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  1. He had a good rep when he joined and seemed to be a good bit of business at the time, much like Gunn in fact. Good for all concerned that he’s moved on though
  2. Lingard had a great 8 weeks... but he tailed off quite badly by the end of the season. I really don’t see what he offers England that others don’t personally
  3. Unless Henderson gets a new injury we’re stuck with him now. Big gamble from GS though
  4. It’s been politicised by those on both sides of the argument, but that doesn’t change the fact that the gesture is about ending discrimination against black people. The only people who cannot see that are those who don’t want to see it...
  5. If JV goes then I hope we’re looking at Ajer from Celtic as a replacement. Available for £6m according to the press, and we’ve had a great return from all the players we’ve signed from Celtic over the years (I know some with disagree re FF!!]
  6. A lot may depend on how fit Henderson & Philips are by the weekend. If they aren’t recovering well then we need a CM. Rice has a knock as well apparently. That said Lingard is better further forward and we have a wealth of talent there so would have to be jwp I would think
  7. Signing for Leicester is a weird one. He’s going from being first choice at Saints to a bit part player. I can’t imagine Leicester are paying a huge amount more than we would be, and also I would have thought it’s a longer commute, given he allegedly lives in Surrey! Still, I hope he does well
  8. No.... but Ings wouldn’t be the first player to lose form due to stuff going on off the pitch
  9. Nah he’s been off form the last 6 months.... coincidentally since he was linked with spuds. Hopefully it is a coincidence because otherwise he’s let it blow what’s probably his last chance to make the England squad
  10. Leaning quite heavily towards the get rid camp now.... I’d be happy with any of Potter, Gerrard or Lampard, or I’d even be happy to get Adkins back albeit he’s only recently taken a job. Whether they’re feasible I dunno It not the poor form but the lack of character shown by the team that bothers me. They just give up far too easily and if Ralph was capable of addressing that he would have done so by now
  11. For me it was the semi final against Leicester when we just didn’t show up.... As good a position to win the FA Cup as we would ever likely to be with City, Utd & Liverpool out. Leicester were pretty crap on the day as well and were there for the taking. Otherwise we’ve had a comfortable season. We could have lost every game in 2021 and still stayed up - so I’m not sure any individual league game was important like say Swansea away was a few years ago
  12. If anyone likes to be swayed by clueless football pundits who only watch 5mins of highlights, Garth Crooks is voting for JWP. Tbf JWP isn’t a bad shout, but it’s the final sentence here that makes me laugh
  13. Have to disagree re Targett. He needed 1st team football to develop and took 18months as a 1st choice villain to become a good premier league fullback. We got great money for him as well to reinvest in the squad. Now we could do with him but it was the right decision to let him go when we did Ryan has been a great servant - sad to see him go
  14. I think people on here need a bit of a reality check here... Che has 8 goals this season and only 28 other players in the premier league have more to date. In previous years in the top flight we would have loved a second striker who scored as many as that. His link up play is often superb as well. If he was our main goal scorer yes it’d be a problem but as second to ings he’s more than good enough for us. Our main issue for me is lack of goals from midfield, where you would only back jwp and Armstrong to score 5+ a season, and jwp only does that because of his free kick ability
  15. Barsiem

    Plan B

    The best example for me was the Brighton game. We went in at half time level and in the ascendency. Potter changed formation at half time and Brighton bossed the game in the second half. I get what people are saying about lack of quality but are we really saying we have less than Brighton FFS.... Ralph needs to be able to switch to another style and react
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