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  1. We are going through a very bad patch at the moment... but Hasenhuttl's performance throughout 2020 far exceeds Puel's team. The last couple of months has seen people seemingly forget just how good the performances of the previous year were.
  2. FM22 will be out in circa November 2021. Discounts for FM21 have already come and gone, more will happen in Steam sales.
  3. Recent arrivals have been more promising on the recruitment front. Matt Crocker's influence perhaps... Walker-Peters Diallo Salisu
  4. Homophobia largely comes from religious intolerance... discuss
  5. 'Winning the net spend' trophy is not a bad thing automatically. Making a profit is a good thing to be applauded... if the team also does well. The issue isn't the amount of money spent... it is how well you spend it.
  6. 6 years ago... he only played in 1 league game for Middlesbrough. In which he came on as a sub in the 79th minute and played in central defence. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/34623339
  7. Jamal Musiala, Bayern Munich's youngest-ever Champions League goalscorer. He was at Saints...
  8. Why is a fan forum the place you choose to get that and not the manager press conference? 🤔
  9. Do you not have confidence in Diallo when he returns soon?
  10. There is a huge number of factors. Name a job you think he could get and I'll say if it is better or not.
  11. Yes he would. But what you managed to do was miscomprehend my post and claim it said something it didn't. It also overlooks and ignores the point I was actually making that at present Hasenhuttl is unlikely to get a better job than Saints so there is little need for him to resign. He is better off sticking with us on his big contract and seeing if he can improve us to the point where a bigger club wants him. He has not achieved enough with us yet for a bigger club to want him. I think if he stays he may do eventually attract bigger clubs.
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