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  1. Was that Match of the Day 2 I just watched or Everton fan TV? 🤔 - Bizarre Everton fan montage wasting time before the highlights ✔ - Constant references to the 9-0 game ✔ - Two ex Everton players as pundits making excuses ✔
  2. They aren't. Sky and BT don't profit from the PPV games apart from advert break money which they'd get regardless of the cost of the game. The £15 from the PPV games goes to the Premier League to be split among clubs (minus TV production cost).
  3. The potential new system outlined in the article doesn't apply to him as Mane isn't European. So if anything, it would make it easier to sign players like Mane!
  4. Good for us fate is a human construct that doesn't manifest in reality then! 😉
  5. 🙄 1) You cannot tell from the photo if Salisu has touched the ball already or not 2) You cannot tell if there is contact with Messi at the time of the photo 3) Contact with Messi doesn't automatically equal a foul 4) The video shows identical body positions and no foul occurring Look closer to home for fail days! Bored of you now, you are either a wind up merchant, moron or both!
  6. How have you determined that from that photo? 🙄
  7. No it isn't. His legs and arm on shoulder are in exactly the same position as the photo. To be doing the exact same unusual tackle vs the same opponent twice in the same match is very unlikely isn't it?
  8. Because I've seen a video clip of the tackle.
  9. It wasn't a foul, it was a successful tackle. 🙄
  10. What would you consider counts as 'not far off it'? 2nd or 3rd and within 10 points of 1st?
  11. "This level"?! Last season he was a regular starter for the 7th best defence in a league rated higher than the Premier League by UEFA.
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