meaningful way he wouldn't be playing.
  2. 2,000 fans spread out in a 30,000 capacity stadium isn't going to generate much of an atmosphere to influence the game.
  3. What if Diallo is the better player...? Wouldn't be 'mad' then.
  4. Hasenhuttl said in his last press conference Ings will probably be back for the Brighton game.
  5. It isn't an unusual position to think a squad player for Saints will be far above that of Reading's budget. This is a Championship Reading without parachute payments and a wage bill of £41m which is tiny compared to Saints but massive and unsustainable considering their income.
  6. They'd need promotion to get anywhere near his current wages, unless massively subsidised by Saints.
  7. Not even when he scored 10 goals in 28 games in 2015/16?
  8. Sky's coverage really is pathetic. 50 minutes into the program and we've barely been mentioned apart from an excuse to show 17 years worth of clips of Man Utd winning at St Mary's! 🙄
  9. Unlike when Le Tissier played at The Dell... the Premier League now has uniform pitch dimensions.
  10. Not wrong... What you said is irrelevant. There is no real advantage to be had from being at home or away at the moment. Your post was not a rebuttal to that.
  11. One empty stadium vs another empty stadium Home or away doesn't really matter at the moment
  12. Nigel Pearson on multiple occasions has come across as unpleasant in interviews.
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