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  1. Played 23 league games, scored 2 goals and was voted by Hoffenheim's fans as player of the month in November (not bad for a 20 year old in the Bundesliga).
  2. Why have you focused on that photo? 🤔 - Stephens (not Stevens) is 4th choice centre back - Long is behind Ings, Adams, Tella, Obafemi, Redmond and Walcott in the pecking order for a striker spot and I think there is a reasonable chance he'll be loaned out again before the close of the window. - Obafemi is not a starting striker, he is backup to first choice pairing Ings and Adams, along with Tella, Redmond and Walcott
  3. 'Financially' covers a vast area of different things. So again you are being vague. Why is it 'financially unsustainable'? That is not an unreasonable question and doesn't make someone a 'prick' for asking. 🙄
  4. Sustainable in regard to what? It's recycling policy? You are being extremely vague!
  5. It is not an unreasonable question. Just claiming a league is unsustainable is extremely vague.
  6. Nope, that is far too vague. What about it is unsustainable and why do you think it is unsustainable?
  7. Tella absolutely has, he is a big asset to the squad. I also think Djenepo is also worth persisting with.
  8. He is terrible at throw ins which is often the fullbacks job. He gives away foul throws, which is a really basic error.
  9. There was a bad spell of recruitment after 2016 but things have started to turn around in recent windows. It has been a lot better under Crocker. Is Ings not an upgrade on Austin? Is Walker-Peters not an upgrade on Cedric? Are Vestergaard and Salisu not upgrades on Hoedt? Is Adams not an upgrade on Carrillo? Is Armstrong not an upgrade...? etc etc
  10. How do you know they aren't a long term couple trying for a baby?
  11. I hope he makes a tit of himself when we play them.
  12. Sure the owner is unable to invest. It would be nice if he could, but that doesn't make the club a shambles.
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